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The Right Flowers to Add to a Spring Salad

Did you know that you can gather pretty spring flowers and put them into a salad? Not any spring flowers, but those that are of course edible and those that taste incredible. We love to prepare flowers with salads to bring to Easter potlucks, Mother’s Day brunches, and any special events that are happening during springtime. Usually guests at these gatherings are surprised, and delighted, to find our beautiful salads and to learn that they can eat what looks like mere decoration. We love sharing the fact that many edible flowers not only provide beauty, they also offer nutrition by way of vitamins and minerals and they give the body powerful doses of antioxidants. Continue reading [...]

Pansies for a Pregnant Woman Ready to Pop

The glow that comes with the wonder of carrying a new life within is a beautiful thing to behold, but it can sure take its toll on the feet and back. Being pregnant is a special time in a woman's life, but toward the end, is not a particularly comfortable one. Sleeping, standing, even just trying to get dressed in the morning takes on a whole new dimension, literally, as her dimensions widen and make daily tasks more of a challenge. Along with the burp cloths and diaper cakes, consider a lovely pot of pansies for the mother-to-be as she prepares for the arrival of her new child. These dainty and darling blooms are the perfect pick for a pregnant lady who is just about to pop. Continue reading [...]

3 Reasons Why Pansies are the Perfect Flower for a Parent’s Birthday

Derived from the French word, pensée, which means "thought," the dainty and colorful blooms of the pansy are a thoughtful gift to bring mom or dad on their birthday. Sometimes called violas, these highly stylized, hybrid flowers have been a lovely addition to the garden since the late 1800's and are immensely popular as a bedding plant tucked into the border or in a pot all by themselves. Whether your parent likes to garden or simply sit and enjoy a nice flower, the happy, nodding faces of pansies turn towards the sun and brighten up any landscape. Pansies make an excellent gift tucked into a pretty new decorative pot on the porch and come with a whole lot of stories to tell. Whether mom or dad is into history, art or politics, celebrate their birthday with a plant that gets them thinking. Continue reading [...]

The Pensive Pansy Sends Loving Thoughts

Pansies send loving thoughts to the recipient, and always brighten the mood and lift the spirits, with their delicate structure and bold colors. Read this article to learn more about these delightful flowers. Continue reading [...]
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