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Celebrate National Dentist’s Day with Pearly Everlasting

In a poll of what people hate doing the most, going to the dentist often falls somewhere between shopping for swimsuits and filing taxes. While the dentist's chair is not our favorite place to be, it is somewhere we should find ourselves at least twice a year. For all those (sometimes dreaded) visits and repeated reminders to floss, March 6th is National Dentist Day. If you know a dentist who sometimes feels like their job is thankless, consider a bouquet of pearly everlasting. This gorgeous flower is the perfect way to say how much you appreciate their efforts taking care of your pearly whites. Continue reading [...]

Help Out a Harried Mother with Hyacinth

There is no job more fulfilling, or certainly more demanding, than that of raising children. For every endearing moment there are twelve others that have even the most dedicated parent wondering why they've chosen to breed. While flowers won't help with the early mornings, endless tasks and constant demands of childrearing, a vase full of fragrant hyacinths can be a spot of peace and beauty where little ones run amok. These spring-blooming bulbs are small but mighty and a little vase in just the right place can have all the rejuvenating effects of a mid-day nap. Continue reading [...]

Bring Home a Yellow Rose for Texas Independence Day

Leave it to a state as big as Texas to have two independence days. Each year, along with shooting off fireworks on July 4th, the Lone Star State also sets aside March 2nd to honor the day back in 1836 when the state declared its independence from Mexico, sparking the Texas Revolution which ended in its annexation to the United States. What better flower to celebrate this historical holiday than one that appears in a song about a key battle for Texan independence- the yellow rose. Continue reading [...]

4 Flowers to Remind you Spring Will Come Again

If the novelty of freezing temperatures and sloppy morning commutes has finally worn off and you find yourself cursing that groundhog and his "six more weeks of winter," perhaps it's time to take the seasons into your own hands. Bring a bit of spring to your house or office with one of these five, fabulous blooms that will thaw the chill right off and remind you that spring is just around the corner. Continue reading [...]

4 Charming Floral Imports from China to Celebrate the New Year

Today is the official start of the Year of the Sheep! With one of the oldest human cultures in the world, the Chinese New Year tradition is the most important of the year and is celebrated by millions of people around the globe. Based on a lunar calendar and lasting for 15 days, many people travel home to be with family, eat special food and attend celebrations with fireworks, performances and friends. If you want to start the Year of the Sheep off on the right foot, consider decorating your home or bringing a gift of one of these important flowers that were first cultivated in ancient China. Continue reading [...]

Pet-Friendly Houseplants for “Love Your Pet” Day

After all the hearts and flowers of Valentine's Day have passed, February 20th offers the opportunity to celebrate the relationship you may have with a furry, four-legged friend on national "Love Your Pet" day. This odd holiday makes purr-fect sense to those of you who count animals among your favorite company and should be celebrated with some tasty treats and a good scratch behind the ears. If, along with being an animal lover, you also have a penchant for green plants, keep in mind that some houseplants may not mix well with cats or dogs. Take a look at the list below before heading to the florist or garden center to make sure your pets and potted plants live in harmony. Continue reading [...]

3 Badass Flowers for When You Buy Your Own Bouquet

We could sit around waiting for someone to bring us flowers. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to hope for a few blooms wrapped in tissue paper with a card full of hearts and sentiment. It makes us feel loved, or at least, it might obligate someone who loves us to bring home some blooms on this day meant for lovers. While it's a blessing to have people to love in life, it is a true gift, one that comes with years of practice, to develop a love for oneself. The only person who will ever truly know all the good, all the bad and never, ever leave us- is us. Perhaps this Valentine's Day you could practice a little self love and bring home a really kickass bouquet with one of these awesome flowers that only you would appreciate. Continue reading [...]

Why Waxflower Works for Wooing

The Victorian language of flowers began in the stately courts of the Turkish sultans as a secret language for lovers to send clandestine messages to each other. As it found its way to Europe, the "secret codes" of flowers could be sent across a crowed room when worn in a corsage, pinned to the hair or present as a posey. Books were written to help decode the ever more complicated messages new flowers symbolized and they were imported from far off places. Few debuted with as much meaning as the Chamalauceum uncinatum, the waxflower, from Australia. Said to be "the" flower of romance, the abbreviated message this flower conveys is a new inner wisdom, and chance for renewal and an openness to love and joy. What better way to woo a world-weary lover than with a promise of good things to come. Continue reading [...]

A Brief (Bloody) History of Valentine’s Day

While many may be tempted to call Valentine's Day a Hallmark holiday, the origins of this day set aside for lovers has a history that dates far back into antiquity. While February 14th is set aside nowadays for flowers, candy and cards with little hearts drawn on them, the first celebrants of this holiday used the bloody hides of sacrificed goats and dogs to flog their paramour. Sounds sexy, right? Continue reading [...]

Ranunculus, not Roses, for a February Birthday or Anniversary

With Valentine's Day putting flower prices at a premium, there's a good chance that those of us born in February may have never received a single stem for a birthday. For those of you with anniversaries this month, there's a darn good chance any bloom brought home will be a red rose, since it's hard not to walk into any florist or grocery store not decked out in Valentine this month. With the lightening speed of life these days, it makes sense to double up on holidays and special occasions, but taking the time to recognize someone's special day in the midst of the month where everyone is buying flowers and balloons can make it even more special. If you want to honor a birthday or anniversary in February, ranunculus are the perfect pick. Continue reading [...]

3 Alternative Flowers for a Nontraditional Valentine

If your valentine is anything but ordinary, why stick with the traditional bouquet of roses and baby's breath this Valentine's Day. Love comes in many shapes, sizes, sexes and situations. Thankfully, so do flowers. While red roses may be the standard way to say "I love you" on February 14th, evolution and careful cross breeding have brought us a wide array of blooms to express both budding love and more mature ardor. We can't always choose who we fall in love with, but we can certainly choose a flower that reflects how special and unique our love may be. Go boldly to the florist this Valentine's Day and walk out with one of these wonderful stems. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Singlehood this Valentine’s Day with Sweetheart Roses

Valentine's Day conjures up all sorts of emotions in the life of a single person. From dredging up memories of crepe paper shoeboxes in the classroom to reflections on the last relationship gone wrong, it's hard to look forward to a holiday hell-bent on canned sentiment and the rather public pronouncement of your status as single. While reflecting on what is wrong with a holiday dedicated to lovers can leave one bitter, it's also an opportunity to celebrate what is so right about singledom. The best flowers to do this with are sweetheart roses. Small but mighty, these sprays of gorgeous rosebuds will help you count your blessings for being with the one person who knows you best and loves you for who you truly are- you. Continue reading [...]

3 Flowers with the Best Value on Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone buys roses on Valentine's Day- but why should you? With a long-stemmed history as the flower one gives to a lover, the red rose is at it's peak sales day every February 14th. Along with the huge demand, the short, dark days of winter are also a factor in pricing roses at their all time high for the year. You don't want to be cheap, but if you share a checking account, an expensive vase might take the petal off the rose. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to romance a sweetheart and while roses may seem expensive every February, there are thousands of different stems to help you count the ways you love someone. Why not show your sweetheart you value their love by choosing a flower that shows both your creativity and your eye for value. Here are several stems that get overlooked, but not overpriced, on Valentine's Day. Continue reading [...]

4 Leading Flowers for Hollywood Award Season

The nominations are out and in a few short weeks the red carpet will roll. Whether you've seen them all or are just hoping to get some good movie recommendations, the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are a Hollywood tradition and a great reason to throw a party. If you plan on hosting or attending an Oscar party this year (or just plan on enjoying the show in the comfort of your own living room), here are 4 absolutely fabulous flowers that will bring the golden age of Hollywood glam into focus. Continue reading [...]

Get it Right this Groundhog’s Day with Gayfeather

You've seen the movie. Bill Murray, a misanthropic big city news reporter, travels to a quaint town to report on the groundhog's predictions for spring. He finds himself waking again and again to the same day and, after nearly succumbing to the monotony of this predicament, he instead realizes his opportunity to make this one day as wonderful as possible. This Groundhog's Day, why not put your own efforts into creating a day as special as possible. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add a little beauty and appreciation into any day and a great choice for this February 2nd is gayfeather. Known by the Latin name, Liatris, or sometimes called blazing star, gayfeather flowers are the perfect symbol of a perfect day. Continue reading [...]

4 Unforgettable Flowers to Send to a Funeral

An unavoidable side effect of living, all of us must one day die. In American culture, funerals tend to be somber affairs, as we mourn for the loss of those we love from this life to the next. More and more, however, folks are choosing to see funerals as an opportunity to celebrate the life and memory of the departed. What better way to do that than with flowers. Here on Earth to grow, bloom and fade away, plants are the perfect symbol of the brevity and sweetness of life. If you are looking to send a floral message to a funeral meant to honor the life of someone you've loved, consider one of these four flowers. Continue reading [...]

5 Flowers for Fat Tuesday

Every February, Mardi Gras gives us a chance to kick convention to the curb and fatten up with a day of drinking and debauchery before settling in to the Lenten season of austerity and repentance. Around the world, versions of this crazy carnival are happening in the streets with dancing, parades and elaborate costumes. Traditional colors of purple, gold and green decorate the streets and perhaps a King Cake on your kitchen table. Whether you celebrate this Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday for Continue reading [...]

Stock Up on Flowering Stock for Spouse’s Day

Mother's get a day. Father's get a day. Why not a day just to appreciate your partner for the long term loving and support they bring to your life? January 26th is just such an occasion. Sure, some may say, there's Valentine's Day, a day already dedicated to lovers and romance. Isn't that enough? Spouse's Day allows us to look at the person we're growing old with, however, and not pine for the passion that came along with the start of our relationship, but to admire it for the steadfastness and loyalty it has offered us throughout the years. While red roses may be the V-day favorite, celebrate spouse's day with flowering stock. Not only are they more economical (a quality a spouse can appreciate) but they smell amazing, look fabulous and will stick around a lot longer. The bloom might be off the rose of your relationship, but a good spouse is worth their weight in gold. Bring them home some flowers that will cost just a fraction of that. Continue reading [...]

Killer Plants for Catching Fruit Flies

We've all done it. Arriving home after a trip you walk into the kitchen and a swarm of tiny, little flies come swirling from those bunch of bananas you never got around to eating. With a life span of only a month or two, it's still surprisingly hard to get rid of those suckers. While all sorts of traps and homemade solutions exist, why not turn your infestation into a small science experiment by using one of these crazy carnivorous plants. Not only will they help control your fruit fly population, but they'll be a unique addition to your houseplant collection for years to come. Continue reading [...]

6 Flowers for When you Can’t Stand Another Second of Winter

If the thought of having to scrape ice off another windshield while the hair in your nostrils slowly freezes makes you want to push the snooze button until spring, it's time for a little flower therapy. Winter can be tough. The days are dark and you might not see the sun between punching the clock in the morning and making your way precariously home through icy streets. It's hard to remember that this too shall melt and your frozen toes will one day walk barefoot on soft, spring grass. When you can't stand one more day of sub-zero weather, try one of these hothouse flowers that will melt your heart (even if they can't do much for your heating bill). Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Civil Rights with Statice

The third Monday in January is the day Americans honor the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. More than a celebration of the man and his life, this day is set aside to remember the stalwart strength and dedication to the cause of justice that all those who fought (and continue to fight) for equality and human rights around the world. This January, celebrate civil rights with a flower that represents the valor and bravery needed to stand tall in a time of challenge and controversy- statice. Understated, but amazingly long-lived, this flower is the perfect pick for holiday that it more than just a day off work. It's a day to continue the work, started long ago, towards a more free and just society. Continue reading [...]

