3 Alternative Flowers for a Nontraditional Valentine

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If your valentine is anything but ordinary, why stick with the traditional bouquet of roses and baby’s breath this Valentine’s Day. Love comes in many shapes, sizes, sexes and situations. Thankfully, so do flowers. While red roses may be the standard way to say “I love you” on February 14th, evolution and careful cross breeding have brought us a wide array of blooms to express both budding love and more mature ardor. We can’t always choose who we fall in love with, but we can certainly choose a flower that reflects how special and unique our love may be. Go boldly to the florist this Valentine’s Day and walk out with one of these wonderful stems.

Red AnthuriumAnthurium
The tropical anthurium is sometimes called flamingo lily and hails from warm, exotic climates. Long, slender green stems hold up a unique red, heart-shaped spathe with a central yellow column. Said to symbolize the heart in the Victorian language of flowers, this bloom is one of the best buys you can find in the floral industry. Lasting for a month or more in a vase with clean water, the anthurium’s simple lines look great on their own or mixed with other tropicals.

Agapanthus/ Lily of the NileAgapanthus
Large sentiment may require big flowers. For a lover with a huge heart, consider the tall, stately stems of this round bloom. Native to southern Africa, the agapanthus has great big balls of white or purple blooms on top of a thick them that can reach several feet in height. Just 3 stems alone in a vase will make an impact or mix them with the softer frills of the alstroemeria and few twigs of curly willow for effect. While not fragrant, these blooms take up space both physically and visually with clusters of flowers as big as your face, and twice as lovely.

Red TulipTulip
Absolutely made for love, the graceful blooms of the tulip come in a rainbow of colors, but few are as striking as the solid red hue. Said to symbolize true love and devotion in the Victorian language of flowers, the red tulip will be both more affordable than roses this February, but also more striking. Cut long, with their enveloping leaves cradling round stems, these flowers in a glass vase with a few marbles in the bottom are both elegant and a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

Remind your lover this Valentine’s Day that you know how to pick a good one by choosing a flower that’s as unique as your love for them.

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