Flower Meanings by Color

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Many people choose the colors of flowers they give by how the colors make them feel. For instance yellow brings happiness to mind for a lot of people, while red makes one think romantic thoughts.

Sometimes, a flower buyer wants to select blooms in colors that actually signify deep meaning. They want to pick flowers in colors that will pass on long-standing traditional messages, whether those messages be of loyalty, friendship, or gratitude.

The following is a guide that you can refer to if you’re wondering what hues traditionally tell certain stories of the heart.


The color red is usually associated with true love, especially if it’s the color for roses. This deep scarlet shade is perfect for sending to someone who you want to profess your most passionate desires to. Red is a color that says “I love you” in almost every language, but it’s also one associated with Christmastime. So, send red flowers like poinsettias for a festive bouquet for a special someone.


Pink can also offer thoughts of love, but these thoughts are typically more playful and brotherly (or sisterly). Pink also conveys joy, grace, and admiration, so choose pink flowers for a good friend, sister, daughter, or revered service provider like a daycare worker.


The color orange is a noble color. It offers feelings of warmth, gratitude, family, and trust. It’s also an exciting color that can show your interest in getting to know someone better or your hopes of beginning a new journey in life with someone. A bouquet of orange flowers sends a message of intrigue, passion, and enthusiasm.

Along with these colors of flowers, you can choose white to speak of innocence and purity, yellow to offer cheerful wishes, and purple to bring fun and levity to life.

Do you give certain colors of flowers to express specific sentiments to those you care about? If so, we would love to hear about your gifts in the comments below.

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