Take Care of a Caregiver with Azaleas

A houseplant may just seem like one more thing to care for when you are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for a loved one in need, but a pot of azaleas may be just what's needed to get one through the tasks at hand. These densely flowered, miniature shrubs are cheerful and bright and will look lovely on a tabletop or windowsill for weeks with very little care other than a grateful glance when times are hard. If you are someone who spends time addressing the needs of others, or know someone who is struggling to provide support for elderly parents or an ill child, azaleas are just the right flower to shore someone up when they start feeling worn down. Continue reading [...]

Send Seeds of Forget-me Nots for Anniversaries of Loss

It is hard to know how best to comfort someone. We are often at a loss for words when someone has suffered a loss, but fresh flowers are able to say so much when we cannot and therefore are often sent as comfort during the first few weeks. While these fresh wounds will heal with time, certain anniversaries can tug at the scab of loss as they pass each year. Comfort someone who is going through a calendar of loss with a note or phone call to remind them that they are in your thoughts, and never underestimate the healing power of flowers. A packaged of forget-me-not seeds fits easily inside an envelop and can be mailed across distances to honor someone's memory or offer comfort on a sad anniversary. Continue reading [...]

Plants with Medicinal Properties to Celebrate National Pharmacist Day

Medicinal plants have been helping humans heal for centuries, providing everything from pain relief to palliative care. Some of the strongest medicines on Earth are still derived from plant sources, such as drugs used in chemotherapy to ones that regulate heartbeat. Dispensing these potent treatments carefully and accurately are dedicated pharmacists around the world, whom we celebrate each year on January 12th. National Pharmacist Day recognizes the knowledge and attention that goes into this important role by honoring pharmacists for their efforts towards medical care. If you have a pharmacist that's important in your life, celebrate the day with a fresh bouquet of some of these fabulous pharmacological flowers. Continue reading [...]

5 Flowers for a Fortunate New Year

As the ball drops and a new year begins, hopes and expectations for the year to come are high. If you have big plans and resolutions on your list for this year, hopefully one of them is to include more fresh flowers into your life. Known to increase emotional well-being and support greater creativity and productivity, adding flowers to your home or office is a great resolution that will be easy to keep. According to the Victorian language of flowers, the following blooms are bright symbols of good fortune for the year to come. Continue reading [...]

What to Do With Poinsettias Once They’ve Bloomed

After the last few refrains of Christmas carols fade and the once magnificent tree's dry needles have begun to carpet the floor, thoughts of packing up the decorations and starting off the new year fresh leaves one standing in front of pots of poinsettias and wondering what to do. While they make the perfect potted plants for the holiday season, the typical shelf life of a poinsettia falls far short of fruitcake, making it last about as long as the New Year's resolutions in most US homes. What many people may not realize is that this holiday plant can make an excellent houseplant all year long with not much extra maintenance. Getting them to re-bloom in the coming year is an exciting challenge for anyone up to the task and even creating new ones from the existing plant is easy using the following guide for 2015. Continue reading [...]

Express Wintertime Warmth and Affection with Camellias

Cultivated in the gardens of Asia for centuries before coming to Europe and the United States as an import from the Orient, the camellia is a flower steeped in history, culture and amor. With the commercially important Camellia sinensis grown for tea around the world, the ornamentally spectacular species such as C. japonica and C. reticulata have found their way into gardens around the globe and into flower shops near you. Blooming at their brightest in December when the days are short and the nights are long, thousands of different cultivars of this winter bloom have appeared in everything from artwork to operas over the century and carry with them the message of adoration and affection. Continue reading [...]

3 Fabulously Affordable Flowers You Should Resolve to Keep On Hand in 2015

Fresh flowers are a little bit of luxury most people reserve for special occasions and events, but recent studies from several leading research universities confirm that just looking at a vase of flowers can have a positive impact on emotions, creativity and productivity. Perhaps 2015 is the year you begin to incorporate fresh flowers into your health routine and budget a tiny bit each week towards this simple pick-me-up that can positively influence everyone in the room. Whether you start adding blooms to a little vase on your breakfast table or bring in an arrangement to the front office for the whole crew to enjoy, there are quite a few flowers available these days that will look fresh all week without biting into your budget. Try one of these three fabulously affordable flowers that will bring you 52 weeks of awesome in 2015. Continue reading [...]

Dianthus for December Birthdays

Ask anyone born between mid-December and New Year's Day and they'll tell you that birthday cake and party hats simply can't compete with the gingerbread and jingle bells of the holiday season. As a child, it was hard not to feel cheated out of your special day, and even adults with a yuletide birthday may still feel the slight of a winter's birthday. With all the seasonal festivities, treats and sparkly lights, a few birthday candles are hard to notice. If someone you love has a birthday that falls during this bustling holiday time, you probably already know that it's important to separate celebrations and give their day its due. Dianthus are the perfect flower for December birthdays. Delicate, diaphanous and definitely not poinsettias, these stems stand out among all the holiday trimmings for the people you know born in December. Continue reading [...]

Freesias for an Epic Fail

For all the times you bring your 'A' game, it's surprising how one little oops can bring you down. Forgetting it's trash day or missing a deadline at work can sometimes be remedied with a sigh or a shrug, but once in a while you really muck it up. Missing a special anniversary, botching a big project or a spectacular dressing down from the boss are hard to shake off and can stick with you like a wad of gum in the hair. Apart from going back in time, there's not much to be done but make your apologies and move on, hopefully learning from whatever mistakes were made to get you here. When you find yourself in this situation, the perfect flower to help fuggetaboutit are freesias. Light, breezy, fragrant and completely ignorant of what a screw-up you are, freesias can help take the sting out of self-loathing and give you something lovely to look at when you can barely stand the sight of yourself. Continue reading [...]

Gilded Foliage makes Sensational Seasonal Accents

All that glitters is not gold, but it's certainly easy to add a bit of golden sparkles to your flower arrangements this winter. Aside from the glimmer and cheer a bit of gilded leaves will add to vases, garlands and wreaths, a simple can of florist's spray paint can add glitz to everything from pine cones to plain, plastic containers- transforming your home into a shining example of the holiday spirit. During the winter months, florist may have several different greens that have been gilded in gold or glitter available to add to any arrangement. If not, one small can of gold or silver floral spray paint (available at craft stores and some florists) is easy to apply and fun to use. Here are some tips for adding a bit of the Midas' touch to your holiday decor. Continue reading [...]

Kiss the Night Away Under Fresh Mistletoe

A symbol of the season, mistletoe is the iconic plant of Yuletide affection. Tied with a ribbon and hung above a door or threshold, tradition holds that lovers (or those who time their entrances wisely) smooch under the sprigs of mistletoe hung there. While this might make the plant a favorite for paramours, it is actually a slightly poisonous, parasitic plant that sucks the sap from trees in which it grows. How then did this leeching evergreen find its way down from the boughs of host trees an into the lore of Christmastime lovers? Continue reading [...]

Impress the In-Laws with Ivy

Few first impressions will ever be as important as the first time you meet the family you are marrying into. Whether you passed the interview with flying colors years ago or are meeting your potential in-laws for the first time this holiday season- come prepared. A plant is the perfect thing to bring if you are worried a bottle of wine might mark you as a boozer and a box of candy seems too trifling. Said to symbolize fidelity and tenacity in the language of flowers, ivy is a great choice for just this occasion. Long-lasting, steadfast and graceful in its growth, show your in-laws that you will be, too, with this potted plant that's sure to impress parents of a discerning nature. Continue reading [...]

3 Fantastic Foliage Options for Winter Flowers

Hothouse flowers grown in greenhouses around the world have made roses available in winter and tulips possible in fall, but the best part of fresh flowers can sometimes be bringing a bit of the season inside. For this reason, choosing flowers that are in season not only ensure they are at their freshest and most economical, but that they match the mood of the months as they go by. Like pages on a calender flipping by, the leaves around us grow, change colors and flutter to the ground each year. Choosing greens that reflect the season outside are a detail that is sometimes overlooked in flower arrangements, but can add so much to the decor when properly chosen and placed. Spring sprigs and lush summer leaves are easy to find, but choosing winter greens are not as much of a challenge as you may think. Here are three fabulous foliage choices for the coldest months of the year. Continue reading [...]

Eight Crazy Nights of Flowers for the Festival of Lights

Bust out the dreidels and latkes- it's Hanukkah time! Celebrating the successful rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the long-lasting one-day's supply of oil that burned for eight, count 'em, eight crazy nights, Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, as each evening a candle is lit on the menorah and left to burn all night. Gathering with family and friends is the kosher thing to do during this winter-time holiday, and a small gift of flowers will look lovely as you sing Hanerot Halalu. Here are eight fabulous flowers that will light up the night. Try bringing home one each evening for a bouquet of blessings worth their weight in gelt. Continue reading [...]

Be a Great Guest with a Gift of Gardenias

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful and we often arrive with arms full of packages and not quite enough patience. After a whole lot of hassle dealing with weather, crowds and not quite enough time, however, being with friends and family is well worth the trouble. Whether you're arriving for a party or staying the week during the holidays, it's always nice to bring a little gift for your hosts. While the holiday season is full of thoughtful little baubles and stocking stuffers, a plant is the perfect present to bring pleasure the whole year through. The glossy leaves and gorgeous flowers of the gardenia plant will be beautiful on the table or windowsill long after other presents have been regifted. Continue reading [...]

Wonderful Flowers for a Winter Wedding

While June brides may be blushing and smiling across all the covers of wedding magazines, there is something elegant and lovely about a winter wedding. It's true that summertime nuptials might offer a few more flowers in season to choose from for the special day, but winter has its own wonderland of blooms for bouquets, boutonnieres, and the top of a wedding cake. Below are just a few of the choices available to you for a winter wedding. Continue reading [...]

Norfolk Island Pine- a Real Christmas Tree that Will Last For Years to Come

Few things get you in the holiday spirit faster than the soft needles and piney fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments. What's not to enjoy about the star-topped glory of a tree ringed with presents waiting for Christmas morning- other than the fantastic mess it will make as you haul the brittle, dried-out boughs out the door a few weeks later. For this reason, many folks have move to artificial trees, missing out on the spirit of the fresh tree standing bright inside on these cold, winter nights. A perfect compromise is the Norfolk Island Pine. This soft-needled evergreen is a wonderful and easy to grow houseplant that looks gorgeous growing inside all year long, but will look just as lovely all lit up with lights and tinsel during the holiday season. The best part of all- you can have a fresh tree to trim every December without every having to toss it out in January. Continue reading [...]

