3 Flowers to Awaken Creativity and Inspire your Inner Muse

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Like a startled bird ready to flit from one tree to the next, creative inspiration comes suddenly, departs quickly and leaves you searching from one moment to the next. Artists of all kinds need external inspiration in order to light their inner creative fire, so the next time you or an artist you love need a little spark, consider these three flowers as potential muses. As the Arabian proverb says, “a fig tree, looking on a fig tree, becometh fruitful.” Look upon these magnificent blooms and be inspired.

Bird of ParadiseBird of Paradise
A flower that lives up to its name, the bird of paradise is a tropical flower so original and one-of-a-kind, it looks like it might turn its head and speak at any time. Tall and gracefully arched on a smooth, thick stem, the bloom on top resembles and orange piece of origami unfolding slowly to reveal a secret, purple center. In the Victorian language of flowers, the bird of paradise was symbolic of originality. A single stem in a tall, narrow face is a sight to behold. The bend “heads” of these flowers truly resemble exotic birds and three together in a vase, each looking a different way with a bit of trailing greenery like pepperberry brings an artist to another place all together.

Maidenhair FernMaidenhair Fern
Sold as a potted plant at many florists and garden centers, this graceful and mystical fern is a poem in itself. Elegant, drooping fronds hold up curtains of tiny leaflets that shimmer in the slightest breeze. Able to grow on the windowsill of any studio or office, this fern is said to symbolize magic and mystery. Its unbelievable intricacy will have you believing almost anything is possible. Average light and average water will keep this well above average houseplant inspiring for years to come.

Said to symbolize both courage and passion, this exotic and tropical flower can’t help but have one thinking outside of the box. Instead of typical petals, this tall stem has one large, curvaceous, spade-shaped spadix that flushes a deep red, pink or orange. It holds a small spire in the center with confidence and flagrancy that will encourage any artist to just put it all out there. Available as both a cut flower or as a potted plant that is easy to grow in a sunny spot, this plant blooms frequently and, unlike creative genius, lasts for quite a long while.

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