5 Flowers for a Fortunate New Year

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As the ball drops and a new year begins, hopes and expectations for the year to come are high. If you have big plans and resolutions on your list for this year, hopefully one of them is to include more fresh flowers into your life. Known to increase emotional well-being and support greater creativity and productivity, adding flowers to your home or office is a great resolution that will be easy to keep. According to the Victorian language of flowers, the following blooms are bright symbols of good fortune for the year to come.

Golden yellow plumes of top of tall, straight stems make this cheerful flower an easy one to enjoy. Native to the meadows of North America, goldenrod (sometimes known by it’s botanical name, Solidago) is a spectacular stem to place in a tall vase. Long-lasting and very affordable, goldenrod is said to symbolize good fortune.

White HeatherWhite Heather
Less common than the traditional pink heather, this evergreen bough can be bought as a potted plant or as small branches to add to a vase. Considered a lucky find when found growing wild on the Scottish moors, white heather is rare compared to the pink or purple varieties. The fine needles have a pleasing, fresh fragrance and the tiny, bell-shaped blooms flock the stem like snow. Said to symbolize good luck, consider adding a sprig or two in place of greens to an arrangement with other white flowers.

Typically thought of as a springtime flower, this bloom is readily available year round in a variety of colors and patterns. Grown from a bulb, tulips are usually trimmed with their broad leaves sheathing a round stem and often droop, making them a great choice for a shorter, round vase. They last for a week or more as a cut flower, but can also be found around the new year as a potted plant when bulbs can be forced in a container and grow and bloom over time in a sunny spot. A perennial favorite with simple lines and elegant green leaves, the tulip is symbolic of happy years to come.

Said to symbolize good fortune and wishes granted, this lovely blue bloom from the prairies of North America looks great on its own or mixed with other flowers in an arrangement. The flowers are formed along the top of a straight stem where they open from bottom to top in dainty blue or purple blooms that are somewhat star-shaped.

This purple-flowering herb has long been a favorite for fragrances and cachets. Consider a few fresh sprigs for a simple vase or adding several of these straight stems to a bouquet of the other flowers mentioned above. Said to symbolize success and happiness, bring both to your life with one whiff of this fabulous flower in the year to come.

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