Alternatives to Poinsettias

Not to be a Scrooge, but the typical potted poinsettia plant is a little over done. Each December, literally millions of these traditional Christmas time blooms are sold around the country and have become not only the staple flower of the holidays, but they account for almost one quarter of all flowering potted plant sales in the US. Ironically, the red iconic blooms of the poinsettia are not actually flowers, but highly pigmented leaves. The real flower are the tiny yellow ones at the center of the red bracts that now also come in white, pink, marbled, speckled and curled. Even with all the new and different varieties to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit repetitive to buy the same plant year after year. If you are looking for something a little different this holiday season, you have several lovely choices that are lovely and festive- and not poinsettias- to choose from. Continue reading [...]

Tropical Flowers to take the Chill Off a Winter’s Night

There are times in life when you simply must close your eyes and think of your happy place. Does yours involve warm sand, lapping waves and exotic fruit cocktails? Perhaps tanned people wearing few clothes walk by under swaying palm trees as somewhere, far off, the sound of sea birds and the faint strumming of a ukelele? A real beach vacation may not be in your stars this month, but a vivid imagination and a few stems of tropical flowers will certainly help take the chill out of winter and make a "happy place" out of where ever you are. If you or someone you love is in desperate need for a little R & R to somewhere sunny and warm, consider bringing the beach to them with these exotic flowers found only in lush lands where the palm trees sway. Continue reading [...]

Paperwhites are the Perfect Hostess Gift for Thanksgiving

Being invited to the Thanksgiving meal is a gesture of welcome and inclusion in American homes far richer than any giblet gravy- so don't arrive empty handed. After asking the hostess what you can bring (and picking up an extra bottle of Riesling when they say "just yourself"), be sure to include a small gift to thank the hosts for including you in this special tradition. On a day that's already filled with delicious foods and bordered by a holiday steeped in gift-giving, it is hard to find just the right thing to thank someone for all the thawing, brining, roasting and washing up they'll be doing. Make it easy by choosing flowers that will not only be lovely on Thanksgiving day, but will continue to have your hosts thankful through the coming weeks. Paperwhite bulbs (Narcissus papyrus) are the perfect plant to present on this day of gratitude and stuffing yourself. Continue reading [...]

Goldenrod for Good Fortune and a Bit of Encouragement

Into each person's life, a little rain must fall. Sometimes it comes in sprinkles of annoyance like car trouble, tax problems or dental surgery. Other times in waves of misfortune like health problems, lost love and missed opportunity. While words of advice are tempting, they are often ill-timed no matter how meaningful, but any encouragement is certainly welcomed and necessary when someone you love is standing under a cloud. Flowers are just the right thing to say in this situation, and few Continue reading [...]

Thanksgiving Centerpieces that are Sure to Please

Thanksgiving. The day we give thanks for all the good people and good fortune we have in our lives- and then stuff our faces. No matter what your favorite dish is you look forward to seeing around that table each year, the fresh flowers and greens from a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece will be a delight that everyone will enjoy throughout the long day of eating and for days to come. All sorts of different styles and arrangements can be made to order at your local florist and if you're heading over to someone's house for the big meal you can pick one up ready made for the perfect hostess gift. Whether you choose a simple round arrangement or a cornucopia of flowers, a centerpiece will add freshness and flair to the occasion and most come with candles that can be lit to make the meal more elegant and festive. Below are several different styles to choose from, along with tips for making them last longer than the leftovers. Continue reading [...]

Holiday Cactus Will Bloom through the Season

Eating season is here! Cold weather has come to visit and soon, too, will friends, family and full days dedicated to nothing but cooking and eating. Along with lots of tasty recipes circling around on Pinterest and lots of hungry people around the table, add some fresh blooms that will brighten the room from Turkey Day until the new year with a holiday cactus. Called everything from Thanksgiving cactus to crab cactus, the succulent Schlumbergera truncata and several of its related species are fantastic plants for your own home or that of a hostess during the winter season. Just starting to bloom in late November, these easy to grow houseplants are festive, fun and readily available at your local florists. Continue reading [...]

Heartwarming White Cyclamen for Winter’s Coldest Days

Winter came whalloping in this week for many parts of the country, covering fall-blooming flowers with snow and bringing down the temperatures to record-breaking lows. While the winter weather seemed a long time coming this year, with it comes the need to bring the outside in with a fresh bouquet or potted plant to remind us through the short, cold days and chilly nights that spring will come again. Consider the white cyclamen for a frigid day like today. Said to represent warmth in the Victorian language of flowers, its gracefully drooping white blooms and silver-streaked leaves will warm your heart and help you not mind being cooped up in the house on these chilly winter days. Continue reading [...]

Alternatives to Paper Poppies for Veteran’s Day

The tradition of wearing a poppy on one's lapel to honor veterans of war dates back to just after World War I. A Canadian physician, Lieutenant colonel John McCrae, had penned a poem after presiding over the funeral of a friend who had been killed in the Battle of Ypres, where over 120,000 casualties were estimated. The new graves of the many young men who had died stretched on through a field of bright red poppies, and his poem, in Flanders Fields, used the flowers as a metaphor for the spilled blood of war. Published back in London in 1915, the poem quickly became the most popularly recited verse of its era and the red poppy the symbol for the great sacrifices of the armed forces. In 1919, exactly one year after the war ended, November 11th was designated as Remembrance Day (in Commonwealth countries) by King George V and Veteran's Day in the United States, to honor members of the armed forces- particularly those that gave their lives in defense of their country. The red poppy was worn in recognition of the holiday, but since November is not the typical season for this summer flower, most are made out of paper. If you'd like to honor the service of veterans, past and present, with a fresh flower instead of paper, consider the following blooms that make excellent boutonniere's to pin to the lapel on this day of remembrance. Continue reading [...]

Camellias Can Help Express Gratitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the reflection on all that we have to be grateful for is hopefully turning your thoughts to more than just the long lines at the grocery store and a sink full of dirty dishes. Along with thawing the turkey, put a trip to the local florist on your "to do" list in the coming weeks and find yourself standing with flowers at the front door of a friend or family member in your life for whom you are thankful. You'll be surprised how much this simple gesture can put you in the spirit of the holiday and leave you feeling more fortunate than ever. In the Victorian language of flowers, there are many blossoms that represent gratitude and graciousness, but few that will be lovelier this month than the camellia. Continue reading [...]

Orchids for Beginners

Exotic, oddly erotic, and with features so diverse and highly evolved they are hypnotic to look at, orchids are typically not considered a good "beginner" plant. While their care is different than your typical peace lily or other more common houseplants, they should not intimidate even those with self-proclaimed brown thumbs. With so many different species to choose from, there are several that are well suited to your living room, and require only slightly more care than a typical potted plant. With blooms lasting for a month or more, they are a much better value than a bouquet of cut flowers, even if you can't keep it alive for much longer than that. Here are a couple of tips and tricks, however, that should have them blooming joyfully again and again. Continue reading [...]

Freesias to Fill In an Awkward Silence

Separating us from the animals, our miraculous gift of speech is not always well spent. Frequently squandered on dithering and gossip, utterly lost to us in moments when just the right word would have changed everything, sometimes aimed and hurled like a weapon, its absence is perhaps the most frustrating of all. If you've let an awkward silence develop between yourself and someone you care about, consider sending flowers, which have long been used to speak when words fail us. The freesia is the perfect bloom to break down a barrier of communication and create a connection that you want to keep together. Whether it has been a frosty week of silence after an argument or years of water under the bridge, consider the freesia as a fresh and fragrant flag of parley in a sea of silence. Continue reading [...]

Substitute Flowers for a Sweet Treat on World Diabetes Day

Treating yourself is a great way to stay motivated on the way to bigger goals. A piece of candy or bite of chocolate seems a small reward for a job well done, but calories and sugar sure can add up. November 14th of each year is World Diabetes Day, set aside to raise awareness and highlight steps towards the prevention of this condition. One of the best ways to celebrate is to pick up a new good habit to replace a bad one. Buying flowers for yourself is a great way to add a bit of beauty and nature into your life. Rather than treating yourself to favorite foods when you feel like you deserve a little something special, consider a lush bouquet of one of the sweet blossoms below. Not only are they sugar-free, they will last much longer than a moment on the lips without going straight to your hips. Continue reading [...]

Kalanchoe for a Kid in Crisis

It's a miracle we make it into adulthood alive. All the dumb choices, narrow misses and blind luck that get us through our adolescence can sometimes run us smack up against our worst enemy- ourselves. Success, failure, love and loss are amplified at that age, and it takes a couple of decades on Earth to finally realize that yes, this too, shall pass. If you know a young person that's struggling with the transition into life as a human being, sometimes a little nature can be a big reminder of that great, big world out there, and how both beauty and life and all the good and the bad that comes with it, are a part of the experience. If you are looking for a potted plant that can say all that, look no further than the kalanchoe. Continue reading [...]

Decorate for Day of the Dead with Marigolds

Tracing back to the ancient Aztecs, the celebration of Dia de Muertos falls on November 1st and 2nd each year as a day to remember and honor the departed loved ones in your life. A national holiday in Mexico, but celebrated around the world, the Day of the Dead is a time to decorate small alters, clean and beautify grave sites and to gather with friends and family to reminisce and tell stories about those who have died. Favorite food and beverages, treasured belongings, freshly baked bread and candied sugar skulls are all a part of the fiesta, but one of the most important decorations are the marigold flowers. Said to be the favored flower of the dead, the Mexican marigold (Tagetes erecta), sometimes called cempasuchil or Flor de Muerto, is an essential part of the traditional celebration. Continue reading [...]

Pagan Plants for All Hallow’s Eve

The origin of Halloween is shrouded in myth and mystery. Said by some to have started after the christening of the Basilica in Rome by Pope Gregory III who established All Saints Day on November 1st, the night was supposedly set aside for prayer and fasting to prepare to honor the saints who did not have a designated day. Suspiciously, one can't help but wonder then how this lead to the traditions of roaming the night in scary costumes, visiting house to house and celebrating the night by smashing intricately carved gourds. There is much more evidence to support the pagan birth of this ritualized eve of disguise and debauchery. In its efforts to transform the non-christian, end of summer harvest festival, traditionally called Samhain in Gaelic speaking parts of Europe, the church gave the holiday a polish and a new name. Halloween, however, remains a night for spirits and spooks, parties and pagan ritual. From the hollowed-out gourds to some of the old English plants below, this night remains one in which worldly creatures might wander into the other-worldliness of the spirit realm. Celebrate with some of these pagan plants that have held spiritual significance to those that wandered before us. Continue reading [...]

Pick Up Some Mums for Mother-In-Law Day

We are all born with at least one mother, but many of us pick up another along the way through marriage. If you've been lucky enough to score a good one, celebrate on Sunday, October 26th during Mother-in-Law Day with a bouquet of chrysanthemums. These fall flowers are at their prime this time of year and come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. Whether she thinks you hung the moon or is the type to complain that you hung it crookedly, flowers as elegant and diverse as the mum are sure to please anyone- even someone that can be a bit hard to please at times. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate United Nations Day with a Peace Lily

Dedicated to world peace and the betterment of human society, the United Nations was created through a charter in 1945 and established on October 24th of 1948. Each year on this day, the anniversary is celebrated around the world in more than 100 member countries to mark the global organization's efforts toward mitigating poverty, hunger, conflict and other worldwide challenges. This year, send a message of solidarity with their humanitarian aims with a peace lily. Continue reading [...]

