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The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

Here are our five favorite long-lasting fresh cut flowers. There's nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up your home and your mood! But sometimes it can be a bummer when your beautiful blooms start to wilt and wither away after just a few days. Fear not, flower lovers! There are plenty of flowers out there that can last much longer than the average bouquet. Here are our pick for the top 5 longest lasting fresh cut flowers that are sure to keep your spirits high and your home looking lovely for days on end. Continue reading [...]

Drying Flowers Can Make your Beautiful Bouquet Last for Years

A bouquet of cut flowers makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Whether they're for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, flowers send a message of beauty and affection. The main drawback to a floral arrangement is that many cut flowers last only a week or so in the vase. The good news is that there are many easy ways to preserve flowers so that they last indefinitely. Continue reading [...]

A Longer Life for Your Perfect Floral Gift

If you've ever received flowers as a gift for any special occasion, you probably wished you could make them last longer than just a few days. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks to extend the life of flowers in a vase. Continue reading [...]

Set Your Garden on Fire with Gloriosa Superba

With a scientific name like Gloriosa superba, you might say that this fiery beauty is superb in color and full of glory. And you would be right! Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers for a Pesticide-Free Garden

Are you interested in growing a garden that doesn’t require any harmful chemicals for maintenance? Consider a garden grown through the organic practice of incorporate flowers with specific abilities to keep bugs (and other critters who would enjoy feasting on your flowers) away naturally. Continue reading [...]

Ideas for Creating Flowering Succulent Displays

Do you love the clean and streamlined look of succulents? We do, and since we love flowers, we especially love flowering succulents that bloom in various colors. If you want to incorporate flowering succulents into your home like we’ll be doing, inside or outside of your house, consider the following arrangement ideas: Continue reading [...]

Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Home if you Have Pets

The ASPCA recommends that people with companion animals living in their home be careful about the flowers kept in the house, or in the garden. If you have pets, do you know which flowers are safe for you to have around your animal friends and which have the potential to cause serious harm? Because we love flowers, and animals, we want to share with you some of the best flowers to keep in your home if you have pets and tell you which ones might be toxic if you don’t know. It’s completely possible to reside harmoniously with plants and furry critters; it simply takes a bit of planning to get the right balance so do consider setting aside some time to think things through. Continue reading [...]

Growing Bulbs Indoors

Do you love the idea of growing bulbs but lack garden space to do so? As long as you have an area indoors where you can put potted plants, so that they’ll receive adequate sunlight or temperatures, you can grow bulbs. Growing bulbs inside of your home, or your in your place of business, can bring a bit of spring or summertime to you if you’re not able to enjoy it outside. It’s easy to make this happen, you just need to plan ahead. Continue reading [...]

Flowers that Love the Rain

Do you live in an area that gets lots of rain? If so, take advantage of the situation and grow flowers in your garden that love rainy weather. The following flowers soak up rain like we soak up beauty. Which means, they’re like a sponge so plant them in your yard or on your patio, and then delight in them as they grow through the rain and sunshiny days. Continue reading [...]

Pet-Friendly Houseplants for “Love Your Pet” Day

After all the hearts and flowers of Valentine's Day have passed, February 20th offers the opportunity to celebrate the relationship you may have with a furry, four-legged friend on national "Love Your Pet" day. This odd holiday makes purr-fect sense to those of you who count animals among your favorite company and should be celebrated with some tasty treats and a good scratch behind the ears. If, along with being an animal lover, you also have a penchant for green plants, keep in mind that some houseplants may not mix well with cats or dogs. Take a look at the list below before heading to the florist or garden center to make sure your pets and potted plants live in harmony. Continue reading [...]

What to Do With Poinsettias Once They’ve Bloomed

After the last few refrains of Christmas carols fade and the once magnificent tree's dry needles have begun to carpet the floor, thoughts of packing up the decorations and starting off the new year fresh leaves one standing in front of pots of poinsettias and wondering what to do. While they make the perfect potted plants for the holiday season, the typical shelf life of a poinsettia falls far short of fruitcake, making it last about as long as the New Year's resolutions in most US homes. What many people may not realize is that this holiday plant can make an excellent houseplant all year long with not much extra maintenance. Getting them to re-bloom in the coming year is an exciting challenge for anyone up to the task and even creating new ones from the existing plant is easy using the following guide for 2015. Continue reading [...]

