Hydrangeas Bring Year-Round Interest to the Garden and Home

Hydrangeas are charming, oversized flowers composed of clusters of petite four-petaled blossoms. While they are quite popular today, this wasn't always the case. These blooming beauties once held a variety of unsavory meanings! Continue reading [...]

Mugwort, The Magical Herb

Mugwort, or artemisia vulgaris, is a hardy, vigorous, woody, perennial, flowering plant native to Europe. It belongs to the potent artemisia family named after Artemis, the Greek god of fertility, forests, and hunting. Famous herbs in this family include wormwood and sagebrush which have long herbal traditions alongside mugwort. Apart from the name mugwort, the plant goes by several names including old uncle Henry, and wild wormwood. Continue reading [...]
Field scabious

Field Scabious : An Effective But Almost Forgotten Cure For Skin Problems

Field scabious, or knautia arvensis, is a perennial, flowering herb native to the Northern regions of Africa and Europe. The plant is also known as scabious, blue buttons, lady’s pincushion and gypsy rose. Field scabious was introduced as an ornamental plant in North America but escaped from gardens and now grows in the wild. Due to its ability to seed and spread fast, it is now considered a noxious or invasive weed in some North American states. Continue reading [...]
Night blooming jasmine, botanically known as cestrum nocturnum

Meet The Shrubby, Potent, Fragrant, Lady of The Night

Cestrum nocturnum, commonly known as the night flowering jasmine, lady of the night, night jasmine, queen of the night and night-blooming jasmine is a sprawling, evergreen shrub in the solanaceae family. The plant is thought to have originated in Central America or West Indies. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate the Harvest Season with a Floral Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a traditional symbol of a bountiful harvest. This beloved hallmark of the harvest season has long been associated with a plentiful yield. Filled with flowers and produce, the cornucopia proudly displays the best of the year's crops. Continue reading [...]

Spooky Blooms for Halloween

Many of us love to decorate for Halloween. In the United States, Halloween is second only to Christmas for money spent on holiday decor. If you want to incorporate flowers into your creepy adornments, there are lots of festive choices. Continue reading [...]