Add Flare to Fall Arrangements with Chinese Lanterns

Like tiny, orange paper lanterns strung together along a stem, the hanging fruit of the Physalis alkekeng, (called Chinese lanterns, winter cherry or Japanese lantern) will light up a bouquet of autumn flowers. These uniquely shaped plants offer a wonderful harvest look to any arrangement and are fun to tuck into a vase or add along the edges of a table or wreath. In great fall colors like burnt umber and pumpkin orange, these long-lasting stems are the perfect choice for an autumnal bouquet. Continue reading [...]

Dahlias for Diwali

This annual festival of lights falls on October 22nd this year, which is the 15th day of the month of Kartika in the Hindu calendar. One of the most important holidays of the year for Hindus, Diwali is celebrated to honor Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, and to symbolize the triumph of victory over evil. Along with oil lamps and hanging lanterns to light the home, consider a dazzling display of dahlias to decorate the table or bring with you as a gift as you visit friends and family. Said to symbolize dignity in the language of flowers, colorful dahlias are the perfect flower for celebrating Diwali and are at their peak this time of year. Continue reading [...]

Amaranthus Make Amazing Flowers for a Hospital Visit

Cultivated by ancient civilizations as an important food crop and grown commercially in modern times for its beauty, the live-giving amaranthus is the perfect flower to wish someone in the hospital a hardy return to health. With long, draping flowers in deep burgundy, bronze and lovely greens, this bloom is works well in both bouquets and vases and will add a splash of color and a bit of the outdoors to any drab interior. Said to represent immortality and unfading love in the Victorian language of flowers, the amaranthus is emblematic of both the bounty of the harvest and the cyclical nature of life. Continue reading [...]

Celebreate the Senses on White Cane Safety Day

Celebrated worldwide on October 15th of every year, White Cane Safety Day is a time to recognize and honor the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and to appreciate the tools available to help them navigate the world. First established in 1964 with the help of the National Federation of the Blind and approved by Congress, this holiday was set aside as a time for people and organizations to celebrate the independent travel the white cane allows while also bringing national attention to issues around safety and accessibility. Some events include hosting a dinner in the pitch dark or organizing a walk in the community to raise funds for training seeing eye dogs or research. While flowers are visually pleasing to those of us with the gift of sight, they are no less lovely to enjoy with our other senses. Below are several flowers that can touched, smelled or otherwise appreciated more than just in the eye of the beholder. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Mental Health Day with Flowers that Make you Feel Fabulous

There's a lot going on in this world that can drive a person crazy, so taking care of mental health should be an important priority in everyone's life. October 10th is recognized worldwide as Mental Health Day and is set aside to celebrate the advances made globally in mental heath education, support and awareness. With several recent studies published that link lowered levels of stress, depression and even pain and healing time to simply looking and smelling flowers and plants around you, picking up a bouquet on the way home might just help keep you sane in this mad, mad world. Not sure which flowers will have the most positive impact on your state of mind? Here are a few you'll just go crazy over. Continue reading [...]

Bulbs for an October Birthday

Fresh flowers and potted plants are great gift ideas all year round, but for a birthday that falls in the fall, consider a gift that comes with the promise of a beautiful spring surprise- flower bulbs. October is the perfect month to plant a handful of spring-flowering bulbs in the ground for the positive anticipation of good things to come. Rather than a bouquet of cut flowers for an autumn birthday, choose one of the varieties described below or mix up a few different ones for a gift that requires a little delayed, but no less satisfying, gratification. Continue reading [...]

Pansies for a Pregnant Woman Ready to Pop

The glow that comes with the wonder of carrying a new life within is a beautiful thing to behold, but it can sure take its toll on the feet and back. Being pregnant is a special time in a woman's life, but toward the end, is not a particularly comfortable one. Sleeping, standing, even just trying to get dressed in the morning takes on a whole new dimension, literally, as her dimensions widen and make daily tasks more of a challenge. Along with the burp cloths and diaper cakes, consider a lovely pot of pansies for the mother-to-be as she prepares for the arrival of her new child. These dainty and darling blooms are the perfect pick for a pregnant lady who is just about to pop. Continue reading [...]

Stargazer Lilies because…damn girl, you’re worth it

You know who deserves a gorgeous bouquet of flowers right now? That's right- you do! Sure, you could wait for some hunky catch to show up at the door with a a mess of roses or for that boss of yours to finally recognize what a diamond you are and drop off a vase of pretty stems to thank you for all your hard work, but why leave it up to someone else to decide what flowers you deserve? You know exactly what you want, what you need, and what you are worth. Mmhmm, you got it- stargazer lilies. Continue reading [...]

Azaleas to Aid an Ailing Friend

There are few things that render one as helpless feeling as the failing health of a friend or family member. Watching someone struggle to recover or fight hard against an illness is hard to do and leaves one wondering what more could be done. Sometimes a "get well soon" card just doesn't seem like enough, and while running errands or helping them with everyday tasks like cleaning can help ease their burdens, it doesn't go the extra mile of actually brightening their day and taking their mind off the challenges they are facing. These are the times to send flowers. Rather than send cut flowers in a vase that bloom brightly and then fade, potted plants are a great alternative. The lovely, flowering azaleas are the perfect pick for this occasion. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Native American Day with these Indigenous Flowers

In many states across the nation, the second Monday in October is somewhat contentious. While many calendars mark it as Columbus Day to celebrate his "discovery" of America, others see it as an opportunity to highlight the rich history and culture of the indigenous peoples of our country. Regardless of what title you give this holiday, it is a time to reflect on the natural riches and scenic wealth of our lovely lands. With thousands of native plants to admire, try out one of these two listed below for a bouquet or arrangement that was truly "made in America." Not only are these native plants lovely to look at, but many also have served other important uses to America's first peoples. Continue reading [...]

Homecoming Flowers for a High School Dance

An American tradition for a century or more, homecoming was first celebrated at universities and colleges to welcome back alumni, but for many high school students it's the first dance they'll attend. Along with parades, football games against rival schools and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, is also the first time many nervous young men will wait at the door with corsage in hand as their date comes down the stairs. Meet her (or him) with flowers that look fresh and fabulous all night long by choosing some of these spectacular stems that are the perfect choice for a corsage or boutonniere. Continue reading [...]

Waxflowers for Wealth

They say money can't buy you happiness, but it can certainly spring for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and if you are looking to attract a little wealth and abundance your way there is no better flower than the waxflower. With the wordy Latin name Chamelacium uncinatum, the waxflower, sometimes called Geraldton Wax as well, has the look, feel and smell of refinement and luxury- but doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fill a vase. In the Victorian language of flowers it is said to represent riches, and one can't help but feel patrician with a few stems nearby. Continue reading [...]

A Touching Bouquet for International Teacher’s Day

Falling on October 5th this year, World Teacher's Day has been held annually since 1994 to commemorate education professionals around the world for their contribution in preparing future generations for success. Few professions touch as many lives as teaching, though this time of year is often so busy it is hard for many teachers to remember why, exactly, they decided to go into education in the first place. Teaching takes patience, creativity, a thick skin, and a whole lot of love. Return the love this October 5th by planning a very special flower delivery for your child's homeroom teacher or the educator in your life. By bringing in a flower for each student to walk into the classroom with to hand to the teacher, you will help create a bouquet they will never forget. Here are 3 different stems that are hardy, affordable and easy to create a lovely bouquet with- one flower at a time. Continue reading [...]

Asters for an Anniversary After a Challenging Year

In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer- they certainly at least warn you that some years are going to be better than others. In a way, celebrating an anniversary after a particularly challenging year can be more meaningful because your vows have been tested through trials and tribulations and here you are, still together. Whether you have fought about money, struggled through loss or grief, or had health scares or trust issues, an anniversary provides a time for reflection to honor how much you've grown both individually and as a couple. Celebrate how this year's challenges have helped you grow together as a couple with the simple, yet striking, aster. Continue reading [...]

3 Flowers to Awaken Creativity and Inspire your Inner Muse

Like a startled bird ready to flit from one tree to the next, creative inspiration comes suddenly, departs quickly and leaves you searching from one moment to the next. Artists of all kinds need external inspiration in order to light their inner creative fire, so the next time you or an artist you love need a little spark, consider these three flowers as potential muses. As the Arabian proverb says, "a fig tree, looking on a fig tree, becometh fruitful." Look upon these magnificent blooms and be inspired. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with Statice

Dust off the shofar and pick up some challah bread because Rosh Hashana falls between September 24th and September 26th this year. A time of both remembrance and renewal, the Jewish New Year is a time to ponder one's actions from the preceding year and seek resolution for any conflicts or settle any debts, both figuratively and literally, so that one might start the year anew. In the language of flowers, the humble statice flower is symbolic of both remembrance and forgiveness and is the perfect bloom to bring home to the table to set out next to the apples and honey. Wrap up the last year and start the new one off right with a few stems of statice. Continue reading [...]

Wish Someone a Return to Health with the Hardy Chrysanthemum

As the days grow shorter and the nights turn chilly, the tender flowers of summer tend to fade and go dormant- not so, the hardy chrysanthemum. As summer turns to fall, these short-day loving plants begin to awaken and bloom as the winds begin to sharpen and the frosts start to enclose both buds and branches. What better harbinger of health than the chrysanthemum, symbolic of long life, optimism and mirth in the language of flowers. A pot of mums to plant in the garden or a vase of these bright and cheerful flowers on the bedside are the perfect way to help someone be once again hearty and hale. Continue reading [...]

Hypericum Berries are the Perfect Accent Flower for Any Bouquet

Like a well-placed scarf or just the right shoes, accessories can transform one's clothing into a certain "look." So, too, can just the right accent flower in a bouquet or vase arrangement. With their cosmopolitan distribution and elegant, round fruit, the hypericum berry is the perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Sleek, yet natural looking, a few stems of these green, red or orange berries can add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to a bouquet of roses or a fistful of daisies. Add them to almost any bunch of flowers for a look that's sure to be in style Continue reading [...]

Snapdragons for Someone Who Just Can’t Catch a Break

Some folks in life just seem to draw good fortune and lucky breaks to them like waves on a shore, while others seem to be tossed about in the currents of outrageous fortune, bobbing up to barely catch a breath before being pulled under once again. If you know someone currently getting knocked down by one wave of misfortune after another, snapdragons are the perfect flower to encourage them to get up again, while letting them know that there are people on the shore cheering them onward. Few things in life are as discouraging as a series of unfortunate events, but a well timed gift of flowers from someone who recognizes your struggle and wants the best for you are a lifeboat in a tempest. Continue reading [...]

Forget-me-nots are the flower for National Grandparents Day

Signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, National Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday following Labor Day and is set aside to remember and acknowledge the contribution of senior citizens to our country, community and personal lives. Whether you wish to honor your own nana and paw-paw, or have room in your heart and schedule to adopt a grandparent, the official flower for this holiday is the lovey forget-me-not. Pretty in a pot on the porch or windowsill, the forget-me-not can also be made into a corsage or boutonniere for the day, and are a great way to remind someone whose memory is getting a bit rusty that they are important, they matter, and they are loved. Continue reading [...]

