Celebrate a Summer Anniversary with Sunny Cosmos

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Whether you said your “I do’s” just last summer or so long ago you sometimes lose count, celebrating an anniversary with flowers is easy to do in this season of long, sunny days and you’ll have plenty to pick from this time of year. Much like your spouse, it is worth putting a bit of effort into the choice, and a perfect pick for celebrating an anniversary is the bright and lovely cosmos flower. In a fresh bouquet or vase arrangement, cosmos are an excellent option for the person you’ve chosen to share your life with. These perfectly perky, daisy-like flowers are at their finest this time of year and will brighten up a room the way your partner has brightened up your life.

Cosmos are a relative of the sunflower and native to parts of Mexico and the southern United States. They can sometimes be found growing wild on open meadows or plains, but several species have been cultivated as colorful ornamental blooms that can be found in your florist’s cooler or tied up in a bouquet at your local farmer’s market. Simple, with a bright yellow center and a surrounding ring of petals, this flower closely resembles the kind you used to draw as a child. Cosmos can come in pink, white, yellow, orange or purple and there are new varieties that have more than one color like “Candystripe” and some with scalloped and curled petals such as “Seashells.”

The leaves of the cosmos flower are delicate and finely fringed. Soft to the touch and similar to the fern-like foliage of larkspur and nigella, they add a certain wildflower look to a bouquet or vase arrangement. Cosmos look great on their own or mixed in with other summertime stunners like zinnias, dahlias or sprigs of lavender. Their daisy-like blooms are held up by dainty stems, so mixing them with the hardy heads of poppies or even some sturdy hypericum berries can keep them upright longer and add a bit of flair.

In the language of flowers, cosmos are said to signify peacefulness and ease. While looking somewhat wild and free, the tidy lines and perfect symmetry of these blooms give a carefree look to a bouquet that will bring to mind the many moments of quiet happiness and contentment your partner has brought into your life. With plenty of flowers to choose from this time of year, show your one and only that that you know you’ve made the right one with this beautiful bloom.

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