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Victorian era Language of Flowers

Using the Victorian Language of Flowers to Apologize

if you've been following my articles, you should know by now that the Victorian Language of Flowers is not all romantic picnics and declarations of love. One of the other most widely acknowledged uses of this unspoken language is to convey apologies and express remorse. While there are not as many flowers associated with professing apology as there are with love, there are still several flowers that can be used to express regret and seek forgiveness in addition to the flowers that represent words to customize to your apology. Continue reading [...]

The Most Popular Occasions to Give Flowers

There are many occasions that make people want to give flowers, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, and successful artistic or job performances. We love that men and women, young and old, enjoy the beauty of flowers so much that they want to share them with those who are special to them. Flowers make perfect gifts to express the feelings of the heart because they’re beautiful, just like the thoughts that go with them. Continue reading [...]

Help Out a Harried Mother with Hyacinth

There is no job more fulfilling, or certainly more demanding, than that of raising children. For every endearing moment there are twelve others that have even the most dedicated parent wondering why they've chosen to breed. While flowers won't help with the early mornings, endless tasks and constant demands of childrearing, a vase full of fragrant hyacinths can be a spot of peace and beauty where little ones run amok. These spring-blooming bulbs are small but mighty and a little vase in just the right place can have all the rejuvenating effects of a mid-day nap. Continue reading [...]

Send Seeds of Forget-me Nots for Anniversaries of Loss

It is hard to know how best to comfort someone. We are often at a loss for words when someone has suffered a loss, but fresh flowers are able to say so much when we cannot and therefore are often sent as comfort during the first few weeks. While these fresh wounds will heal with time, certain anniversaries can tug at the scab of loss as they pass each year. Comfort someone who is going through a calendar of loss with a note or phone call to remind them that they are in your thoughts, and never underestimate the healing power of flowers. A packaged of forget-me-not seeds fits easily inside an envelop and can be mailed across distances to honor someone's memory or offer comfort on a sad anniversary. Continue reading [...]

Freesias for an Epic Fail

For all the times you bring your 'A' game, it's surprising how one little oops can bring you down. Forgetting it's trash day or missing a deadline at work can sometimes be remedied with a sigh or a shrug, but once in a while you really muck it up. Missing a special anniversary, botching a big project or a spectacular dressing down from the boss are hard to shake off and can stick with you like a wad of gum in the hair. Apart from going back in time, there's not much to be done but make your apologies and move on, hopefully learning from whatever mistakes were made to get you here. When you find yourself in this situation, the perfect flower to help fuggetaboutit are freesias. Light, breezy, fragrant and completely ignorant of what a screw-up you are, freesias can help take the sting out of self-loathing and give you something lovely to look at when you can barely stand the sight of yourself. Continue reading [...]

Goldenrod for Good Fortune and a Bit of Encouragement

Into each person's life, a little rain must fall. Sometimes it comes in sprinkles of annoyance like car trouble, tax problems or dental surgery. Other times in waves of misfortune like health problems, lost love and missed opportunity. While words of advice are tempting, they are often ill-timed no matter how meaningful, but any encouragement is certainly welcomed and necessary when someone you love is standing under a cloud. Flowers are just the right thing to say in this situation, and few Continue reading [...]

Kalanchoe for a Kid in Crisis

It's a miracle we make it into adulthood alive. All the dumb choices, narrow misses and blind luck that get us through our adolescence can sometimes run us smack up against our worst enemy- ourselves. Success, failure, love and loss are amplified at that age, and it takes a couple of decades on Earth to finally realize that yes, this too, shall pass. If you know a young person that's struggling with the transition into life as a human being, sometimes a little nature can be a big reminder of that great, big world out there, and how both beauty and life and all the good and the bad that comes with it, are a part of the experience. If you are looking for a potted plant that can say all that, look no further than the kalanchoe. Continue reading [...]

Snapdragons for Someone Who Just Can’t Catch a Break

Some folks in life just seem to draw good fortune and lucky breaks to them like waves on a shore, while others seem to be tossed about in the currents of outrageous fortune, bobbing up to barely catch a breath before being pulled under once again. If you know someone currently getting knocked down by one wave of misfortune after another, snapdragons are the perfect flower to encourage them to get up again, while letting them know that there are people on the shore cheering them onward. Few things in life are as discouraging as a series of unfortunate events, but a well timed gift of flowers from someone who recognizes your struggle and wants the best for you are a lifeboat in a tempest. Continue reading [...]

Heal Homesickness with these 3 Potted Plants

The acute pangs we feel in response to a longing for home are so innate in the human psyche that almost every language has a word for feeling homesick. Whether you are the one missing or someone you love is longing to be back there with you, much comfort can be found in a phone call, care package and pretty potted plant that will sit on the windowsill of a new place. Plants make any place feel a bit homier and as they are cared for and grow, they will be a constant reminder that it is possible to thrive in a new place. Here are three potted plants that help heal homesickness. Continue reading [...]