Heal Homesickness with these 3 Potted Plants

The acute pangs we feel in response to a longing for home are so innate in the human psyche that almost every language has a word for feeling homesick. Whether you are the one missing or someone you love is longing to be back there with you, much comfort can be found in a phone call, care package and pretty potted plant that will sit on the windowsill of a new place. Plants make any place feel a bit homier and as they are cared for and grow, they will be a constant reminder that it is possible to thrive in a new place. Here are three potted plants that help heal homesickness. Continue reading [...]

Fabulous Fall Flowers for September

The pastel blossoms of May and the big, showy blooms of June are all lovely and fragrant, but the deep colors and unusual shapes of fall flowers have exactly what is needed to stand out as more than just "pretty" in a bouquet or floral arrangement- character. When the days start getting shorter and the nights a little crisper, the following 3 flowers are at their prime. They may be late bloomers, but all of them are well worth waiting for and, along with warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot as you walk, are a part of autumn to look forward to every year. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Labor Day with Lupine

One does not typically associate labor and toil with a day of festivities, but the invention of Labor Day in America was started as just that way back in 1882. Seen as the swan song of summer and the last long weekend for barbeques and bocci ball, celebrate this national holiday with the lupine flower. At its finest as the dog days simmer down into cooler nights and crisper mornings, this native wildflower works hard to look good in a vase next to the roasted corn and sweet iced tea. Continue reading [...]

Welome Back to School with Begonias

A teacher friend once described the month of August as one long Sunday night, with educators, students and parents all mentally preparing for the start of school. While you are busying packing up the pencils and notebooks for the new year, pick up a begonia as a gift for yourself, a teacher or student, as a reminder that there's always time to stop and smell the roses while this busy time of year begins. While the begonia does not have much of a fragrance, certain types are said to symbolize cleverness and popularity. Named for a 17th century governor, Michael Begon, by the famous French botanist, Charles Plumer, the begonia got a bad rap for having a name that sounded like the word "beware" in Latin. In the Victorian language of flowers that was all the rage at the time, the begonia was sent as a message of warning. With hundreds of different species in three different subgroups, it is unfair to associate all of them with caution and imminent danger. In the 21st century it's time to reclaim this large group of lush flowering plants and have them symbolize the upside of wariness, which includes adventure, opportunity, and the wonderful feeling that something big is about to happen. Continue reading [...]

Calla Lilies for a Classy Broad

Chic, charming and always in style, calla lilies are the perfect flower for the classy lady in your life. Be it a birthday, anniversary, thank you or yoo-hoo sort of occasion, these elegant blooms have panache and character that make them stand out from the rest of the bunch. When you just can't seem to think of a good gift, the gift of flowers is always one she'll be sure to use. Continue reading [...]

A Lyrical Bouquet for National Poetry Day

Putting together words to form a poem that moves and inspires is not unlike creating a lovely vase of flowers, with each stem coming together to form an arrangement that delights or comforts. On August 21st, National Poetry Day, why not compose your own floral sonnet with some of the profound flowers below that can speak volumes in the <a href=" Continue reading [...]

Flowers that Celebrate Flight for National Aviation Day

From the earliest humans that looked to the birds soaring high in the sky down to the frequent flier grumbling their way barefoot through Security, it's hard not to be awed by the miracle of flight. Every August 19th, National Aviation Day is set aside to take a moment to appreciate humankind's journey into the wild blue yonder with events, activities, or perhaps just a look up at the heavens. Established in 1939 by President Franklin Roosevelt, the holiday coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright who, along with his brother, helped begin the field of aviation which has taken us from canvas wings on a bicycle into the outer orbits of our world. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Senior Citizens Day with Carnations

They say growing old is not for whimps and this August 21st is an opportunity to admire those who have accomplished it with flair on National Senior Citizens day. Whether someone you love has reached a ripe, old age or you'd like to brighten the day of a silver hair in your community, consider the comely carnation as the right flower to honor a person getting along in years. Said to represent both admiration, affection and pride in the language of flowers, it is the perfect pick for National Senior Citizens Day. Continue reading [...]

Help Someone Heal from a Long Term Health Condition with Yarrow

In almost every language, the toast given with raised glasses around the table is to "health." The ultimate universal currency, few things are as heartily wished for or as ardently missed as good health. Many people, when struggling with short term illnesses, have a greater appreciation for their vigor and strength once they recover, but most of us- when faced with a chronic or long term condition- will struggle both in body and mind to remain positive and hopeful. While cards and caring words can help convey our love and encouragement, flowers have actually been shown in scientific experiments to help in the recovery process by reducing pain, anxiety and fatigue, as well as blood pressure and stress. Long used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, yarrow has long been associated with a sense of healing and in the language of flowers sends the message of a return to good health. Continue reading [...]

3 Ways to Say “You’re Beautiful” with Flowers

In the language of flowers, different blooms convey different messages from giver to receiver. To plants, however, flowers mean just one thing- sex. Long before the first flowers unfurled their tantalizing petals, plants had evolved a number of ways to spread their DNA around the planet, such as spores that could be carried on the wind or via water. These methods had drawbacks, the largest of which being the lack of diversity that comes from not being able to cast ones' seed far and wide, yet specifically targeted, amongst a wide variety of potential lovers. Flowering plants did not emerge until the first fluttering pollinators found them as the ideal site for acquiring nectar and pollen and serving as the perfect hang-out for meeting potential mates. In exchange, plants that were rooted to the ground and potentially geographically isolated from others of its species could send a message of love (i.e. pollen rich with their own DNA) via the fuzzy backs and legs of these insects. This allowed their genes to travel across the meadows and fields to an awaiting bloom to receive this genetic gift, fertilize their ovules and develop into a tasty fruit rich with seeds carrying their combined traits to all future generations of this flower. Not much has changed in the last millennia. Flowers still mean, ahem...well- they are still a great way to tell someone that you appreciate their fine-looking DNA. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate National Book Lovers Day with a Bouquet for your Bookworm

You know that their light will be on late into the night, just finishing that one chapter...that leads to the next...and the next. Book worms are a rare breed and this August 9th, we get to celebrate them with National Book Lover's Day. Whether they enjoy reading Flowers for Algernon or The Perks of Being A Wallflower, a bouquet full of bookish blooms are a great way to join in the celebration. Consider one of these flowers for your next floral and literary foray. Continue reading [...]

Hibiscus to Celebrate Hawaii’s Statehood

On August 21st 1959, President Eisenhower signed a proclamation that added the final 50th star to the old star-spangled banner when he autographed the admission of Hawaii into official statehood. Each year in August (this year it falls on Friday, August 15th) the day is honored a variety of ways with government offices and many businesses closed around the islands so that people can celebrate. Of all the 50 states, Hawaii has some of the best selection of tropical plants and flowers and whether you live on the islands or are landlocked in the Midwest, there's no better way to acknowledge the day than with the gift of a beautiful hibiscus plant. Turn your own patio into a paradise or add a touch of the tropics to a friend's with this exotic bloom. Continue reading [...]

Restore Trust with White Chrysanthemums

In business, in love, and in life in general, being able to trust someone is the foundation of any relationship. Learning how to trust comes easily for some, but can be a challenge for many- particularly if they have been let down before. What can take years to build can be lost in a moment and the truly worthy recognize the need to restore this sense of trust before any true rebuilding of a damaged relationship can begin. If you've let someone in your life down, be it a client, a colleague or Continue reading [...]

Send a Student off to College with a Colorful Croton Plant

As bags are being unpacked and books bought for the new semester, a splash of color in a drab dorm room or tiny apartment will bring a smile to your favorite college-bound kid's face and brighten up their academic year. The croton is the perfect houseplant for sending a student off to college and will be a welcome reminder of home. Easy to care for with cheerful, multicolored leaves, the croton will thrive in a sunny corner from orientation until finals week. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate a Summer Anniversary with Sunny Cosmos

Whether you said your "I do's" just last summer or so long ago you sometimes lose count, celebrating an anniversary with flowers is easy to do in this season of long, sunny days and you'll have plenty to pick from this time of year. Much like your spouse, it is worth putting a bit of effort into the choice, and a perfect pick for celebrating an anniversary is the bright and lovely cosmos flower. In a fresh bouquet or vase arrangement, cosmos are an excellent option for the person you've chosen to share your life with. These perfectly perky, daisy-like flowers are at their finest this time of year and will brighten up a room the way your partner has brightened up your life. Continue reading [...]

Ferns for a New Client

Before there were flowers or even bees and butterflies to pollinate them, ferns ruled the planet. A primordial plant that carpets the Earth to this day, ferns represent tenacity and abundance while filling a room with a lush sense of vivacity. Through twists and turns of evolutionary adaptations, ferns have feathered the world's biomes for more than a 100 million years and have diverged into more than 12,000 different species that inhabit 6 out of the 7 continents. Unlike lovely bouquets of flowers that bloom brightly and then fade, a potted fern shows a sense of longevity and stoicism without seaming stodgy. Show a new client that you and your company have staying power with the symbolic gift of one of these choice ferns. Continue reading [...]

3 Flowers for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare had a way with words, but some of us need flowers to woo our women. When the days are long and the nights hang with languid stars in the humid sky, a fresh bouquet of flowers that reflect the moonlight are the perfect way to entrance a lover. Chocolate melts, words may soon be forgotten, but the subtle scent of a summertime bloom will stay in the memory long after the flower fades and dreamer awakens. Choose one of these 3 midsummer flowers for a whimsical night when words alone simply won't do. Continue reading [...]

Crosocmia are Unforgettable Funeral Flowers for a Person You’ll Never Forget

Flowers at a funeral remind us of the transitory nature of life; we all sprout, grow, flower and one day fade. Seeing our own life's cycle repeated in nature is oddly comforting, making flowers an important part of many culture's end-of-life traditions. When faced with the loss of a loved one, many of us are at a loss for what flowers, plants or gifts of comfort to bring to a funeral and often leave this decision up to the florist. However, many find spending a bit of time looking at flowers to find just the right one a part of the healing process. Choosing a bloom that was their favorite, reminds you of them or displays a characteristic that they embodied in life is a lovely gesture and allows you an opportunity to reflect on how this person has made an impact in your own life's cycle. There are many beautiful choices out there, but for a one-of-a-kind person, consider the crocosmia. Continue reading [...]

3 Ways to Welcome Someone Home with Flowers

Bienvenido, willkommen, ahlan wa sahlan, shalom or aloha; words of welcome are some of the sweetest any language has to offer, and even more so if they are welcoming a person back home. If someone you love has been away, the occasion of their return is a joy that will be anticipated and celebrated and there are several great flower choices that will help you communicate just how great it is to see them. The following flowers work well in a bouquet brought to greet them at the airport or in a vase left in the most wonderful place of all- their own front door. Continue reading [...]

