Freesias for an Epic Fail

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For all the times you bring your ‘A’ game, it’s surprising how one little oops can bring you down. Forgetting it’s trash day or missing a deadline at work can sometimes be remedied with a sigh or a shrug, but once in a while you really muck it up. Missing a special anniversary, botching a big project or a spectacular dressing down from the boss are hard to shake off and can stick with you like a wad of gum in the hair. Apart from going back in time, there’s not much to be done but make your apologies and move on, hopefully learning from whatever mistakes were made to get you here. When you find yourself in this situation, the perfect flower to help fuggetaboutit are freesias. Light, breezy, fragrant and completely ignorant of what a screw-up you are, freesias can help take the sting out of self-loathing and give you something lovely to look at when you can barely stand the sight of yourself.

Freesias are members of the iris family and native to parts of Africa. Their fresh, floral fragrance and dainty, trumpet-shaped flowers have made them an ornamental favorite since the 19th century. Specifically bred for their scent and color from two different species, the resulting cultivars come in golden yellows, soft oranges, pastel purples, pinks and pure white. The flowers are cup-shaped and open upwards with their faces towards the sun along a delicately arched branch that droops sensuously backwards. Blooms open onwards towards the tip, often with a smaller, secondary stem off to one side.

Freesias are available year round from most florists and last about a week and a half in a vase arrangement. Consider dumping out the old water after a few days and adding fresh to add a few more days to these beautiful blooms.

The scent of freesias are the perfect flower to get the stink of failure off of you. Fresh and floral with a sweet, underlying allure, this fragrance has found its way into lotions and perfumes across the ages and around the world. The white flowered varieties have a slightly peppery scent, unique to the color and mixing this one with the more sugary smell of the colored cultivars gives a simple bouquet of freesias a complex smell that is almost distracting- a good thing when trying to forget the mess you’ve made of your life. Breathing them in reminds you that lovely things can arise from a pile of crap and that you, too, can find nourishment from an utter and complete failure.

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