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The Secret Language of Floral Perfumes

My dear reader, today we shall explore the secret language of floral perfumes. Much like flowers themselves, floral scents have held symbolic meanings and cultural significance throughout history. Perfumes are not only used to enhance one's personal fragrance but also to convey hidden messages. Let us dive into the fascinating world of floral perfumes. Continue reading [...]
Victorian era Language of Flowers

Looks Can Be Deceiving: an abridged introduction to the Victorian Language of Flowers

I write to you this letter of introduction so that we may not set off on the wrong foot. You see, I've come to share my wealth of knowledge of the language of flowers. While my education has been steeped in English tradition, I assure you that this secular subject has roots in nearly every corner of the earth, so long as the climate permits. Thus there are many interpretations of what any one flower may mean. Continue reading [...]

Make the French Connection this Bastille Day with 3 Fabulous Flowers

While the well-coiffed Marie Antoinette was telling the starving peasants of France to eat cake if they had no bread, the French populace was reeling from two spendy wars and several years of bad harvests. The lavish lifestyles of both the aristocracy and clergy of the times had led to discontent and a call for reform that landed many protestors and dissenters in prison- the most notorious of which was housed in the medieval Parisian fortress known as the Bastille. Considered the flashpoint of the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille (which only housed 7 prisoners the morning of July 14th, 1789 when it was attacked) is a day to celebrate the rise of nationalism and democracy in France. If you or other Francophiles are looking for an opportunity to break out the champagne and baguettes, be sure to include these perfectly Parisian pairings of flowers to add a little n'est-ce pas to your Bastille Day celebrations. Continue reading [...]

Flowers Are Not For Special Occasions Only

Flowers like roses, carnations, and mums are usually offered to anyone during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other events. But this is not the only time to give these pretty blooms. An act as thoughtful as flower giving must be done even during normal or average days. It can certainly make anyone’s day. Continue reading [...]

Loving Flowers Sent, Accidentally Meant Death

Sending flowers to a man is a tricky proposition. Although secretly I believe they all find it flattering, depending on the circumstances in public is a different story. Specially if the flowers you send him mean death. Continue reading [...]

Valentine’s Day Flowers Drawback

I met my girlfriend a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, and there was something really special about her. We met during college, where relationships don’t normally last very long. That’s why it was really important for me to go all out for Valentine’s Day, and I made a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants in our college town. Continue reading [...]

Hiding Flowers Isn’t Always the Best Way to Give Them

I knew that my wife always got a glass of ice water from the refrigerator when she came home from work, so I put some roses and chocolates in the refrigerator so she would be surprised when she got her water. Continue reading [...]

These Roses are for Her – No, Really!

After my ex and I broke up, flowers arrived at work and one of my more socially-idiotic co-workers said, "Well, we know they aren't for Jessica!". Continue reading [...]

Why a Dozen Red Roses May Be Exactly the Wrong Thing to Give a Lady

There is hardly any worse feeling you can get in life than to have high expectations that your gift is going to be fawned over (or better yet that YOU will be for giving it) and then to be humiliated by finding out that you gave the exact wrong gift; worse yet that your gift offended a room full of people. It's happened to me many times, but by far the most humiliating was one cold evening in a beautiful restaurant in Moscow. Continue reading [...]
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