DIY Dish Gardens are a Delightful Office Gift

Shopping for coworkers is never easy, but promotions, retirements, new babies and get well soon's happen a lot in a busy office. One of the joys of giving plants or flowers is that there is not an occasion when they won't be received as a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Flowers dazzle and delight for the week or two they remain fresh, but why not pick up something for your colleague that the whole office can enjoy for many years to come with a few houseplants? Green, indoor plants not only add aesthetic value, they are also shown to reduce indoor air pollution by filtering toxins out of the ambient air during the process of photosynthesis. A mixture of several different kinds of houseplants together in a container is called a dish garden, and whether your office is bright and sunny or a little limited on windows, these do it yourself combination of houseplants are easy to put together and sure to please. Continue reading [...]

Roses for Ramadan

Much like the rose, which can be found growing in gardens and on the hillsides of almost every continent, Islam's most holy holiday, Ramadan, is celebrated all around the world this month through fasting, prayers and special events and traditions. Observed on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from many different parts of the planet look forward to breaking their fast each evening with family and friends and spending time contemplating spiritual matters. The end of this holy month is celebrated on Eid, which is a time of festivities and parties. Flowers, not surprisingly, play a role in Ramadan traditions across the world and are used to honor the graves of loved ones and are a welcomed gift at any iftar (the sunset meal) or Eid celebration. Steeped in history and recognized worldwide for its symbolism and myth is the perfect flower for this high holiday- the rose. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate a Summer Birthday with Sizzling Solidago

Growing up, there were certain trade-offs to having a summer birthday. True, you never got to wear the special birthday hat or bring in cupcakes to class like the kids born in February, but you also had a lot of options as to how to spend the long daylight hours of your special day. When it comes to flowers, folks born in the hot, sunny months of summer also have a lot of options. Long days and warm temperatures make summer the prime season for many locally-grown flowers and a great choice for a fancy birthday bouquet or vase of wildflowers is the bright and sunny solidago flower, more commonly known as goldenrod. Continue reading [...]

Steal the Show Opening Night with Gladiolus

The lights dim, the curtain rises and the show begins. Make sure to be there when it ends with a bouquet of flowers for the star in your life that gave it their all on opening night. While mixed bunches of roses, carnations and lilies are common to give performers at the end of a show, make them feel anything but ordinary with several tall and stately stalks of gladiolus when the curtain comes down. Whether their performance earned them a standing ovation or a few rotten tomatoes, they will know you are proud of them with this show stealing flower. Continue reading [...]

Killer Flowers that are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Beauty comes with a price. In the evolutionary arms race to both attract pollinators to their flowers and repel herbivores from munching on their leaves, many plants have developed an arsenal of chemical weapons. Carefully created compounds inside many plants' leaves, roots, seeds and stems give them a defense mechanism against passing grazers. What many of us don't realize, however, is that some of the loveliest flowers in a bouquet can also be some of the deadliest. While it would take quite a bit of munching on these drop dead gorgeous blooms to actually cause a human much harm, their toxic nature certainly lends a new respect to these frilly florist favorites. Continue reading [...]

Pick the Perfect Flower for Parent’s Day with Peruvian Lily

They say parenting is the hardest job you'll ever love, and this July 27th is the perfect time to say thank you for this sometimes thankless job with the lovely Peruvian Lily. Known by the Latin name Alstroemeria and available in a wide range of colors, a fresh bouquet of bright and cheerful Peruvian lilies to celebrate Parent's Day will remind your Mom and Dad (or anyone else that may have taken on the task of raising you) that they did a damn fine job. Continue reading [...]

Make the French Connection this Bastille Day with 3 Fabulous Flowers

While the well-coiffed Marie Antoinette was telling the starving peasants of France to eat cake if they had no bread, the French populace was reeling from two spendy wars and several years of bad harvests. The lavish lifestyles of both the aristocracy and clergy of the times had led to discontent and a call for reform that landed many protestors and dissenters in prison- the most notorious of which was housed in the medieval Parisian fortress known as the Bastille. Considered the flashpoint of the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille (which only housed 7 prisoners the morning of July 14th, 1789 when it was attacked) is a day to celebrate the rise of nationalism and democracy in France. If you or other Francophiles are looking for an opportunity to break out the champagne and baguettes, be sure to include these perfectly Parisian pairings of flowers to add a little n'est-ce pas to your Bastille Day celebrations. Continue reading [...]

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love in 3 Flowers or Less

Waxing poetic may have worked to win a woman's heart in times of yore, but these days words are a dime a dozen (and a dime doesn't go very far these days either). Showering a lady with words and gifts is more of a red flag than a sign of affection these days, so wooing a fair maiden in the modern age takes a certain finesse and attention to detail. In a time of super-sized everything, these strikingly simple stems are the quickest way to a woman's heart. Continue reading [...]

Make a Woman Feel like a Queen for a Day with Lily of the Nile

Few flowers reflect a sense of sensuousness and luxury quite like the lovely Lily of the Nile. Agapanthus, as it is known in Latin, or sometimes the African Lily in the UK, is a large, lush flower that would make anyone feel like royalty. This is the perfect flower to indulge someone with for a birthday, anniversary or cheering up occasion and will last longer than one would expect for such a large bloom. Wrap a few slender stalks up in ribbon or stand them up in a tall, elegant vase for a woman in your life that's earned a little adoration. Continue reading [...]

5 Best Flowers for a Best Friend’s Birthday

"A single rose can be my garden, a single friend, my world"- Leo BuscagliaFew things in life are as singularly pleasing as the love and companionship of a true friend. The opportunities to let them know how much you value them come at least once a year on their birthdays when you can let the language of flowers tell them just how much you appreciate having them in your life. The following five flowers are ways to say "thank you for your friendship" in the Victorian language of floriography. Continue reading [...]

Light up the Sky with the Perfect 4th of July Flowers- the Torch Lily

Perhaps the most popularly celebrated of all American holidays, the Fourth of July is a day of BBQ's, fireworks and a whole lot of homegrown pride. Freedom and democracy go well with a side of potato salad and nothing sets a picnic table with more class and style than a vase full of tall Kniphofia, called by the glorious common names- torch lily or red hot poker. Consider a tall, glass jar of these as cut flowers or small potted container to plant in your own garden afterwards as the perfect condiment at your Fourth of July grill out. Continue reading [...]

The Right Retirement Celebration Flowers are Kalanchoe

Whether you sprint to the finish or limp to the end of the line, retirement is a monumental occasion and deserves to be celebrated. While those of us still punching the clock might be jealous, it feels so right to recognize a friend or colleague on this next step of their adventure- but gifts can be a challenge. Most retirees want to start this part of the journey with less stuff, not more, so the usual items seem like one more thing they'll take to the thrift store. Flowers and plants are the perfect choice in situations like these and few have as much to their credit as kalanchoe for the perfect plant to give someone who is retiring. Continue reading [...]

DIY Fairy Gardens with these Fabulous Plants

Add a bit of magic to your house or garden by creating your own miniature landscape for sprites, fairies, nymphs or other otherworldly creatures. Choosing plants that stay small while adding color and texture to a terrarium, container or dish is the key to putting together a garden any fairy would be proud to call home. Great gifts for a child's birthday or retirement party, these do-it-yourself tips will help you get started building your very own fairy garden. Continue reading [...]

5 Flowers for your Farm Dinner Table

With summer at its zenith, now is the time to dine out of doors around a long table set with vintage tablecloths, friends, and farm-fresh flowers. Along with the chipped, mismatched china and greens from your garden, be sure to set the table with a mix of these flowers that are sure to have your farm dinner guests feeling like kinfolk by the end of the night. Continue reading [...]

Select a Stunning Flower for a Summer Anniversary with Stephanotis

Whether it's your first year, fifth one or fiftieth, anniversaries should be celebrated with flowers. Few stems say I'd marry you all over again like the stephanotis. This glossy leaved, heavenly scented, evergreen vine is a common flower found in wedding bouquets for a good reason. Along with lovely, white flowers, this plant carries the meaning of "marital bliss" in the language of flowers and is a great gift for symbolizing another year together. Continue reading [...]

Pick a World Class Flower for your World Cup Party

Whether you call it soccer or football, it's hard not to score big with the football mum at your next World Cup watching party. If you only get the chance to celebrate your favorite teams once every four years, make it special by adding a centerpiece that's worthy of your starting line-up using this unusual type of chrysanthemum. Colorful, large, festive and sturdy, these blooms will look fresh until long after the semi-finals and add cheer to the room whether your team wins or not.Football Continue reading [...]

DIY Guide to Farmers’ Market Bouquets

Nothing says summer quite like a lively bouquet of flowers picked fresh from the farm. Strolling through the stalls and sniffing on blooms brought in just that morning and tied with string is as much of a pleasure as the flowers themselves. Supporting local farmers and bringing a bit of the farm to your table is a great tradition May through October, but now you can put together these bountiful bouquets year round by following the advice below. Continue reading [...]

3 Flowers for Father’s Day

It may be typical for dads to be the ones buying flowers for a special occasion, but this Father's Day, let him experience the joy of receiving them with these 3 fantastic flower choices. He'll be delighted by these outstanding stems and will finally have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate a Special Connection with Sweet Peas

That unexpected spark- a special something that leaves you instantly feeling alert and alive and already looking forward to the next time. You never really know who you are going to make that connection with, but when it happens, let them know with sweet peas. This sweetly-scented bloom came into cultivation at the height of the Victorian era, when flowers were messages that carried meaning if words were elusive. In the language of flowers, the sweet pea was the letter sent to thank someone for a lovely time. If your last first date, important client meeting or new neighbor sparked a connection you'd like to commemorate, make sure they get the message with this sensational flower. Continue reading [...]

6 Summertime Flowers that can Handle the Heat

Some summer days can really sizzle, cooking fresh cut flowers to a handful of wilted greens, but with all the lovely stems available when the weather is warm, summer is a great time to buy flowers. Choosing the right stems for when temperatures flare can be a challenge now that flowers can be flown in from around the world no matter what the season. Whether you are looking for the perfect bloom for a June wedding, a July birthday, or an August anniversary, these 6 stems will look fresh and fabulous on even the most sweltering days of summer. Continue reading [...]

Delphiniums for Dad- the perfect flowers for Father’s Day

Mother's Day is an easy one; brunch, manicures, flowers for the garden or a day spent enjoying the spring weather- but Father's Day is always a challenge. While flowers aren't the traditional choice for fathers, few folks can resist the dazzle of delphiniums. As a cut flower in a vase or bought as a strikingly tall plant for the perennial garden, this bold bloom will trump anything bought in a box and wrapped with a bow this Father's Day. Surprise him with flowers, perhaps for the first time, and he won't be disappointed with delphiniums. Continue reading [...]

The One Flower Every Woman Should be Given at Least Once in Life- Gardenia

This is not a practical flower; gardenias are hard to find, last only a short while, and leave a lingering scent so full of longing that she may go her whole life seeking it out once again. You do not bring a woman a gardenia flower to be practical. This is the large, white bloom in the hair of Billie Holiday; the one tied to the delicate wrist at a debutante's ball- the flower pinned in the veil of the most memorable day of a woman's life. This is the flower you give to someone whom you hope will remember you always and will do so every time she catches the faint scent of gardenias blooming on a summer night. Continue reading [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Lilies

Few flowers leave a stronger lasting impression or create a better focal point than lilies. Large, lush and available in a variety of colors and sizes, these blooms are the stars of hand-held bouquets, vase arrangements and centerpieces no matter what the occasion. Highly prized and heavenly scented, these flower shop stunners add proportion and pizzazz, but are often priced a bit higher than other typical hothouse stems. Here are a few tips for getting your money's worth. Continue reading [...]