Norfolk Island Pine- a Real Christmas Tree that Will Last For Years to Come

Few things get you in the holiday spirit faster than the soft needles and piney fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments. What's not to enjoy about the star-topped glory of a tree ringed with presents waiting for Christmas morning- other than the fantastic mess it will make as you haul the brittle, dried-out boughs out the door a few weeks later. For this reason, many folks have move to artificial trees, missing out on the spirit of the fresh tree standing bright inside on these cold, winter nights. A perfect compromise is the Norfolk Island Pine. This soft-needled evergreen is a wonderful and easy to grow houseplant that looks gorgeous growing inside all year long, but will look just as lovely all lit up with lights and tinsel during the holiday season. The best part of all- you can have a fresh tree to trim every December without every having to toss it out in January. Continue reading [...]

Thanksgiving Centerpieces that are Sure to Please

Thanksgiving. The day we give thanks for all the good people and good fortune we have in our lives- and then stuff our faces. No matter what your favorite dish is you look forward to seeing around that table each year, the fresh flowers and greens from a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece will be a delight that everyone will enjoy throughout the long day of eating and for days to come. All sorts of different styles and arrangements can be made to order at your local florist and if you're heading over to someone's house for the big meal you can pick one up ready made for the perfect hostess gift. Whether you choose a simple round arrangement or a cornucopia of flowers, a centerpiece will add freshness and flair to the occasion and most come with candles that can be lit to make the meal more elegant and festive. Below are several different styles to choose from, along with tips for making them last longer than the leftovers. Continue reading [...]

Orchids for Beginners

Exotic, oddly erotic, and with features so diverse and highly evolved they are hypnotic to look at, orchids are typically not considered a good "beginner" plant. While their care is different than your typical peace lily or other more common houseplants, they should not intimidate even those with self-proclaimed brown thumbs. With so many different species to choose from, there are several that are well suited to your living room, and require only slightly more care than a typical potted plant. With blooms lasting for a month or more, they are a much better value than a bouquet of cut flowers, even if you can't keep it alive for much longer than that. Here are a couple of tips and tricks, however, that should have them blooming joyfully again and again. Continue reading [...]

Hypericum Berries are the Perfect Accent Flower for Any Bouquet

Like a well-placed scarf or just the right shoes, accessories can transform one's clothing into a certain "look." So, too, can just the right accent flower in a bouquet or vase arrangement. With their cosmopolitan distribution and elegant, round fruit, the hypericum berry is the perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Sleek, yet natural looking, a few stems of these green, red or orange berries can add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to a bouquet of roses or a fistful of daisies. Add them to almost any bunch of flowers for a look that's sure to be in style Continue reading [...]

Send a Student off to College with a Colorful Croton Plant

As bags are being unpacked and books bought for the new semester, a splash of color in a drab dorm room or tiny apartment will bring a smile to your favorite college-bound kid's face and brighten up their academic year. The croton is the perfect houseplant for sending a student off to college and will be a welcome reminder of home. Easy to care for with cheerful, multicolored leaves, the croton will thrive in a sunny corner from orientation until finals week. Continue reading [...]

DIY Fairy Gardens with these Fabulous Plants

Add a bit of magic to your house or garden by creating your own miniature landscape for sprites, fairies, nymphs or other otherworldly creatures. Choosing plants that stay small while adding color and texture to a terrarium, container or dish is the key to putting together a garden any fairy would be proud to call home. Great gifts for a child's birthday or retirement party, these do-it-yourself tips will help you get started building your very own fairy garden. Continue reading [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Lilies

