DIY Dish Gardens are a Delightful Office Gift

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Shopping for coworkers is never easy, but promotions, retirements, new babies and get well soon’s happen a lot in a busy office. One of the joys of giving plants or flowers is that there is not an occasion when they won’t be received as a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Flowers dazzle and delight for the week or two they remain fresh, but why not pick up something for your colleague that the whole office can enjoy for many years to come with a few houseplants? Green, indoor plants not only add aesthetic value, they are also shown to reduce indoor air pollution by filtering toxins out of the ambient air during the process of photosynthesis. A mixture of several different kinds of houseplants together in a container is called a dish garden, and whether your office is bright and sunny or a little limited on windows, these do it yourself combination of houseplants are easy to put together and sure to please.

Low Light Environment
Many of the houseplants we enjoy come from tropical areas with fairly consistent, warm temperatures that grow in the understory of other larger trees. This makes them uniquely suited for inside our homes or offices with fairly consistent conditions as well. While all plants need some amount of light, there are several houseplants that tolerate lower levels than others. If your coworker works in a cubicle with little access to natural sunlight, there are several good choices that can be mixed together in a basket or container that will thrive in a low light environment.
PothosPothos– Sometimes called Devil’s Ivy or Golden Pothos, this shade tolerant, vining plant with heart-shaped leaves makes a great addition to a dish garden because of its trailing nature. Over time it will cascade down the side of the container or can be trained up a string to grow up a wall.
ArrowheadArrowhead– A popular houseplant with tall, upright leaf stems and arrowhead shaped leaves, many cultivars of this plant exist. Some have colorful stripes or colors along the margins of the leaves and look great next to pothos in a container. You can plant them together or simply put one small plastic pot of each in a basket and top with some sphagnum moss (available at a garden center or craft store) for decoration.

High Light Environment
If your colleague has scored an office with a window or simply lights up the room with their own personality, try out one of these amazing light-loving houseplants.
HoyaHoya– A fun, climbing vine, this plant loves a lot of light, but needs very little water or care in case your coworker has a perpetually full inbox. Give it a bright window and something to climb over like the handle of a decorative basket where you can add some colorful Croton plants or Dracenea. If you are lucky, you may get to see it blooming one day with large, pink clusters.
Jade PlantJade Plant– This succulent plant has round, fleshy leaves on stems that bend and turn over time to create a classic form. Placed in a sunny window, this plant will thrive with very little care and last them though retirement.

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