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summer bbq with flowers

Create the Right Flowers for Your Summer BBQ!

Who doesn't love a summer barbecue? Nobody! So next time you have a barbecue why not add a touch of beauty to your outdoor gathering with flowers! Flowers not only enhance the ambiance but also add a vibrant touch to your summertime celebration. Get ready to discover the ultimate summer flowers that will make your bbq party an unforgettable event! Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers for Graduation

It’s graduation month! What flowers are you going to give the graduate in your life? Will they be fun flowers that will induce a smile? Perhaps formal blooms that will set the stage for a serious future? There are so many flowers that are perfect for giving for a graduation. Consider some of the following when you go to buy your bouquet or arrangement. Continue reading [...]

Looking Ahead to June: Graduation Party Flower Ideas

If you’re planning a graduation party and want to incorporate flowers in your décor, you likely only have two to three weeks left to finalize your arrangements. Need helping putting everything together, or want ideas on where to begin? The following are some of our favorite ways to decorate for a graduation party using beautiful flowers that you can probably get near you. If you can’t find flowers where you live, read up on what you’ll need and order them today! Continue reading [...]

Fleurt Flower Shop in Seattle

We were on a hunt for the top flower shops in Seattle and we found Fleurt, a shop that specializes in wedding and event flowers but crafts some amazing flowers for the home and office too. We thought we’d dedicate an entire post to Fleurt to tell you about all of the shop’s offerings and to give you a bit of background into the shop’s founder. Fleurt is definitely a florist we’ll be turning to when we’re visiting Seattle and need flowers for our hotel room, or when we want to give flowers to someone in the area. Continue reading [...]

The Most Popular Occasions to Give Flowers

There are many occasions that make people want to give flowers, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, and successful artistic or job performances. We love that men and women, young and old, enjoy the beauty of flowers so much that they want to share them with those who are special to them. Flowers make perfect gifts to express the feelings of the heart because they’re beautiful, just like the thoughts that go with them. Continue reading [...]

Send a Student off to College with a Colorful Croton Plant

As bags are being unpacked and books bought for the new semester, a splash of color in a drab dorm room or tiny apartment will bring a smile to your favorite college-bound kid's face and brighten up their academic year. The croton is the perfect houseplant for sending a student off to college and will be a welcome reminder of home. Easy to care for with cheerful, multicolored leaves, the croton will thrive in a sunny corner from orientation until finals week. Continue reading [...]

Cyclamen are the Perfect Flower for Teacher Appreciation Day

It's no mistake that the first week in May is the time set aside to celebrate teachers. With summer vacation right around the corner, it's hard not to appreciate all the time and patience it takes to spend all day long with children and not strangle one. Celebrate a special teacher with cyclamen this year to let them know you recognize and value the work that they do from bell to bell. A potted cyclamen looks great on a desk, but even better on the back porch during their summer vacation. Continue reading [...]

Ranunculus are the Right Flowers for a Girl Graduating High School

There are few things more radiant and lovely than youth and the promise it holds, except perhaps, the ranunculus flower. Despite its complicated name (you can call it "Persian Buttercup" in a pinch), this softly-swirled spring bloom is the perfect match for your lovely graduate in the springtime of her life. A bouquet of bright orange, yellow, pink or red ranunculus will look lovely held next to that high school diploma and show up beautifully in photos. Afterwards, she can admire them in a vase on her dresser for days to come as she contemplates what promise and adventure the summer and autumn of life will bring. Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Flowers for Congratulating a Woman Graduating College

College graduation is a victorious occasion for a young woman, so celebrate the day with flowers that represent strength of character and victory...gladiolus. Sometimes referred to as "Glads" or Sword Flower for their long, tapered shape, the Latin name Gladiolus spp. comes from the word for the short swords Roman gladiators carried into battle. Unlike many other dainty flower choices available in bouquets, these magnificent blooms are tall and proud and will remind your grad to always stand with her head up and eyes forward. Upright, long-blooming, and delicate at the same time, gladiolus are the perfect statement for a young woman who has accomplished her educational goals and is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Continue reading [...]

The Best Flowers for a Boy Graduating from College

Graduation day marks the beginning of a young man's life where he breaks from the flock and sets off on his own unique adventures, so choosing the right flowers for a boy graduating from college can sometimes prove quite the test. There is no better way to celebrate his migration from college to the real world than with the exotic Bird of Paradise flower (known by the Latin name, Strelitzia reginae). This tropical knock-out stands out from other typical flowers and will let him know that you value Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Plant for Boys Graduating High School

Flowers may not seem like the perfect gift for guys on graduation day, but hand him a bowl full of succulents and watch him get giddy as a school boy. No one can resist the weird shapes and colors of these drought-tolerant cactus cousins, many of whom have adapted over thousands of years to harsh, desert-like conditions and can go long periods of time without water. What better way to send him off into the world, and into his first apartment, than with a pot full of plants that are virtually indestructible. Succulents Continue reading [...]

The Right Same Day Flowers

Needing same day flowers happens to all of us. We suddenly remember that it is a dear friend's birthday, Father's Day, or, God forbid, your anniversary! Fear not, a same day flower bouquet does not mean that you will have to pick through a sad collection of limp gas station flowers. There are many beautiful options for same day flowers through reputable flower companies, and often for a minimal extra fee as low as $1.99. Continue reading [...]

