A Peace Lily in Honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day

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It is said that the price of peace is eternal vigilance. If this is true, then the constant lookout of any community can be found in the tireless efforts of their local peace officers. Sheriffs, deputies, troopers and officers put their lives at risk every day just going to work to help maintain the peace and enforce the justice needed to keep our lives and laws in order. Unfortunately, in America each year, more than 150 peace officers are killed in the line of duty. Honor their memory and the service of their peers by sending a peace lily this year in their honor to the station.

The perfect houseplant for a busy precinct, the peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.), has glossy green leaves and a tall, white flower. Available year round at florists and local garden centers, this potted plant is both easy to find and easy to care for. Tall and stately, the blooms of a peace lily are a hooded white spadix that last for weeks and occur frequently. Tolerant to low light conditions, this unfussy plant will droop when it is thirsty and perk right back up after a watering. A room with indirect sunlight and an occasional watering is all this plant needs to grow and flower. With broad, flat leaves, studies have shown that the peace lily can improve indoor air quality by filtering pollutants through its leaves. Given a large enough container, many peace lilies can grow to a size of 2 to 3 feet, though their roots don’t mind crowding and can go a long time in a smaller pot before needing to transplant. An evergreen perennial, this plant will flower on and off throughout the year without too much effort while reminding peace officers that you appreciate all of theirs.

Peace Officers Memorial Day was established in 1961 by Congress and falls each year on May 15th. The day is set aside to remember and observe the sacrifice of comrades fallen in duty. It is also an opportunity to recognize the efforts of peace officers, who include police officers, court bailiffs, special investigators, state troopers and other law enforcement agents. Often a thankless job, these public sector employees are charged with keeping the peace in sometimes troubling times and may not see a lot of delicate, beautiful things during the course of a typical day at work. Give them an arresting view with a beautiful peace lily this year for Peace Officers Memorial Day.

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