Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Share the flowers!

Did February fly by before you knew it? Suddenly it is the day before (or the day of – eek!) Valentine’s Day and you have nary a token of love for your beloved. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to help you out of this little pickle:

  • “I Will Love You Forever” last minute bouquet – Most grocery stores with floral departments will take several bouquets of your choosing and put them together into one big, beautifully wrapped bouquet. Once you have this bouquet, hit up your nearest Dollar Store or craft store and look for a fake flower bouquet that matches your real bouquet. Take one of the fake flowers from the fake bouquet (be sure to snip off at the bottom of the stem so you have the full flower) and carefully arrange it in the real bouquet so that it looks inconspicuous. Attach a note to it that says, “I will love you until the last flower dies” (the idea being, of course, that one flower in the bunch will never die). Your love will be so appreciative of how creative you had to get for this bouquet, that he/she will not care that they were not professionally delivered.
  • “Drink and Gamble Man’s Bouquet” last minute bouquet – Head back to the trusty Dollar Store and get a decorative glass bowl or basket (look in the floral section), some floral foam, tape and paperclips. Next, head to your nearest convenience or liquor store and load up on mini liquor bottles and lotto scratcher tickets. Place the floral foam in the bottom of the bowl or basket. Next, grab a paperclip and pull one end down so it is pointing downwards while the rest of the paperclip is point upwards. Put the pointy part into the floral foam so the rest of the paperclip is protruding from the foam. Put these in random locations in the foam and then stick each lotto ticket in a paperclip to make a bouquet of lotto tickets. Next, fill in the spaces with the tiny liquor bottles. To keep them secure, you might want to make a little tape loop, stick it to the bottom of the liquor bottle, then stick to the floral foam. If you want to take it a step further, get a bouquet of roses from your local grocery store and clip the stems down so they are about 3-4 inches. Add them strategically to the floral foam to add a pretty, living element to the bouquet. Either give to your love, or even more fun, find a courier service to deliver it to them at work!
  • The “Redneck Gift Basket” – Want a fun and hilarious gift basket to dictate an evening of fun? Once again, we find ourselves at your closest Dollar Store. Grab a basket and a few canning jars, also commonly referred to as the name brand name “Mason” jar, and some 3-4” glass taper candleholders. Next hit up your local craft or hardware store and grab some glass glue. Simply glue the candleholder to the bottom of the jar, making sure it is squarely in the middle, and voila! You have a “redneck wine glass”. Let those dry and then toss them in the basket with an inexpensive bottle of wine, a bag of frozen tater tots, and a DVD of Joe Dirt, Overboard, or any movie with your favorite lovable rednecks. This basket is sure to be a hit!
  • The elegant “An Affair to Remember” gift basket – Is your Valentine a lover of all things frilly, elegant, and feminine? Consider buying a single, elegant, orchid from your local grocery store or home building supply store. Present the orchid with some pretty champagne flutes and a bottle of pink champagne. Our champagne pick that offers the most bang for your buck: “Amour de Paris” from Trader Joe’s. At $4 per bottle, this champagne tastes of peaches and is pink! It is sure to please your Valentine’s love of frill, or Debra Kerr.  Buyer Beware: orchids are toxic to pets if eaten!
  • “The Digital Bouquet” – Get an electronic frame from your local electronic store (some drugstores with photo developing services carry them as well) and simply fill it with pictures of gorgeous floral arrangements along with pictures of you and your love.

With a little time and crafty effort, you will be able to pull off a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift that looks like you planned months in advance!

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