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Friend Feeling Blue? The Right Flowers Will Send a Caring Message

If a friend or a loved one is going through a tough time, flowers may be the perfect way to express your caring and support. Let them know that you're thinking of them and wishing them well with a thoughtful floral arrangement. Continue reading [...]

The Most Popular Occasions to Give Flowers

There are many occasions that make people want to give flowers, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, and successful artistic or job performances. We love that men and women, young and old, enjoy the beauty of flowers so much that they want to share them with those who are special to them. Flowers make perfect gifts to express the feelings of the heart because they’re beautiful, just like the thoughts that go with them. Continue reading [...]

Goldenrod for Good Fortune and a Bit of Encouragement

Into each person's life, a little rain must fall. Sometimes it comes in sprinkles of annoyance like car trouble, tax problems or dental surgery. Other times in waves of misfortune like health problems, lost love and missed opportunity. While words of advice are tempting, they are often ill-timed no matter how meaningful, but any encouragement is certainly welcomed and necessary when someone you love is standing under a cloud. Flowers are just the right thing to say in this situation, and few Continue reading [...]

Amaranthus Make Amazing Flowers for a Hospital Visit

Cultivated by ancient civilizations as an important food crop and grown commercially in modern times for its beauty, the live-giving amaranthus is the perfect flower to wish someone in the hospital a hardy return to health. With long, draping flowers in deep burgundy, bronze and lovely greens, this bloom is works well in both bouquets and vases and will add a splash of color and a bit of the outdoors to any drab interior. Said to represent immortality and unfading love in the Victorian language of flowers, the amaranthus is emblematic of both the bounty of the harvest and the cyclical nature of life. Continue reading [...]

Azaleas to Aid an Ailing Friend

There are few things that render one as helpless feeling as the failing health of a friend or family member. Watching someone struggle to recover or fight hard against an illness is hard to do and leaves one wondering what more could be done. Sometimes a "get well soon" card just doesn't seem like enough, and while running errands or helping them with everyday tasks like cleaning can help ease their burdens, it doesn't go the extra mile of actually brightening their day and taking their mind off the challenges they are facing. These are the times to send flowers. Rather than send cut flowers in a vase that bloom brightly and then fade, potted plants are a great alternative. The lovely, flowering azaleas are the perfect pick for this occasion. Continue reading [...]

Wish Someone a Return to Health with the Hardy Chrysanthemum

As the days grow shorter and the nights turn chilly, the tender flowers of summer tend to fade and go dormant- not so, the hardy chrysanthemum. As summer turns to fall, these short-day loving plants begin to awaken and bloom as the winds begin to sharpen and the frosts start to enclose both buds and branches. What better harbinger of health than the chrysanthemum, symbolic of long life, optimism and mirth in the language of flowers. A pot of mums to plant in the garden or a vase of these bright and cheerful flowers on the bedside are the perfect way to help someone be once again hearty and hale. Continue reading [...]

Help Someone Heal from a Long Term Health Condition with Yarrow

In almost every language, the toast given with raised glasses around the table is to "health." The ultimate universal currency, few things are as heartily wished for or as ardently missed as good health. Many people, when struggling with short term illnesses, have a greater appreciation for their vigor and strength once they recover, but most of us- when faced with a chronic or long term condition- will struggle both in body and mind to remain positive and hopeful. While cards and caring words can help convey our love and encouragement, flowers have actually been shown in scientific experiments to help in the recovery process by reducing pain, anxiety and fatigue, as well as blood pressure and stress. Long used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, yarrow has long been associated with a sense of healing and in the language of flowers sends the message of a return to good health. Continue reading [...]

DIY Dish Gardens are a Delightful Office Gift

Shopping for coworkers is never easy, but promotions, retirements, new babies and get well soon's happen a lot in a busy office. One of the joys of giving plants or flowers is that there is not an occasion when they won't be received as a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Flowers dazzle and delight for the week or two they remain fresh, but why not pick up something for your colleague that the whole office can enjoy for many years to come with a few houseplants? Green, indoor plants not only add aesthetic value, they are also shown to reduce indoor air pollution by filtering toxins out of the ambient air during the process of photosynthesis. A mixture of several different kinds of houseplants together in a container is called a dish garden, and whether your office is bright and sunny or a little limited on windows, these do it yourself combination of houseplants are easy to put together and sure to please. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers for Getting Over a Breakup

Into each life, a little heartbreak must fall, so when it does, be ready with a vase of Proteas. Sometimes called Sugarbushes, these amazing tropical stems come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are one of the most unique flowers on Earth. The tall blooms are wild and exotic looking and come in a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Their diversity will remind you that, while there are many more fish in the sea, there's just one of you- and she deserves flowers. Continue reading [...]

