3 Ways to Say “You’re Beautiful” with Flowers

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In the language of flowers, different blooms convey different messages from giver to receiver. To plants, however, flowers mean just one thing- sex. Long before the first flowers unfurled their tantalizing petals, plants had evolved a number of ways to spread their DNA around the planet, such as spores that could be carried on the wind or via water. These methods had drawbacks, the largest of which being the lack of diversity that comes from not being able to cast ones’ seed far and wide, yet specifically targeted, amongst a wide variety of potential lovers. Flowering plants did not emerge until the first fluttering pollinators found them as the ideal site for acquiring nectar and pollen and serving as the perfect hang-out for meeting potential mates. In exchange, plants that were rooted to the ground and potentially geographically isolated from others of its species could send a message of love (i.e. pollen rich with their own DNA) via the fuzzy backs and legs of these insects. This allowed their genes to travel across the meadows and fields to an awaiting bloom to receive this genetic gift, fertilize their ovules and develop into a tasty fruit rich with seeds carrying their combined traits to all future generations of this flower. Not much has changed in the last millennia. Flowers still mean, ahem…well- they are still a great way to tell someone that you appreciate their fine-looking DNA.

Calla LilyCalla Lily
In the language of flowers, red roses are still the classic way to say “I love you,” but before loves comes the initial attraction to a potential partner. Calla lilies are the iconic symbol of beauty and uniquely convey that same tingling sensation that gives you eyes for only that one special someone. A bouquet of this beautifully carved flower with one spiral petal around a central, yellow stamen is the perfect flower to fill someone with that sense of a promise of good things to come. Just like you, the receiver of this flower won’t be able to stop staring.

Variegated TulipTulip
They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and some people have some gorgeous windows. Let them know you could gaze at them all day with the striking two-toned color of a variegated tulip. Treasured by sultans and gardeners alike, the red and white of the “Wakefield Flame” cultivar or the more exotic yellows and pinks of the Parrot varieties, will be treasured by your own object of beauty.

Cymbidium OrchidCymbidium Orchid
If there were winners and losers in the evolutionary game of adaptation and diversity, then orchids would be on the genetic podium. Highly evolved with specific pollinators all around the world, the orchids are the most diverse family of flowering plants and each and every one is beautiful in its own unique way. The cymbidium orchid produces large and lush blooms along upright stems and comes in more colors than can be imagined by artists or poets. Let someone know you’d like to mingle among their DNA with a gift of these stunning stems.

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