All About Stargazer Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful and versatile, and a perfect flower to give for so many different occasions. Calla lilies, Lily of the Valley, and the Casa Blanca lily, are just a few examples of the dozens of lily varieties that make beautiful bouquet additions. The Stargazer lily is a beautiful lily that has become wildly popular as additions to floral arrangements, or even as the main attraction. Continue reading [...]

The Right Summer Flowers: Mokara and Dendrobium Orchids

The great thing about summer flowers is that, because they are in season, you can often snag them up for a bargain! One fantastic bargain to grab are orchids, specifically, mokara and dendrobium orchids. Unlike their planted counterparts, mokara and dendrobium orchids are spectacular for a perfect summertime bouquet. Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers for Everyone and Anyone

You may know the perfect flower for your child, your spouse and your best friend, but picking out flowers for someone you don’t know well can be tough. The right flowers for one person may not be the right flowers for everyone. What happens when you want to send a flower bouquet to someone you don’t know very well? Perhaps a congratulatory flower bouquet or a sympathy flower bouquet is needed for someone you know, but don’t know well enough to know their taste. Continue reading [...]

Peonies: Beautiful Flowers for Your Wedding or Just Because

It is the season of peonies! Peonies are one of the most ancient revered flowers, and are historically significant in many cultures. Peonies are known for their stunning, dense, lush blooms and are the preferred choice of wedding flowers among many wedding couples. Continue reading [...]

Where to Buy a Lei for Graduation

If you are wondering where to buy a lei for graduation, we have you covered. Graduation leis are a popular choice for new grads because they can proudly wear them as they march down the aisle. Typically made out of purple orchids, graduation leis look fun and celebratory. After graduation, the new grad can hang the lei on a hook to dry the flowers, and keep the lei as a memory of their happy day. Here are some sources for finding a graduation lei! Continue reading [...]

Inexpensive Graduation Flowers

If you have a big family or circle of friends, you may have several loved ones graduating around the same time. Inexpensive graduation flowers are important because, after a few bouquets, it can start to add up! Paying less for flowers doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality and beauty, there are plenty of gorgeous arrangements for under $35. Here are a few of our favorites! Continue reading [...]

Graduation Flowers for Girls

It is the time of year when graduations are taking place all over the country, and beautiful graduation flowers for girls are a great way to say “congratulations.” In vibrant pinks, yellows and oranges, these flowers are a cheerful and stunning way to show the new grad how proud of her you are. Whether she is graduating from junior high, high school or college, congratulate the special lady in your life for a job well done! Continue reading [...]

Vera Wang Mixed Flower Bouquets

Yesterday we brought you some of our favorite single flower-type and monochromatic arrangements and hand-held bouquets from acclaimed wedding dress designer, Vera Wang. Vera Wang teamed with FTD to develop a stunning collection of floral arrangements with the elegant touch for which Vera is famous. Today we are going to highlight a few of our favorite mixed flower and color bouquets in the Vera Wang FTD flower collection! Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Flower Bouquets by Vera Wang

Vera Wang has proven that wedding dresses are not the only stunning pieces of work that she can create; her beautiful flower bouquets are equally breathtaking. Vera Wang is a New York-based fashion designer who is best known for her couture bridal creations. Her simple and elegant designs are favored by celebrities for their weddings including Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys. Vera Wang has teamed up with FTD to design a line of breath-taking flower arrangements. Continue reading [...]

College Rose Flower Bouquet Continued

This is part two of our college rose flower bouquet series and it is just in time! College graduation has begun all over the country, and a college rose flower bouquet is the perfect way to honor that new grad. FTD has developed a new line of flowers personalized to various universities throughout the country. The bouquets are presented in a gift box decorated with the college colors and logos, and include a matching vase. Continue reading [...]

Congratulate a New Graduate with a College Rose Flower Bouquet

It is graduation season, and the perfect time to say “congratulations” to the grad in your life with a college rose flower bouquet. FTD has unveiled a stunning collection of flowers that are personalized to some of the most well-known universities in the country, and they’re continuously adding more! Each college rose flower bouquet comes in a stunning gift box that displays the college colors and logo, with the option of including a keepsake vase that also features the college colors and logo. Continue reading [...]

The Right Faux Flowers

Faux flowers often get a bad rap, but that is because when people think of fake flowers, they picture the hideous plastic flowers that adorned an elderly relative's home when they were kids. Dollar store fake flowers are a perfect example of the unattractive faux floral arrangements that we picture when we think of them. The truth is that there are a lot of high-end faux floral arrangements that are delicately crafted to look like the real thing. Faux floral arrangements are a great way to beautify a space without having to constantly replace real bouquets when they die. Continue reading [...]

Choose the Best Graduation Flowers to Acknowledge Hard Work and Happiness

Graduation is an important life event. Your graduate could be graduating from high-school, college, or even graduate school, and you want to acknowledge this important transition. Flowers are always appropriate, but what are the right flowers for graduation? Continue reading [...]
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