Lemon Verbena Medicinal Uses

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Lemon verbena, also known as alosuysia triphylla or herb louisa is an undervalued, lemon-scented medicinal herb, native to Bolivia, Central America, and Peru. The herb was named after Maria Luisa, the Princess of Parma and was brought to Europe by the returning Spanish sailors between the 17th and 18th century.

[Note: The Right Flowers is not a medical site. Knowledge of and information about the therapeutic benefits and applications of flowers, while known through the ages, does not constitute medical advice. If you are having health issues, you should consult with a physician.]

This deciduous, woody shrub that blossoms in late summer, bringing out tiny, white and purple flowers that appear in late spring and summer. Its leaves, flowers, and stalks give off a fresh lemon scent hard to resist. These aerial parts are known to have medicinal compounds including sedative, antispasmodic, stomachic and febrifuge properties. Lemon verbena medical uses include:

Fighting inflammation
The shrub contains verbascoside which is ideal for fighting inflammation by boosting the production of tyrosine phosphate, this reduces the risk of developing inflammation.

The herb is also rich in polyphenols which act similarly to verbascosides to reduce inflammation by managing the effects of reactive oxidative stress, which reduces inflammation.

Mental health boost
Essential oils extracted from lemon verbena have been shown to be highly effective in managing anxiety and stress. If you had a tough day at work and your nerves are frayed, inhaling the lemon-scented oil helps to calm and settle your mind.

In addition, the compounds in this plant assist in balancing the hormones and soothe the mind. So, if you suffer from chronic stress, consider making it a part of your regimen.

Promotes digestion
A cup of lemon verbena leaves and blossoms infusion is recommended by nutritionists for people experiencing digestive problems. The infusion is ideal for treating gastric pain and intestinal spasms. In addition, consuming the infusion regularly wards off flatulence, nausea, stomach cramps and indigestion.

Great for decongestion
Lemon verbena has expectorant properties. Nutritionists recommend that people experiencing congestion in their airways should sip some warm lemon verbena tea to help unclog and get rid of mucus.

Boosts immune system
The body’s immune system is the first line of defense against invading pathogens. When your immunity is compromised, opportunistic infections have the perfect environment to develop and turn into full-blown health problems. Since lemon verbena is rich in antioxidants, incorporating it in your diet helps to boost the immune system and reduce the risks of developing infections.

Good for your skin
Lemon verbena’s essential oils are great for toning, moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. Massaging your face with oil from this shrub regularly helps in nourishing the skin and increasing its elasticity which is ideal for combating premature aging, scars, and acne. In addition, the oil contains healing properties which are good for treating common skin conditions including eczema.

From the lemon verbena health benefits outlined above, it is clear that this little-known herb is great for alleviating many health problems. So, how about ordering it for your kitchen garden if you want to enjoy its lemon-tinged goodness?

Lemon verbena medicinal uses. The plant's aerial parts have lemon-scented fragrance known to be medicinal

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