Few flowers leave a stronger lasting impression or create a better focal point than lilies. Large, lush and available in a variety of colors and sizes, these blooms are the stars of hand-held bouquets, vase arrangements and centerpieces no matter what the occasion. Highly prized and heavenly scented, these flower shop stunners add proportion and pizzazz, but are often priced a bit higher than other typical hothouse stems. Here are a few tips for getting your money's worth. Continue reading [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Freshest Flowers

Part of the joy of fresh cut flowers is their fleeting nature; knowing they are here to bring beauty and joy for a short time, eventually to fade away with only the pleasant memory and lingering scent of their presence. Without the need for space and utility of other gifts, they delight everyone, match everything and are almost always the perfect thing to say in any situation. Buying fresh flowers is as pleasing to the giver as to the receiver and a few pointers on how to choose the stems that will last the longest and bloom the biggest will take the guesswork out of the process. Just like sniffing oranges and thumping melons, there are many techniques for picking out the perfect blooms. Try a few of these the next time you step into the floral aisle and bring home the freshest bouquet ever. Continue reading [...]

Freesias are the Flowers to Help You Stay Motivated

Setting goals and achieving them can be its own reward, but a little treat from time to time to keep you motivated sure doesn't hurt. Whether you're sticking to a diet, changing a bad habit into a healthy one or checking off your to-do list at an impressive rate, a fresh vase of freesias are a great way to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Low calorie, low maintenance and high impact, these graceful blooms will fill a room with a lovely fragrance that is rivaled only by the sweet smell of success and will be a pleasure to look at when you raise your nose from that grindstone. While the reward of reaching your goal is just on the horizon, treating yourself to these satisfying stems are a great way to mark the milestones of any challenging journey. Continue reading [...]

Cinerarias are the Right Flowers to Send Someone Moving into a Retirement Home

While most of us would prefer the familiar comforts of our own home, there often comes a time that the best move is to move somewhere with a bit more support. Make a new room feel a lot more like home with a lovely pot of cineraria placed in a pretty pot with a welcoming card. Florist's cineraria, identified by the Latin name Pericallis hybrida, make a lovely statement with purple and white daisy-like flowers that are cheerful and bright. Best of all, with a little water, these plants will flower upwards of 4 to 6 weeks, creating a pleasant atmosphere for a month or more. Cineraria are relatives of the sunflower in the Asteraceae family, but have short stems and soft, broad leaves. With purple petals that fade inward to white and a center "eye" of yellow or darker shades, the dainty daisies tend to flower all at once, covering the entire plant with bountiful blooms about 2-3 inches in diameter. The foliage is a bright green that makes for an interesting houseplant. While cineraria are true annuals that will flower only once, their abundance of long-lasting blooms will make the first month in a new place a lot brighter. Continue reading [...]

Flowering Stock are the Best Flowers for a Woman Dreading a Birthday

Let's hope we have reason to celebrate every trip around the sun, but if the approach of a big birthday milestone is heading toward someone you love like an extinction-causing asteroid, send them flowering stock to remind them of the earthly pleasures of growing another year older. These tall, luscious annuals are native to cool, temperate climates and take time to mature and develop into the rich, densely-flowered stems that they are. Unlike the hothouse buds that come and go like a falling star, these delicate but substantial blooms will brighten up a room like a comet across the night sky. Continue reading [...]

7 Tips for Buying Quality Flowers

Are you looking for an exquisite bouquet of flowers for someone special, but not sure where to start? Have you decided to finally try your hand at flower arranging, but unsure how to purchase flowers like a pro? Here are 7 easy steps to help you ensure that you are buying the healthiest, highest quality flowers that you can find. Continue reading [...]

How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Fresh cut flowers bring beauty and pleasure wherever they are, and keeping cut flowers fresh longer gives you longer to enjoy them. How to keep fresh cut flowers fresh as long as possible is fairly straightforward, and this article will explain the process you should go through to extend the life of your flowers, to extend your enjoyment of them. Continue reading [...]

Which Cut Flowers Last The Longest?

Which cut flowers last the longest, and how can you prevent cut flowers wilting and fading? If you're looking for cut flowers that keep the longest, along with some tips and tricks for how to get the best out of your blooms, read on. Continue reading [...]
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