April Flowers

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The birth month flowers for April are the daisy and the sweet pea.

white daisies, right flowers april, april flowersSome consider the common daisy to be a pest, a difficult to control weed that blights their garden. With its white petals around a central yellow disc, the common daisy grows abundantly in its native Europe as well as being widely naturalized in the Americas too. There are, though, more than 23,000 species of daisy. It’s a rare flower, since it has no negative symbolization. Its name is thought to be a version of “day’s eye”, because the whole flower head closes at night and opens again in the morning sun. The 14th Century English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, called it “eye of the day” and “the empress, and flower of flowers all.”

april flowers, daisy, gerbera daisy, daisiesThe traditional meaning of the daisy is innocence, purity and modesty, so you can feel quite secure that you’re not sending any inappropriate meaning with the gift of daisies. To someone for whom you have a romantic love, daisies mean loyalty and affection. There was a time when to give your love a daisy in public meant that you were passing them a secret, and some still believe the daisy stands for “I will never tell.” One common daisy used in bouquets and arrangements is the Gerbera Daisy, a large and striking flower that comes in a wide variety of color variations.

april sweet pea, april flowers, meaning of flowersThe alternative birth month flower for April is the Sweet Pea. You probably wouldn’t want to send a message symbolizing goodbye, departure, or “thank you for a lovely time”, unless you’d been visiting. Thankfully, the sweet pea also means a blissful pleasure in the language of flowers, so you can with confidence include them in the bouquet for your April-born friend, and it’ll be much appreciated. This enchanting flower is small and delicate, remaining a firm favorite thanks to its heady fragrance.

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