Flowers that Thrive Indoors During Winter

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Are you looking for indoor flowers to replace your Christmas tree and mistletoe when the holiday season is over? We are, so we searched for some blooms that can thrive inside during winter.

We found quite a few. The following are the indoor, winter-loving flowers that most piqued our interest. We’re going to check our local farmers’ market and nursery in the next week or so to see if they’re carrying these gorgeous flowers. If they aren’t, we’re thankful that we can always buy flowers online.

Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”

Euphorbia “Diamond Frost” is an understated flower that can grow happily on a window ledge during winter. It’s a delicate and pretty bloom that thrives in containers, so make up a lovely display in several small pots, or a big one, to bring color into your home when outside is monochrome.

Torenia “Yellow Moon”

This flower also thrives in small pots, so place it on your windowsill in your kitchen or bathroom. Torenia “Yellow Moon” puts out blossoms with wide purple throats and flashy yellow tube-like petals, which are interesting (but welcoming) contrasts to the jagged nettle leaves of the plant. This bloom seems like a perfect flower to transition from winter to spring.

Primula Forbesii

With delicate deep pink flowers, primula forbesii brings a bit of perkiness to a winter day. We love thinking about having this flower around in a living or dining room to help brighten some of the darkest days of the year. The Japanese grow primula forbesii abundantly, which has led to crossbreeding and a variety of plants that are readily available.

In addition to these winter flowers that can easily live indoors, we love to keep orchids around the house, so we’ll be getting at least one of them. Which will it be, though? A lady slipper orchid or a phalaenopsis? We’re not quite sure yet.

Do you have favorite winter flowers that you like to decorate your home with starting in January, or any time during the season? If so, leave us a message below and tell us what they are!

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