Flowers to Say “I Love You” to Yourself

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Have you ever had a day, or week or longer, where things got tough and you got down on yourself? Maybe you’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude, but the people around you are coming at you negatively. It can be challenging to keep love in our hearts for ourselves when we feel like we’re getting rocks thrown at us.

This is when “I Love You” flowers sent to ourselves are in order. If you’re ever going through times that make you question your worth, send some of the following flowers to yourself. They’re perfect for treating yourself to a big dose of self-love. They’re beautiful, worthy, and special.


Heliotrope is a symbol of eternal love. So, go ahead and commit to loving yourself through anything by sending some of these gorgeous flowers to yourself. The word heliotrope means “turn towards the sun,” so turn your face to the light and soak in the goodness that these flowers bring and that you are.

Heliotrope exudes simple beauty. It doesn’t have to do anything flashy to gain attention, it just has to be itself. Supposedly, the original heliotrope was a plant known in Germany as “God’s herb” and it had many healing qualities. Heliotrope may just heal any negativity that you’re experiencing in your life.


For grace and a clear vision of the love that you are, choose rue for your floral gift to yourself. Rue is actually an herb, but it has small yellow flowers that compliment many other flowers in arrangements. Rue is matter of fact, but subtly stunning. It’s perfect for bringing clarity of purpose into your awareness.

Rue is native to the Mediterranean region. It’s known as Herb of Grace because Catholic priests once used its branches to sprinkle holy water. Rue has also been called the plant of patience because one rue plant can live for hundreds of years. Send rue to yourself as a reminder to have patience through tough times.


For courage getting through difficulties, and for constant devotion to your truth, allow Edelweiss to enter your home. Edelweiss symbolizes deep love and commitment. The flower is closely related to alpine terrain, where dedication is required to get through rough moments.

Edelweiss is a flower of purity and accomplishment. It’s prized where it grows, in Switzerland, because it can only be obtained by a few and it lies waiting for discovery.

In times of sadness, grief, anger, confusion, or doubt, there is always a way to switch our mindset toward the beauty that lies within ourselves. That beauty may be hard to find at times, but it’s there and it’s worth discovering.


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