Friend Feeling Blue? The Right Flowers Will Send a Caring Message

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If a friend or a loved one is going through a tough time, flowers may be the perfect way to express your caring and support. Let them know that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well with a thoughtful floral arrangement. Whatever challenges they may be facing, a cheerful bouquet can deliver a smile no matter how far away or busy you both may be.

Florography, or the unspoken language of flowers, has been around for thousands of years. Assigning implied meanings to flowers reached the height of its popularity in the Victorian Era, when people were more reserved about verbally expressing their emotions. We still use many of these secret meanings today.

There are many flowers that specifically represent friendship and will send happy greetings to your cherished friend. Alstroemeria is one of the flowers most often associated with enduring friendship, and is found at nearly every florist. Chrysanthemums and carnations, especially in light colors, are also popular choices to convey a friendly message.

The hydrangea is a lovely choice to give to a family member. The large bloom is made up of countless tiny blossoms, representing the unity of the family. Pink hydrangeas are said to symbolize heartfelt emotion.

If you wish to express your loyalty and devotion to someone special, blue and purple flowers are a traditional choice. Tall, graceful stalks of irises or delphinium are appropriate here. For a flowering gift that can last for several years or more, try African violets.

To send a wish for happiness and optimism, consider cheerful daisies and gerbera daisies. The exotic bird of paradise represents joy with its brilliant red blooms. Lilies of the valley, with their sweet scent, are another option for sharing a positive message.

Maybe you’re the person having a rough day. By all means, buy flowers for yourself! Flowers and indoor plants have been shown to have a strong positive impact on our emotional well-being.

Choose flowers in your favorite color family to add a soothing (or stimulating) element to your home. Or select fragrant flowers like roses, lilies, or jasmine. They will act as aromatherapy, which can have an incredibly calming effect. You can use flowers to engage your senses and help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.

Sometimes we’re at a loss for words and the flowers’ hidden meanings may seem irrelevant. In this instance, the gesture itself is the most important message. Just letting someone know that they’re on your mind can make the greatest impact.

When you’re not sure which flowers to send, you can simply select your friend’s favorite color. Perhaps a whimsical vase would make them smile. Any way that you reach out will let them know that you’re there and you care.

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