Peperomia pellucida, commonly known as shiny bush is considered a miraculous plant due to its many uses

The Miraculous Shiny Bush Plant

Peperomia pellucida, commonly known as the shiny bush, greenhouse, and tea plant, is an annual flowering plant in the piperaceae family. Continue reading [...]
Celosia is beautiful, medicinal and edible

Colorful, Edible and Medicinal Celosia

Celosia, commonly known as woolflowers, quail grass, and Lagos spinach, is a small genus of flowering plants in the amaranth family. Continue reading [...]

Radish, a Nutritional Power House

Raphanus sativus, commonly known as radish or humble mooli, is a biennial or annual flowering plant in the brassicaceae family. Continue reading [...]
Canna lily bloom

Grow Your Cannas and Eat Them Too

Canna plant, also known as canna lily (it is not a true lily) is a perennial, rhizomatous, flowering tropical herb. Continue reading [...]
Lunaria annua, or common honesty

Its Time For Honesty

Lunaria annua, also known as common honesty, garden honesty, moonwort, or silver dollar plant, is a biennial plant in the brassica family. Continue reading [...]
Hoodia cacti also known as hoodia gordoni acts as a hunger and thirst suppressant

Hoodia Gordonii For Hunger and Thirst Suppression

Hoodia gordonii, commonly known as bushman's hat, hoodia cacti, or just hoodia, is a spiny, succulent, cactus-like plant native to the desert region of Southern Africa. It occurs naturally in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa, but has spread to other regions of the world, including North America, due to their beneficial purposes. Continue reading [...]