How to Send Flowers Online

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Flowers make beautiful gifts. They’re a simple, yet thoughtful, token of appreciation, condolence, or any other emotions that sometimes convey messages that words cannot.

If you have someone you’d like to tell “Congratulations,” “I Love You,” or even “I Miss You,” send a bouquet of flowers or a potted flower online. It’s easy to do and your intended will usually get your gift within a matter of a day or two. There are so many flower companies offering to send flowers for you these days, so you’ll surely be able to find one that offers affordable services and the right flowers you want to give.

If you’ve never sent flowers online before, you might be wondering how the process works. We’ve put together a little guide to sending flowers online so that your gift-giving experience will be a pleasurable one.

Here’s what you do.

Find a Florist

To find a florist that will deliver flowers to the location you need them to go to, simply type “send flowers,” “online florists, “flower delivery,” or words similar to that in your Google, Yahoo, or MSN search engine. Make sure you follow these phrases with the destination city that the flowers will end up in. Then, look through the search results to see which companies seem reputable in terms of offering privacy for your online payment and guaranteeing delivery of your flowers.

Choose Your Flowers

When choosing the flowers you want to give as your gift, think about the reason you’re sending them. Do you want your flowers to cheer someone up or make them feel special? Are your flowers meant to suggest your softening heart or to celebrate a birthday? The type of flowers you choose, and the colors, will speak to the recipient in an obvious or subconscious way, so put some thought into what you send. Just like roses in various colors offer expressions of love, friendship, or sympathy, other flowers and their shades can send a special message. For help choosing flowers, simply type an occasion or flower type in our search box on the left, or check out our quicklinks and categories, which are below the search box.

Review Your Shopping Cart and Complete Your Payment

When you’ve clicked “buy” on the cut flowers or flower arrangement that you want to give as a gift, you’ll need to make sure your order is right in your shopping cart and then enter your payment information. Different websites have different payment processes, but all of them should assure you at the bottom of the site (or on a separate page) that your credit card details are secure (you will typically need to send flowers online using a credit card). After you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll need to indicate what type of shipping you prefer (do you need your flowers to arrive on a certain date?) and the address that the flowers will be delivered to. The next thing to do is to simply relax. Imagine, if you want, your flower recipient’s face when he or she receives your gift. Feel good about reaching out to someone in such a special and thoughtful way.

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