Celebrate Mental Health Day with Flowers that Make you Feel Fabulous

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There’s a lot going on in this world that can drive a person crazy, so taking care of mental health should be an important priority in everyone’s life. October 10th is recognized worldwide as Mental Health Day and is set aside to celebrate the advances made globally in mental heath education, support and awareness. With several recent studies published that link lowered levels of stress, depression and even pain and healing time to simply looking and smelling flowers and plants around you, picking up a bouquet on the way home might just help keep you sane in this mad, mad world. Not sure which flowers will have the most positive impact on your state of mind? Here are a few you’ll just go crazy over.

IrisBearded Iris
Artist Vincent van Goug knew a pretty petal when he saw one. His iconic Irises canvas was painted during his stay in an asylum in the south of France and depicts several shades of tall and expressive, deep blue blooms gathered around one solitary white one. Perhaps expressing the solitude and separation his own mental illness had caused in his life, or merely just painting the flowers he saw blooming on the asylum grounds, the painting comes close to capturing the grace and repose of the lovely iris. There are several types of iris available at your florist, including the smaller Dutch and narrow-leaved Siberian iris. Few come closer to creating a sense of tranquility, however, than the sweetly-scented bearded iris, Iris germanica.

Worthy of a painting, but more enjoyable in a slender vase and viewed as often as possible, are the lovely lisianthus. On dainty stems that nod and bow, each bud of this flower twirls open to reveal large, rose-like blooms that come in deep purple, soft lavender, pale pink or white. Delicate and soft like a peony, the lisianthus will last much longer than most cut flowers and bring a sense of peace and abundance for more than two weeks in a vase. Said to convey appreciation in the language of flowers, these blooms, like mental health, are something we should be grateful for every day. Place them somewhere in your line of vision and you’ll be amazed at how often they draw your gaze.

Complex, intricate and highly evolved, the diversity of the different orchids are the perfect reflection of the human mind. With over 25,000 known species on Earth, there are several available at your local florist that will absolutely blow your mind. Specially adapted to attract certain pollinators, some orchids bloom with flowers shaped like moths, while others bloom with color combinations found nowhere else on Earth to bedazzle bees. You will find yourself strangely hypnotized by these unique plants, that can bloom for a month or more on a windowsill, reminding you that we, too, are highly complex and strangely beautiful organisms.

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