3 Flowers for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Shakespeare had a way with words, but some of us need flowers to woo our women.
When the days are long and the nights hang with languid stars in the humid sky, a fresh bouquet of flowers that reflect the moonlight are the perfect way to entrance a lover. Chocolate melts, words may soon be forgotten, but the subtle scent of a summertime bloom will stay in the memory long after the flower fades and dreamer awakens. Choose one of these 3 midsummer flowers for a whimsical night when words alone simply won’t do.

In the language of flowers, the jasmine represents femininity and sensual charm. Its sweet scent hangs softly in the air and adds a certain exotic spice to warm, summer nights. There are hundreds of different types of jasmine, though most come with dainty, white flowers that open up into a star shape. In an arrangement, jasmine can be added as a trailing vine to white roses or tucked into a bouquet among elegant calla lilies or stately white stock flowers. Most florist will also carry jasmine as a small, potted flowering plant. These make a lovely gift that can continue to flower through the long, hot nights on a patio or windowsill, bringing thoughts of you with every scent.

White StockFlowering Stock
Perhaps the most understated and overlooked of romantic flowers, the stems of flowering stock hold many soft blooms which open from the bottom to the top. They come in a variety of colors, but the pure, white bloom on a warm summer night will stand out more strikingly than almost any other flower. Sometimes used to accent vase arrangements, the most stunning bouquet can be put together with just 5 to 10 stems of solid white stock. The scent is more peppery than sweet and will fill a lovers arms with both whimsy and expectation.

This vine opens up only at night and will fill the air with a smell as tender and light as a whisper. A close relative to the cheery morning glory, this bloom starts easily from seed and will twine and twist around almost anything. The large blooms open up more than a hands’ span across and reflect the moonlight, closing up again when the sun starts to rise. Sadly, their delicate nature makes them almost impossible for most florists to carry, so you’ll just have to plant the seeds, water, wait and bring your lover walking by on a star-filled night.

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