Best Bouquets for Bearing Bad News

There’s never a good time to receive bad news, but a bouquet of Gerber daisies can certainly soften the blow. While colorful flowers can’t change the story, the message will be brighter when followed with a vase of these sunny blooms. When faced with sad tidings or disappointing diagnoses, it’s important to self-medicate with healthy options like flowers, and sometimes, a casserole just isn’t enough to let someone know your thoughts are with them. Native to South Africa, these tender Continue reading [...]
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The Right Get Well Flowers for Flu Season

Flu season is here and people are dropping like flies! Flowers are an excellent pick-me-up to let a sick loved one know that you are thinking of them. Here our favorite get well flowers for flu season! Continue reading [...]

The Right Same Day Flowers

Needing same day flowers happens to all of us. We suddenly remember that it is a dear friend's birthday, Father's Day, or, God forbid, your anniversary! Fear not, a same day flower bouquet does not mean that you will have to pick through a sad collection of limp gas station flowers. There are many beautiful options for same day flowers through reputable flower companies, and often for a minimal extra fee as low as $1.99. Continue reading [...]

All About Stargazer Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful and versatile, and a perfect flower to give for so many different occasions. Calla lilies, Lily of the Valley, and the Casa Blanca lily, are just a few examples of the dozens of lily varieties that make beautiful bouquet additions. The Stargazer lily is a beautiful lily that has become wildly popular as additions to floral arrangements, or even as the main attraction. Continue reading [...]

The Right Summer Flowers: Mokara and Dendrobium Orchids

The great thing about summer flowers is that, because they are in season, you can often snag them up for a bargain! One fantastic bargain to grab are orchids, specifically, mokara and dendrobium orchids. Unlike their planted counterparts, mokara and dendrobium orchids are spectacular for a perfect summertime bouquet. Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Flowers To Cheer Someone Up

When choosing beautiful flowers to cheer someone up, the natural inclination is to get yellow flowers, but actually, yellow is not necessarily the best color for cheering up someone who is down. In fact, studies show that people are more likely to lose their temper in a room that is painted yellow. Yellow can be a very bright color for the eye to process, causing people to become aggravated, so it is best to pair it with other colors, or omit it all together. Studies show that the best colors for cheering up that loved one are the colors orange, green or blue. Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers for Everyone and Anyone

You may know the perfect flower for your child, your spouse and your best friend, but picking out flowers for someone you don’t know well can be tough. The right flowers for one person may not be the right flowers for everyone. What happens when you want to send a flower bouquet to someone you don’t know very well? Perhaps a congratulatory flower bouquet or a sympathy flower bouquet is needed for someone you know, but don’t know well enough to know their taste. Continue reading [...]

Get Well Flowers and More

It is allergy and cold season and it seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone has the sniffles or a cough. Get well flowers and more, flowers plus those extra little cheerful touches, can make the day of someone who is not feeling well. With nasty bugs making their way around the office, school and home, a little pick-me-up is warranted for those who are down for the count! Continue reading [...]

Vera Wang Mixed Flower Bouquets

Yesterday we brought you some of our favorite single flower-type and monochromatic arrangements and hand-held bouquets from acclaimed wedding dress designer, Vera Wang. Vera Wang teamed with FTD to develop a stunning collection of floral arrangements with the elegant touch for which Vera is famous. Today we are going to highlight a few of our favorite mixed flower and color bouquets in the Vera Wang FTD flower collection! Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Flower Bouquets by Vera Wang

Vera Wang has proven that wedding dresses are not the only stunning pieces of work that she can create; her beautiful flower bouquets are equally breathtaking. Vera Wang is a New York-based fashion designer who is best known for her couture bridal creations. Her simple and elegant designs are favored by celebrities for their weddings including Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys. Vera Wang has teamed up with FTD to design a line of breath-taking flower arrangements. Continue reading [...]

Choosing Get Well Soon Flowers; Sunny and Serene

Our previous article gave advice on choosing get well soon flowers that are bright and bold, to cheer and enervate. In this article we'll talk about sending serene and calming flowers to say get well soon. There's no doubt that flowers make people happier, and happier people recover from sickness or surgery faster and with fewer complicating issues. So what are the best get well soon flowers, sunny yet subtle? Continue reading [...]

Wishing Someone Well; Bold and Bright Get Well Soon Flowers

Flowers are a natural gift to show someone you're thinking of them and wishing them well. Picking the right get well soon flowers, and sending the right message to encourage a full and fast recovery is the subject of this article. Continue reading [...]