Perennial Spring Flowers

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With spring upon us, many are excitedly awaiting the blooms of perennial spring flowers. Whether you are planning which arrangements you’d like to have at your spring wedding, or planning your own personal garden, there are plenty of beautiful perennial spring flowers from which to choose.

Perennial spring flowers, or as they are most commonly called, perennials, are plants that live and bloom for several years. As opposed to annuals and biennials which live much shorter lives, the perennial will bring enjoyment to gardeners for much longer.

Perennial spring flowers tend to bloom over the spring and summer, dying down in the autumn/winter, which makes them a perfect option for spring brides. Flowers that are currently in season at the time of the wedding tend to be less pricey and often fresher in appearance.

Among popular spring blooming perennials is the daffodil family, including the Trumpet, Jonquilla, Long Cup, Short Cup, Tazetta and Poeticus blooms. Also peeking out around spring time is the tulip family, including the Kaufmanniana, Greigii, Fosteriana and Darwin Hybrid flower. These are all excellent choices for centerpieces and bouquets, as well as gorgeous, colorful additions to any garden.

Other popular and pretty spring perennials to expect:

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Lily of the Valley
Snow Crocus
Dwarf Iris

Of course there is one of the most famous perennial spring flowers: the classic rose. There are many different types of roses, all beautiful in their own way. Most roses have blooming cycles beginning in spring and will continue well into summer, with some still blooming in early fall. Popular types of roses include, Lenten, Tea, Damask, Provence, Old Fashioned, and China.

If you are looking for perennial spring flowers with both a beautiful scent and a dramatic landscape appearance, the wisteria flower is an excellent choice. The wisteria flower is a hearty climbing flower, and dangles downwards in beautiful, purple cascades. One thing to keep in mind is that wisteria can get quite heavy, so if you plan on introducing this to your existing landscape be sure to have a growth plan to support it as it grows. Alternatively, if you are scouting wedding venues, those with blooming wisteria would make an excellent backdrop for both nuptials and photographs.

Where the wisteria flower requires a lot of sun, the perennial spring flower that does not is the Japanese Camellia. The Japanese Camellia is an evergreen plant, which means that it has leaves in all seasons. While the bright pink blooms may not grace your yard during the winter months, they will be a delightful surprise once spring hits!

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