DIY Dish Gardens are a Delightful Office Gift

Shopping for coworkers is never easy, but promotions, retirements, new babies and get well soon's happen a lot in a busy office. One of the joys of giving plants or flowers is that there is not an occasion when they won't be received as a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Flowers dazzle and delight for the week or two they remain fresh, but why not pick up something for your colleague that the whole office can enjoy for many years to come with a few houseplants? Green, indoor plants not only add aesthetic value, they are also shown to reduce indoor air pollution by filtering toxins out of the ambient air during the process of photosynthesis. A mixture of several different kinds of houseplants together in a container is called a dish garden, and whether your office is bright and sunny or a little limited on windows, these do it yourself combination of houseplants are easy to put together and sure to please. Continue reading [...]

Azaleas for Helping to Heal After a Miscarriage

There are occasions in life when one is at a loss for words, worrying if anything they say may add to the hurt rather than the healing; these are the time to send flowers. Azaleas, a symbol of womanhood, convey the message "take care of yourself" in the language of flowers and will speak for you in a time like this when you want to reach out in comfort but aren't sure exactly what to say. Unfortunately, losing a baby before it is born is a heartache that more than one and four women and their partners will experience in a lifetime. A small pot of azaleas will not only let them know you are thinking of them in this time of loss, but in warmer climates, can be planted outside in memorial. Continue reading [...]

Geraniums are Best for Getting that Foot out of Your Mouth

All night long you tossed and turned over that asinine thing you said, but you'll sleep easier with a pot of geraniums ready for the next time you see the person your big mouth has offended. According to the language of flowers, these friendly plants convey the message of both friendship and stupidity, reminding both the giver and the receiver that we aren't always at our best, but that we'll certainly try harder in the future. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers for Getting Over a Breakup

Into each life, a little heartbreak must fall, so when it does, be ready with a vase of Proteas. Sometimes called Sugarbushes, these amazing tropical stems come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are one of the most unique flowers on Earth. The tall blooms are wild and exotic looking and come in a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Their diversity will remind you that, while there are many more fish in the sea, there's just one of you- and she deserves flowers. Continue reading [...]

All About Stargazer Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful and versatile, and a perfect flower to give for so many different occasions. Calla lilies, Lily of the Valley, and the Casa Blanca lily, are just a few examples of the dozens of lily varieties that make beautiful bouquet additions. The Stargazer lily is a beautiful lily that has become wildly popular as additions to floral arrangements, or even as the main attraction. Continue reading [...]

The Right Summer Flowers: Mokara and Dendrobium Orchids

The great thing about summer flowers is that, because they are in season, you can often snag them up for a bargain! One fantastic bargain to grab are orchids, specifically, mokara and dendrobium orchids. Unlike their planted counterparts, mokara and dendrobium orchids are spectacular for a perfect summertime bouquet. Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Flowers for Tribute

Losing a loved one is never an easy time in one’s life, but beautiful flowers for tribute are a wonderful way to commemorate their lives. To really honor the life of the departed, displaying a personalized tribute flower arrangement is a way to keep their memory alive. Flower companies are becoming increasingly better at creating tribute arrangements that are meant to pay tribute to the likes and hobbies of those who have passed, to offer a special touch to their memorial celebration. Continue reading [...]

Sympathy Flowers for the Home or Office

When we think of sympathy flowers, we often think of the big wreaths and standing arrangements that are present at the funeral service. If you are looking to send something personal to the home of someone who is grieving the loss of their loved one, a large arrangement can overwhelm a personal home. Likewise, if your office wants to give a coworker sympathy flowers at work, a small, tasteful arrangement is in order. Continue reading [...]

The Right Pet Sympathy Flowers

Pet sympathy flowers are an excellent gesture for someone who has just lost a pet. These days, many families consider their pets to be another member of the family. Because of this, the loss of a pet can be just as devastating to some as losing a human family member. Often, people who lose a pet feel a unique sense of powerlessness if they were dealing with a terminally ill pet with whom they were not able to verbally communicate. Continue reading [...]

What Kind of Flowers to Send when a Child Dies

When the unthinkable occurs to a friend or loved one, it can be difficult to know how to best express your sympathy. The death of children is especially difficult to deal with for all involved. When a parent loses a child, whether young or adult, it can be tough to know what flowers to choose, especially if dealing with the shock of an unexpected death. Here is our simple guide on the right flowers to send in sympathy of the death of a child, by age Continue reading [...]

Funeral Flowers: How to Express Sympathy, Send Condolences and Offer Solace

Flowers express so many feelings, and funeral flowers can be chosen to show respect for the deceased while also offering support, concern and love for the bereaved. Carefully-chosen funeral floral arrangements can help to ease some of the pain at the visitation and during the service; and it's always appropriate to send flowers even some time after the service, to show the bereaved that you're thinking of them, that you care for them, and you understand that loss takes time to come to terms with. But which flowers send appropriate messages at such a difficult time? Continue reading [...]
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