Asters for an Anniversary After a Challenging Year

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In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer- they certainly at least warn you that some years are going to be better than others. In a way, celebrating an anniversary after a particularly challenging year can be more meaningful because your vows have been tested through trials and tribulations and here you are, still together. Whether you have fought about money, struggled through loss or grief, or had health scares or trust issues, an anniversary provides a time for reflection to honor how much you’ve grown both individually and as a couple. Celebrate how this year’s challenges have helped you grow together as a couple with the simple, yet striking, aster.

A member of the sunflower family, the aster flower is named from the Greek word for “star.” Symmetrical and radiating petals from a central axis, there are over 180 different species of this flower that can be found growing wild over parts of Europe and Asia and parts of North America. Incredibly diverse, there are asters in almost every color of the rainbow and their size can vary from the span of a dime to that of a silver dollar. Most tend to have a yellow center or “eye” with colorful petals encircling it. Growing primarily in open meadows, asters have a certain wildflower quality that give any bouquet or arrangement a natural, fresh-picked look.

Asters are available most of the year, with particular colors mirroring the season. Light whites, soft purples and yellows in spring make way for the pinks and purples of summer and golds of autumn. Economical, they cost very little at your local florist- great news if finances have contributed to this year’s troubles- meaning you can pick up many stems for very little money. Try pairing them with long-lasting alstroemeria or brightly colored zinnias.

In the language of flowers, the aster is symbolic of patience. Typically the flower for a 20th anniversary, the aster is the perfect flower for any year that has been trying and has required a bit of patience and determination. In the world of flowers, the flash of roses and the haughtiness of fancy lilies or tulips may seem arrogant after a year in which money was tight or tempers were simmering. There is something both humble and honest about the daisy-like features of the asters that do not diminish their beauty. Rather than shout their presence with gaudy fragrance or pendulous blooms, they are steadfast, solid and present. Some years, that’s all you need from the one you love.

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