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Green flowers for a wedding can be a challenge because the most popular flower choices are colors that contrast from green flower stems and green bouquet fillers. If your wedding theme or color choices include green, then green wedding flowers would be a likely choice for your wedding decor. Green flowers for a wedding do not have to include the unnatural, neon-dyed carnations that we usually see when searching green flowers. There are luckily several beautiful, natural options out there if you are willing to get a little creative!

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Few flowers present such understated elegance as an orchid. Even if presented as the only flower on your reception tables, the orchid would hold its own as a beautiful focal piece. Pair with crystal pieces for an upscale look, or offset with floating candles in your accent colors. This particular orchid is on the lighter side of the green scale and is reminiscent of a green apple in color. It would look gorgeous paired with pinks, oranges, yellows or navy blue. Want to try it out first? Order the Smithsonian Spark of Happiness Phalaenopsis Orchid and play around with some fun ideas.


Succulents are becoming a huge hit with brides who are looking to for a low-maintenance, rustic, muted look in their wedding. Succulents are generally desert-dwelling plants and require very little upkeep. They come in a variety of colors — muted greens, pinks and yellows, and they are being snapped-up by brides who are going with rustic, vintage and elegant themes. They are also a great option for the allergy-prone bride and/or groom, and can be paired beautifully with other unexpected adornments, such as baby’s breath and lace, as shown here.


Bamboo is an unexpected and fun addition to the wedding decor. Because it is also the symbol of luck, it provides nothing but good vibes to the happy couple. Because bamboo is a renewable resource, it is a fantastic option for the couple who is having an eco-concious wedding. Consider dressing it up with some pretty ornaments or small white lights. Want to give it a try first? Order this Lucky 7 Bamboo Arrangement and start getting inspired by the many options you have with bamboo.

Because green flowers for weddings are harder to find than the other colors, that will make your wedding decor stand out in the minds of your guests as unique and memorable. It will just take a little creativity on your part, and you will have a knockout wedding design in no time!

Lucky 7 Bamboo Arrangement

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