3 Ways to Say Thank you With Flowers

Gracias, merci beaucoup, dumo agrigato, danke: there are hundreds of ways to say "thank you", but few have the quite the heartfelt sentiment as a handful of flowers. Whether you are grateful for someone's time, someone's effort or simply their understanding, a wrapped bouquet or vase of blooms are a great way to express gratitude when words just don't seem like enough. Here are three fabulous flowers for saying grazie that are sure to please. Continue reading [...]

Say Hello to Summer and So Long to Friends with Zinnias

Found at the end of the alphabet and the last part of spring as it fades into summer, zinnias are the perfect flower for saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. This brightly-colored and festive annual flower has a way of welcoming what's to come while wishing a fond farewell to that which has come to pass. Long, green stems topped with the fiery orange, red, yellow or pink petals of this full-figured sunflower relative has a way of marking both time and place and will make a wonderful gift for graduates, teachers, new business owners and prodigal visitors who come and go in your life. Continue reading [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Freshest Flowers

Part of the joy of fresh cut flowers is their fleeting nature; knowing they are here to bring beauty and joy for a short time, eventually to fade away with only the pleasant memory and lingering scent of their presence. Without the need for space and utility of other gifts, they delight everyone, match everything and are almost always the perfect thing to say in any situation. Buying fresh flowers is as pleasing to the giver as to the receiver and a few pointers on how to choose the stems that will last the longest and bloom the biggest will take the guesswork out of the process. Just like sniffing oranges and thumping melons, there are many techniques for picking out the perfect blooms. Try a few of these the next time you step into the floral aisle and bring home the freshest bouquet ever. Continue reading [...]

Tulips are the Perfect Flowers for Any Anniversary

Paper, wood, ivory, china: the best gift for an anniversary is one that requires water, a vase, and a sweet card from you. While cut flowers may not last, tell your spouse that your love always will with the lovely and elegant, cream-colored tulip. In the language of flowers, tulips are symbolic of a variety of things. The ivory shade of tulip sends the message "I will love you forever" and will look amazing in a vase made of wood, glass, china or any other material you may have picked up from a past anniversary. Even though they come every year, make this year's anniversary one of beauty and grace with fresh cut tulips from your local florist. Continue reading [...]

Poppies are the Perfect Flower for Honoring Memorial Day

In World War I, soldiers from all over the world came home weary from a war they hoped soon to forget. As veterans, many brought with them the memory of wild poppies growing in the fields where fallen comrades lay; an image that was captured in a famous poem by Lt. Col. John McCrae, "In Flanders Fields." Taken up by the American Legion and recognized all over the world, the image of a poppy pinned to the lapel served to remind us of the service and sacrifice of soldiers everywhere. On the last Continue reading [...]

5 Whimsical Wildflowers for your Wedding Bouquet

Adding a bit of nature to your nuptials is easy with the choice of fresh flowers for your bouquet, ceremony and reception area. While your area florist will have a wide variety of beautiful, tropical flowers imported from all over the world, using more native-looking and natural wildflowers can lend a unique look to your special day. Here are five choices that will give any bouquet a fresh-picked look.Larkspur Native to parts of North America, this frilly flower comes in some of the truest Continue reading [...]

3 Ways to Say Happy Armed Forces Day

Men and women of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guards, National Guards and Reserves serve our country every day; on the third Saturday in May, we have our change to honor them. While these folks in uniform don't expect to be thanked for their commitment to country in times of peace and times of war, flowers are a great way to let them know that you appreciate their dedication to the cause of peace, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here are three great plants to help you salute the service men and women in your life. Continue reading [...]

A Peace Lily in Honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day

It is said that the price of peace is eternal vigilance. If this is true, then the constant lookout of any community can be found in the tireless efforts of their local peace officers. Sheriffs, deputies, troopers and officers put their lives at risk every day just going to work to help maintain the peace and enforce the justice needed to keep our lives and laws in order. Unfortunately, in America each year, more than 150 peace officers are killed in the line of duty. Honor their memory and the service of their peers by sending a peace lily this year in their honor to the station. Continue reading [...]

Earn Killer Karma with Unexpected Eryngium

One of the coolest flowers you've probably never heard of, Eryngium, known as Sea Holly, is an up and coming cut flower in the floral design world that will make waves in a surprise bouquet bought and brought for no particular reason. The only thing better than receiving flowers when you least expect it is to find a new and interesting one tucked inside. These long-lasting stems have a shape and texture all their own, so along with the unexpected pleasure of fresh flowers, you'll be giving them the excitement of discovering something new. Continue reading [...]

3 First Date Flowers to Help you Score Serious Points

Coming to the door with fresh flowers on a first date might seem like a sit-com cliche, but with so few real life episodes that involve bouquets, a date that starts with flowers is sure to be a night to remember. Rather than just pick up any prearranged mixed bunch from the grocery on the way home, stop into your local florist and pick out one or two stems that make an impact. Whether you are looking for something more traditional or a bloom that is a little on the wild side, you'll be sure to find a good match from the choices below. Continue reading [...]

Cyclamen are the Perfect Flower for Teacher Appreciation Day

It's no mistake that the first week in May is the time set aside to celebrate teachers. With summer vacation right around the corner, it's hard not to appreciate all the time and patience it takes to spend all day long with children and not strangle one. Celebrate a special teacher with cyclamen this year to let them know you recognize and value the work that they do from bell to bell. A potted cyclamen looks great on a desk, but even better on the back porch during their summer vacation. Continue reading [...]

3 Reasons Why Pansies are the Perfect Flower for a Parent’s Birthday

Derived from the French word, pensée, which means "thought," the dainty and colorful blooms of the pansy are a thoughtful gift to bring mom or dad on their birthday. Sometimes called violas, these highly stylized, hybrid flowers have been a lovely addition to the garden since the late 1800's and are immensely popular as a bedding plant tucked into the border or in a pot all by themselves. Whether your parent likes to garden or simply sit and enjoy a nice flower, the happy, nodding faces of pansies turn towards the sun and brighten up any landscape. Pansies make an excellent gift tucked into a pretty new decorative pot on the porch and come with a whole lot of stories to tell. Whether mom or dad is into history, art or politics, celebrate their birthday with a plant that gets them thinking. Continue reading [...]

Make History with Vintage Roses

After literally thousands of years of cultivation, the wild, five-petaled rose found growing on the hillsides of Asia and Europe has been transformed into the botanical behemoth it is today. While progressive breeding and specific selection has given the rose both girth and consistency, many have found that those features have come at a cost to both fragrance and form. Fortunately, roses live longer than most people and many an old bush has been found growing in churchyards and along roadsides. Gardeners and florist have propagated these vintage blooms into a new market, calling them antique roses. Continue reading [...]

Surprisingly Spectacular Celosia is the Perfect Flower to Honor National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day

The timer ticks downs while everyone holds their breath. Shaky hands clutch pliers and a bead of sweat rolls down a forehead, furrowed over a tangle of wires. The red, wait, is it actually the blue?!!! In Hollywood, dismantling a ticking bomb is a frequent plot twist that leaves the audience with sweaty palms and a racing heart, but in the U.S. Armed Forces, there are actually thousands of specialist trained to dispose of explosive devices. Honor their former or current service the first week in May with a flower as action-packed as their typical day at work: celosia. Continue reading [...]

3 DIY Bouquets for Mother’s Day

From macaroni necklaces to hand-lettered cards covered in glitter, mom always liked the presents you made best, so surprise her this Mother's Day with a handmade bouquet you put together yourself using materials readily available from the grocery store floral aisle or your own backyard. These three bouquets can be matched to suit your mom's style and preferences while giving her the pleasure of knowing you made it just for her. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Carnations

While traditionally the colorful flowers used to celebrate this Mexican holiday are made of tissue paper, add a special touch with real carnations this May 5th. The bright red, soft pink, glowing yellow, frilly white and (recently) pretty purple petals of this long-lasting and readily available flower will add fun and flair to any fiesta. Cut short and strung up as a garland or arranged in tall vases of hand-painted pottery, these inexpensive blooms are the perfect flower to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride. Continue reading [...]

Thank a Nurse with Sunflowers on National Nurse’s Day

Between the busy schedule and bodily fluids, a nurse's day can be anything but sunny; why not brighten it up a little with a bouquet of sunflowers this May on National Nurse's Day. There are almost 4 million licensed or registered nurses in America and chances are at least one of them has touched your life with their compassion, patience and comfort. Perhaps you know a nurse who works long hours in tough situations, but is always willing to lend a hand to help you out with a medical question or concern. Reward their often thankless work on this day set aside to honor their efforts at healing the sick and comforting those in need with the bright, bold faces of sunflowers. Continue reading [...]

Primrose is the Perfect Plant for National Nurse’s Day

Whether we're at the doctor's office for tests or at the hospital concerned about a loved one, the times we're interacting with nurses are not always our best. Despite this, their presence seems to make everything a little bit better while helping us heal and handle situations that can be scary on our own. With compassion, empathy and a lot of long hours, nurses are the human hands that hold our health and wellness paramount to anything else they might do all day. Putting a beautiful pot of primroses in those hands is the perfect way to express gratitude for all they do on National Nurse's Day this May. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate a Change with Daffodils

Change is inevitable in life and can come upon us gradually or like a storm at sea. Whether it's a welcome change to smoother sailing or a squall that must be weathered, the bright, yellow blooms of the daffodil flower are a great way to mark the changing tides of life. These springtime blooms are rich in symbolism and the perfect flower to help remind anyone switching careers, leaving a relationship, retiring after many years or moving apartments, that changing the course of one's life is the only way to grow. Continue reading [...]

Freesias are the Flowers to Help You Stay Motivated

Setting goals and achieving them can be its own reward, but a little treat from time to time to keep you motivated sure doesn't hurt. Whether you're sticking to a diet, changing a bad habit into a healthy one or checking off your to-do list at an impressive rate, a fresh vase of freesias are a great way to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Low calorie, low maintenance and high impact, these graceful blooms will fill a room with a lovely fragrance that is rivaled only by the sweet smell of success and will be a pleasure to look at when you raise your nose from that grindstone. While the reward of reaching your goal is just on the horizon, treating yourself to these satisfying stems are a great way to mark the milestones of any challenging journey. Continue reading [...]

Perfect Flowers for Passover (in case you forgot to send any)

Even with 8 days to celebrate, it's easy to let Passover pass by without sending flowers to help set the Sedar table, but there is still time this year to pick the perfect centerpiece filled with flowers, plants and foliage typically used to celebrate Pesach. For a holiday that is focused around the table, a long, low arrangement filled with bright blooms, bitter herbs and your heartfelt sentiment is the best way to celebrate a high holiday if you can't make the pilgrimage home. Continue reading [...]

The Best Alternatives to Easter Lilies

Not everyone can handle the pungent perfume of the traditional Easter Lily, but don't swear off springtime flowers for your congregation or annual Easter egg hunt without an opportunity to explore some lovely Easter lily alternatives that many florist have on offer this time of year. While the long, white, pendulous blooms of the Lilium longiflorum may still outnumber any other flowers on hand, they will definitely be outshone by some of these amazing alternatives. Continue reading [...]

