Flamboyant, Fiery And Medicinal Flame Tree (Gulmohar)

Gulmohar, also known as flame tree is a beautiful, deciduous, flowering tree belonging to the leguminosae family. The tree is also known as peacock flower tree, royal poinciana and botanically referred to as delonix regia. Continue reading [...]
Iris flowers for aromatherapy

Iris Flowers For Aromatherapy

Iris is a genus of showy, perennial flowering herbs in the iridaceae family. These plants occur in temperate regions of the world and are native to the Middle East, Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. Continue reading [...]

Geraniums: Two Floral Families with Striking Flowers

Pelargonium is a broad family that encompasses many cheerful flowers. Whether you choose bedding geraniums or hardy cranesbill, these plants are a lovely gift for a spring birthday, graduation, or Mother's Day. From annuals to perennials to succulents, there's a member of the geranium family sure to please everyone. Continue reading [...]
Delphinium or larkspur has antiparasitic properties

Delphinium: The Beautiful Anti-parasitic Flower

Delphinium, also known as black knight, or larkspur, is a herbaceous, low-growing, perennial flowering plant belonging to the ranunculaceae family with over 300 species. Continue reading [...]

Festive Flowers for a Dazzling Winter Bouquet or Centerpiece

Winter is full of holidays and family gatherings that fill us with happiness and gratitude. Whatever you celebrate, a wintery bouquet will be a cheerful addition to any decor. Continue reading [...]

Forcing Flower Bulbs For the Holiday Season

Forcing flower bulbs is a method of cooling and gradually re-warming bulbs so that they will bloom indoors, outside of their normal season. In the cool days of winter, these flowers make a wonderful, low-maintenance gift for anyone, including gardeners and floral enthusiasts. Continue reading [...]