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Night Blooming Cereus—Here and Gone in a Flash!

Whether you call it night blooming cereus, Epiphyllum oxpetalum or Queen of the Night, this unusual flower is a knockout while it lasts. Native to Arizona and the Sonara desert, night blooming cereus is a member of the orchid cactus family. Continue reading [...]

Flowers for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching. Do you know what you’ll be giving dad? Have you thought about offering him flowers? Continue reading [...]

Pick the Perfect Flower for Parent’s Day with Peruvian Lily

They say parenting is the hardest job you'll ever love, and this July 27th is the perfect time to say thank you for this sometimes thankless job with the lovely Peruvian Lily. Known by the Latin name Alstroemeria and available in a wide range of colors, a fresh bouquet of bright and cheerful Peruvian lilies to celebrate Parent's Day will remind your Mom and Dad (or anyone else that may have taken on the task of raising you) that they did a damn fine job. Continue reading [...]

3 Flowers for Father’s Day

It may be typical for dads to be the ones buying flowers for a special occasion, but this Father's Day, let him experience the joy of receiving them with these 3 fantastic flower choices. He'll be delighted by these outstanding stems and will finally have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading [...]

Delphiniums for Dad- the perfect flowers for Father’s Day

Mother's Day is an easy one; brunch, manicures, flowers for the garden or a day spent enjoying the spring weather- but Father's Day is always a challenge. While flowers aren't the traditional choice for fathers, few folks can resist the dazzle of delphiniums. As a cut flower in a vase or bought as a strikingly tall plant for the perennial garden, this bold bloom will trump anything bought in a box and wrapped with a bow this Father's Day. Surprise him with flowers, perhaps for the first time, and he won't be disappointed with delphiniums. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers to Send a Man to Celebrate a Promotion

Congratulating a man on his promotion may call for some slaps on the back and brews after work, but the best way to welcome him to that corner office on the first day is a vase full of anthuriums. These tall, tropical flowers, sometimes called Flamingo Lilies, have a certain stateliness to them and a rather masculine appearance that makes them appropriate for tough guys and softies alike. While the bright red variety gives off a sense of power, the meaning of this bloom in the language of flowers symbolizes hospitality. A vase or potted container full of anthuriums sends the message that he's the guy in charge, but the door is always open. Continue reading [...]

The Right Same Day Flowers

Needing same day flowers happens to all of us. We suddenly remember that it is a dear friend's birthday, Father's Day, or, God forbid, your anniversary! Fear not, a same day flower bouquet does not mean that you will have to pick through a sad collection of limp gas station flowers. There are many beautiful options for same day flowers through reputable flower companies, and often for a minimal extra fee as low as $1.99. Continue reading [...]

The Right Summer Flowers: Mokara and Dendrobium Orchids

The great thing about summer flowers is that, because they are in season, you can often snag them up for a bargain! One fantastic bargain to grab are orchids, specifically, mokara and dendrobium orchids. Unlike their planted counterparts, mokara and dendrobium orchids are spectacular for a perfect summertime bouquet. Continue reading [...]

Same Day Delivery Father’s Day Plants and Flowers

Uh oh, it is the day before, or even the day of, Father’s Day and you need something delivered to Dad! There are several same day delivery Father’s Day plant options out there, although you may end up paying a bit more. Whether you got caught up with work, have been busy chasing your own kids around, or just plain forgot, we can help you out if you are in a pinch! Continue reading [...]

Military Father’s Day Flowers

Father’s Day is a great way to honor your dad, but if your dad is in the armed forces, then military Father’s Day flowers are an even better way to honor both Dad, and his service to his country. There are some wonderful options available to brighten the day of the military man in your life, here are a few of our favorites. Continue reading [...]

Send Plants and Flowers for Father’s Day

Flowers for Father’s Day are a great way to celebrate Dad’s special day and show him how much you love him. Flowers and plants are an excellent way to brighten Dad’s day and there are plenty of arrangements available that are designed with men in mind. Whether you are honoring your biological dad, step-dad, grandfather, father-in-law or the mom who played both mother and father, there are some excellent options for their special day. Continue reading [...]

Flowers for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 17th this year, which means it is right around the corner! Flowers for Father’s Day are a great way to surprise Dad and show him how much you appreciate all that he does for you throughout the day. When we think of sending flowers we typically think of feminine colors such as pink and purple, but there are plenty of options for dads that won’t leave them wondering what you were thinking when you picked out the arrangement. Plants are an excellent option for Father’s Day and a great way to spruce up his office or the home. Continue reading [...]

Father’s Day Flowers – Deliver a Message of Love and Appreciation

We've written previously about the best flowers to give to a man , and here we are with perhaps the most appropriate occasion coming up. Father's Day is, in the United States and many (but not all) countries around the world, June 20th this year; a day for us to honor and celebrate the male parents in our families. What are the best flowers for Father's Day, and what's the best way to have Father's Day flowers delivered if you live out of state? Continue reading [...]
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