Ranunculus are the Right Flowers for a Girl Graduating High School

There are few things more radiant and lovely than youth and the promise it holds, except perhaps, the ranunculus flower. Despite its complicated name (you can call it "Persian Buttercup" in a pinch), this softly-swirled spring bloom is the perfect match for your lovely graduate in the springtime of her life. A bouquet of bright orange, yellow, pink or red ranunculus will look lovely held next to that high school diploma and show up beautifully in photos. Afterwards, she can admire them in a vase on her dresser for days to come as she contemplates what promise and adventure the summer and autumn of life will bring. Continue reading [...]

Cinerarias are the Right Flowers to Send Someone Moving into a Retirement Home

While most of us would prefer the familiar comforts of our own home, there often comes a time that the best move is to move somewhere with a bit more support. Make a new room feel a lot more like home with a lovely pot of cineraria placed in a pretty pot with a welcoming card. Florist's cineraria, identified by the Latin name Pericallis hybrida, make a lovely statement with purple and white daisy-like flowers that are cheerful and bright. Best of all, with a little water, these plants will flower upwards of 4 to 6 weeks, creating a pleasant atmosphere for a month or more. Cineraria are relatives of the sunflower in the Asteraceae family, but have short stems and soft, broad leaves. With purple petals that fade inward to white and a center "eye" of yellow or darker shades, the dainty daisies tend to flower all at once, covering the entire plant with bountiful blooms about 2-3 inches in diameter. The foliage is a bright green that makes for an interesting houseplant. While cineraria are true annuals that will flower only once, their abundance of long-lasting blooms will make the first month in a new place a lot brighter. Continue reading [...]

Thanking a Teacher is Easy with Irises

Few jobs in this world are more challenging or more rewarding than teaching, so why not reward that special teacher in your life with fresh flowers. Whether they've made a lasting impact on the learning of your child or helped you as a student through a tough semester, a vase full of irises is the perfect way to thank a teacher who has gone the extra mile to make your life, and your community, a little bit better. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate Siblings with Snapdragons

The month of April is rich with random, made-up holidays: April Fool's Day, Take-Your-Daughter-to-Work Day, National Juggler's Day, Hair Appreciation Day, Pigs in a Blanket Day (no joke) and now, drumroll please...... National Siblings Day. Few flowers make a finer choice than the sensationally colorful snapdragon for celebrating this somewhat dubious day set aside to honor the folks who share about 75% of your DNA and a whole lot of inside jokes. The colorful petals of these crazy-shaped blooms will brighten the day of your brother or sister and remind them how lucky they are to have you in the family. Continue reading [...]

Flowering Stock are the Best Flowers for a Woman Dreading a Birthday

Let's hope we have reason to celebrate every trip around the sun, but if the approach of a big birthday milestone is heading toward someone you love like an extinction-causing asteroid, send them flowering stock to remind them of the earthly pleasures of growing another year older. These tall, luscious annuals are native to cool, temperate climates and take time to mature and develop into the rich, densely-flowered stems that they are. Unlike the hothouse buds that come and go like a falling star, these delicate but substantial blooms will brighten up a room like a comet across the night sky. Continue reading [...]

Best flowers for a Hawaiian-themed Celebration

If you are lucky enough to live in the land where palm trees sway, then lush, tropical flowers will simply be out your front door, but for the rest of us, there are dendrobium orchids. Whether it's for a graduation, a retirement, a welcome home or simply a party to welcome the coming of summer after a long, cold winter, a Hawaiian Luau just wouldn't be complete with some flowers tucked behind the ears, strung around the neck or scattered in vases around tables. While tropical flowers actually do grow on trees in Hawaii, they can cost a pretty penny in more temperate climates. Temper the cost by choosing the wildly exotic, but extremely affordable dendrobium orchid. Continue reading [...]

Azaleas for Helping to Heal After a Miscarriage

There are occasions in life when one is at a loss for words, worrying if anything they say may add to the hurt rather than the healing; these are the time to send flowers. Azaleas, a symbol of womanhood, convey the message "take care of yourself" in the language of flowers and will speak for you in a time like this when you want to reach out in comfort but aren't sure exactly what to say. Unfortunately, losing a baby before it is born is a heartache that more than one and four women and their partners will experience in a lifetime. A small pot of azaleas will not only let them know you are thinking of them in this time of loss, but in warmer climates, can be planted outside in memorial. Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Plant for Encouraging a College Student During Finals Week

Between writing papers and all-night cramming, your college student might not have time for an encouraging phone call from home during finals but a thoughtful gift of a potted cactus paired with some coupons to a local coffee shop and a heartening note will certainly help get them through hell week. Representing endurance in the language of flowers, cacti come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and any good florist will have some wild and wacky ones to help put a smile on that tired student's face. Continue reading [...]

Anemones for Administrative Professional’s Day

Secretary, administrative professional, office support staff- whatever their title, this person deserves more than a vase of flowers once a year for putting up with you every day, so make it count with beautiful anemones. These spring-time lovelies are delicate and sweet, but can handle the day-to-day pressure of being a cut flower in a vase full of crazy leaves and will look stunning on that desk, even as it piles up with paperwork. At their prime in April, just in time for Administrative Professional's Day, anemones will light up the office and the faces of your support staff. Continue reading [...]

Geraniums are Best for Getting that Foot out of Your Mouth

All night long you tossed and turned over that asinine thing you said, but you'll sleep easier with a pot of geraniums ready for the next time you see the person your big mouth has offended. According to the language of flowers, these friendly plants convey the message of both friendship and stupidity, reminding both the giver and the receiver that we aren't always at our best, but that we'll certainly try harder in the future. Continue reading [...]

Lilacs are the Perfect Pick for Mom on Mother’s Day

Chances are, the first flowers you ever picked were for your Mom. Show her you've come a long way since those wilted dandelions with a stunning arrangement of lilacs fresh from your florist. Not only is early May Mother's Day, it's also the prime season for these fragrant stems to be in stock in your florist's cooler or, perhaps, your own backyard. Their sweet scent fills a room like your laughter once did and will remind her that, even though you're all grown up, you still like picking her posies. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers for Getting Over a Breakup

Into each life, a little heartbreak must fall, so when it does, be ready with a vase of Proteas. Sometimes called Sugarbushes, these amazing tropical stems come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are one of the most unique flowers on Earth. The tall blooms are wild and exotic looking and come in a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Their diversity will remind you that, while there are many more fish in the sea, there's just one of you- and she deserves flowers. Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers for a New Home

Between the boxes and heavy lifting, the joy of moving into a new home can sometimes be overwhelming, but a lush and lovely potted heather plant sitting on the counter will be a welcome new homeowners won't soon forget. This small, soft-textured shrub represents wishes that have come true and protection in the language of flowers, which for many people is exactly the feeling they get stepping over the threshold of a house that now belongs to them. While the list of things to unpack and organize might stress the new homeowners out, the thoughtful gift of a heather plant will make them even more happy to have just moved in. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers to Send a Man to Celebrate a Promotion

Congratulating a man on his promotion may call for some slaps on the back and brews after work, but the best way to welcome him to that corner office on the first day is a vase full of anthuriums. These tall, tropical flowers, sometimes called Flamingo Lilies, have a certain stateliness to them and a rather masculine appearance that makes them appropriate for tough guys and softies alike. While the bright red variety gives off a sense of power, the meaning of this bloom in the language of flowers symbolizes hospitality. A vase or potted container full of anthuriums sends the message that he's the guy in charge, but the door is always open. Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Flowers for Congratulating a Woman Graduating College

College graduation is a victorious occasion for a young woman, so celebrate the day with flowers that represent strength of character and victory...gladiolus. Sometimes referred to as "Glads" or Sword Flower for their long, tapered shape, the Latin name Gladiolus spp. comes from the word for the short swords Roman gladiators carried into battle. Unlike many other dainty flower choices available in bouquets, these magnificent blooms are tall and proud and will remind your grad to always stand with her head up and eyes forward. Upright, long-blooming, and delicate at the same time, gladiolus are the perfect statement for a young woman who has accomplished her educational goals and is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Continue reading [...]

The Language of Flowers: a Brief History

The Language of Flowers, known as floriography, has a history much like any language with influences from its diverse background of speakers. The ability to convey messages through the scent, sight and gift of flowers has a tradition that has risen and fallen with empires and traveled from old world to new, picking up new meanings and losing some in translation along the way. Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers to Celebrate an Engagement

Picking the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a big decision, but picking the perfect flowers to celebrate an engagement is easy- lisianthus! Sometimes known as tulip gentian, prairie gentian or bluebell, the less-common, but uncommonly beautiful lisianthus is the perfect bloom to send a bride-to-be or couple who has just announced their engagement. Graceful stems, delicate leaves and large, luscious flowers make this native wildflower at home in an elegant vase and are the perfect plant for celebrating this important transition in a person's life. Continue reading [...]

The Best Flowers for a Boy Graduating from College

Graduation day marks the beginning of a young man's life where he breaks from the flock and sets off on his own unique adventures, so choosing the right flowers for a boy graduating from college can sometimes prove quite the test. There is no better way to celebrate his migration from college to the real world than with the exotic Bird of Paradise flower (known by the Latin name, Strelitzia reginae). This tropical knock-out stands out from other typical flowers and will let him know that you value Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers for Prom that are Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression

High school prom is a rite of passage for American youth and for many teenagers represents the first time they buy or receive flowers from their paramour, so finding the best flowers for prom is an important decision. While the traditional rose or orchid corsage is sure to please, why not make the first time special with a unique prom corsage that will leave a lasting impression.Traditionally, corsages have their origin in France, where the name comes from the bodice of a woman's dress. Small Continue reading [...]

Best Bouquets for Bearing Bad News

There’s never a good time to receive bad news, but a bouquet of Gerber daisies can certainly soften the blow. While colorful flowers can’t change the story, the message will be brighter when followed with a vase of these sunny blooms. When faced with sad tidings or disappointing diagnoses, it’s important to self-medicate with healthy options like flowers, and sometimes, a casserole just isn’t enough to let someone know your thoughts are with them.Native to South Africa, these tender Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Plant for Boys Graduating High School

Flowers may not seem like the perfect gift for guys on graduation day, but hand him a bowl full of succulents and watch him get giddy as a school boy. No one can resist the weird shapes and colors of these drought-tolerant cactus cousins, many of whom have adapted over thousands of years to harsh, desert-like conditions and can go long periods of time without water. What better way to send him off into the world, and into his first apartment, than with a pot full of plants that are virtually indestructible.Succulents Continue reading [...]

Pick the Perfect Flowers for a New Mom

Peonies are the perfect way to celebrate a mother's first tender days with a new baby and help soothe them both during those challenging first nights.  Just a few stems of these large, sweet-scented blooms fill a room with softness and light that are sure to put a smile on her face, no matter what the hour. Harbingers of summer, these late-spring bloomers are at their prime in April-June and come in a variety of colors from white to deep magenta.  Native to Asia, these lovely blooms begin as perfectly Continue reading [...]