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pink chrysanthemum

Falling in Love with Autumn Blooms: Nature’s Vibrant Palette!

Autumn is a season that enchants us with its magical colors and crisp air. As the leaves turn into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, nature surprises us with its beautiful blooms. From delicate dahlias to charming chrysanthemums, autumn flowers paint the world with their vibrant hues. Here are two of our favorites, which look beautiful indoors and out! Continue reading [...]
summer bbq with flowers

Create the Right Flowers for Your Summer BBQ!

Who doesn't love a summer barbecue? Nobody! So next time you have a barbecue why not add a touch of beauty to your outdoor gathering with flowers! Flowers not only enhance the ambiance but also add a vibrant touch to your summertime celebration. Get ready to discover the ultimate summer flowers that will make your bbq party an unforgettable event! Continue reading [...]
The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

Here are our five favorite long-lasting fresh cut flowers. There's nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up your home and your mood! But sometimes it can be a bummer when your beautiful blooms start to wilt and wither away after just a few days. Fear not, flower lovers! There are plenty of flowers out there that can last much longer than the average bouquet. Here are our pick for the top 5 longest lasting fresh cut flowers that are sure to keep your spirits high and your home looking lovely for days on end. Continue reading [...]
The Flowers Best Delivery Option (Actually Here are 4 Best Delivery Options!)

Your Flowers Best Delivery Option (Actually Here are 4 Best Delivery Options!)

Flowers are a great way to show your love, gratitude, and appreciation for someone special in your life, but what are your flowers best delivery option? It actually depends. Whether you want to send a bouquet to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or just to brighten up someone's day, there are many options for flower delivery that you can consider. So here are the 4 best flower delivery options! Continue reading [...]
Flowers DoorDash Style: Get Flowers Delivered with DoorDash

Flowers DoorDash Style: Get Flowers Delivered with DoorDash!

Did you know that for flowers DoorDash delivery is a great option? In fact, DoorDash is a great alternative to regular flower delivery, and for flowers DoorDash can cost way less! In DoorDash' efforts to continue expanding its delivery services, DoorDash is now partnering with local florists to deliver fresh, beautiful flower arrangements right to your doorstep. You can also have DoorDash deliver flowers from the supermarket, which is even less costly, and likely faster (and yes, there is absolutely a time and place when supermarket flowers are ok)! Continue reading [...]
When are supermarket flowers ok to give?

In Praise of Supermarket Flowers

When is it ok to bring or give supermarket flowers? Is it ever ok to show up with supermarket flowers? Is it ever not ok? We actually love supermarket flowers - they've got our back when we're in a pinch, and they're often the unsung heroes of our last-minute gifting endeavors. Who hasn't dashed into the grocery store on their way to a dinner party or a birthday celebration, seeking a bouquet that says "I care" without breaking the bank? Let's explore the charm of supermarket flowers and why they deserve a little more love. Continue reading [...]
Fun Flowers and Plants for St. Patrick's Day

Fun Flowers and Plants for St. Patrick’s Day

Wondering what are the right flowers to give on St. Patrick's day, or some great plants for the day? Check these out! St. Patrick's Day, that global celebration of Irish culture, is a time when revelers don green attire, indulge in festive food and drink, and display vibrant decorations to honor the patron saint of Ireland. To add a touch of natural beauty to this festive day, consider giving or even adorning your own space with an array of fabulous flowers and plants. Continue reading [...]
Flowers that start with P

Fun Flower Facts: Flowers that Start with P

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and colorful gifts of nature, and they make great anytime gifts. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its unique beauty and symbolism. Among the many flower varieties, flowers that start with the letter P are particularly stunning. Here are some fun flowers that begin with P to brighten your day, or to give to someone to brighten theirs. Continue reading [...]
The Flowers Best Delivery Option (Actually Here are 4 Best Delivery Options!)

Delivery of Flowers Without a Vase is a Great Option!

