Flowers Are Not For Special Occasions Only

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Flowers like roses, carnations, and mums are usually offered to anyone during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other events. But this is not the only time to give these pretty blooms. An act as thoughtful as flower giving must be done even during normal or average days. It can certainly make anyone’s day.

My boyfriend, Philip, is the sweetest person I know. You know why? Because he makes it a point to give flowers, not just to me but to everyone else who’s special or important to him, even during “non-special” occasions or ordinary days. Before I thought he was just like any other guy who puts his best foot forward during the dating stage and then forgets the act altogether when
he finally wins the girl he’s trying to woo. Lo and behold I was surprised! He gives me flowers just for the heck of it. The first time he did that, I asked him what special occasion there was because I can’t think of any. He just answered me with a question as well, “Am I not allowed to give you flowers just because I want to?”

No matter how hard we try, we really wouldn’t be able to fully explain the sheer happy feeling that comes with giving and receiving flowers. These adorable plant blooms certainly have a great effect on people. It can symbolize any good intention like wooing a girl, greeting a birthday celebrator, wishing good luck, expressing sympathy and concern during difficult times, and of
course, showing unending love and affection for the ones who are dear to us. The good thoughts and intentions signified by flowers can be endless, which probably explains why there are preserved or fossilized kinds of flowers that are also sold nowadays. We all want to preserve the feeling and sentiments brought about by these items, so we exert all efforts to preserve the actual item.

So if I were you, don’t wait until there’s a special occasion to give flowers to your loved ones. Treat each day as a special one. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings through these colorful, fragrant, and vibrant blooms. And just like what my boyfriend Philip constantly does, give flowers more often, just because you want to.

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