When you choose a 'flowers without a vase' delivery, you are giving more than the standard delivery of flowers experience to the recipient. You are providing mystery, options, and even more convenience than comes with the standard 'flowers in a vase' delivery. And delivering flowers without a vase can add an extra element of fun and surprise for your recipient. Continue reading [...]
When are supermarket flowers ok to give?

6 Tips for Great Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flowers

If you need some ideas for last minute Valentine's Day flowers, don't panic, we've got your back. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're still trying to figure out what to give your valentine, flowers are not a cop-out! Flowers have been a popular gift for Valentine's Day for centuries, symbolizing love, appreciation, and affection. They are a timeless and classic way to express your feelings, and they can brighten up anyone's day. Continue reading [...]
The Best Way to Get the Right Flowers Overnight to Someone

4 Tips for the Best Way of Getting the Right Flowers Overnight to Someone

Here's how to get flowers overnight to someone, and not just any flowers overnight to them, but the right flowers by overnight delivery to them! Sending flowers overnight is a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them, whether it be for a special occasion or simply to brighten their day. However, with so many options available, it can be daunting to figure out the best way to get flowers to someone overnight. Here are our tips for the best methods for ensuring that your flowers arrive fresh and in good condition, and how to get the best value for your money. Continue reading [...]
the right flowers to bring to the hospital

5 Things to Know About the Right Flowers to Bring to the Hospital in 2023

Flowers can really cheer someone up when they're stuck in a hospital, so here's a guide to help you choose the right flowers to take to the hospital. Flowers have long been a symbol of love, care, and concern for those who are unwell. So whether you're visiting a friend, a family member or just trying to lift someone's spirits, flowers can be the perfect way to show that you're thinking of them. However, not all flowers are created equal, and some can actually do more harm than good in a hospital setting. Continue reading [...]
The right flowers for Valentines day

The Right Flowers for Valentines Day in 2023

Valentine's Day is a special day for expressing love and affection, and one of the most popular ways of doing so is through the giving of flowers. However, with so many different types of flowers available, it can be difficult to choose the right ones for the occasion. To help you make the perfect choice, here are some of the best flowers for Valentine's Day. Continue reading [...]
bells of ireland seashells

Get the Luck of the Irish with the Perfect Flower for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re searching for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day flowers, but don’t want to spend a pot of gold, consider adding Bells of Ireland to that bouquet. Sometimes known as Shellflower, this unique Mediterranean native may not be from the Green Isle, but it’s come to represent the luck o’ the Irish in the language of flowers and is a wonderful choice for a St. Paddy’s Day arrangement. Continue reading [...]

Hiding Flowers Isn’t Always the Best Way to Give Them

I knew that my wife always got a glass of ice water from the refrigerator when she came home from work, so I put some roses and chocolates in the refrigerator so she would be surprised when she got her water. Continue reading [...]

Why a Dozen Red Roses May Be Exactly the Wrong Thing to Give a Lady

There is hardly any worse feeling you can get in life than to have high expectations that your gift is going to be fawned over (or better yet that YOU will be for giving it) and then to be humiliated by finding out that you gave the exact wrong gift; worse yet that your gift offended a room full of people. It's happened to me many times, but by far the most humiliating was one cold evening in a beautiful restaurant in Moscow. Continue reading [...]

Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera Daisy flower, also sometimes known as the Gerber Daisy, is a bright, colorful, happy flower. Gerber Daisies are as equally at home dressed up in a Gerber Daisy wedding bouquet as they are in a whimsical vase at home on a table - in fact the Gerbera Daisy flower is one flower that is sure to make just about anyone smile. Gerber Daisy colors are so vibrant and beautiful that a Gebera Daisy bouquet is right for almost any occasion. Continue reading [...]

Rainforest Flowers for Bouquets and Vases

Give yourself, a loved one, or a hostess an instant virtual trip to the islands with a lovely bouquet of rainforest flowers! Rainforest flowers make the perfect bon voyage centerpiece for someone going off to the tropics, as well! Continue reading [...]
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