Restore Trust with White Chrysanthemums

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In business, in love, and in life in general, being able to trust someone is the foundation of any relationship. Learning how to trust comes easily for some, but can be a challenge for many- particularly if they have been let down before. What can take years to build can be lost in a moment and the truly worthy recognize the need to restore this sense of trust before any true rebuilding of a damaged relationship can begin. If you’ve let someone in your life down, be it a client, a colleague or someone a little bit closer to your heart, you will have some work ahead of you to restore their trust in you. Begin the journey with a token gesture of white chrysanthemums.

In the language of flowers, white chrysanthemums are symbolic of “truth” and “trust.” In Victorian times, flowers were used as messages when words simply wouldn’t do and these days can help you to send a symbolic message when the words are hard to say. A somewhat humble flower, the chrysanthemum is the perfect choice when the flash and pompousness of other showy blooms seems inappropriate. The simple loveliness of this repentant flower is subtle but still quite stunning. There are over 40 different species of “mums” and you have several varieties of white ones to choose from.

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The large and elegant Fuji mum (sometimes called a Spider mum) has very long, numerous petals that swoop upward towards the center and trail downward around the edges. The Fuji mum usually has one radiant bloom per stem that can reach lengths of 1 to 3 feet. The blooms themselves can reach 4 to 6 inches across and can last for more than a week in fresh water. A bunch of 6 to 8 stems will fill a large vase and look lovely with seeded eucalyptus as greens. The tall stems range in price from $1 to $2 each; a small price to pay towards restoring trust.

The smaller pompom and cushion mums have quite a bit of diversity. Some have yellow, daisy-like centers and others are flatter and fuller with no center. These varieties tend to have several smaller blooms on each stem and a soft, fresh green scent. Pair them with the willowy blooms of white alstroemeria and the silvery foliage of dusty miller for a smaller vase arrangement or centerpiece.

Few words are harder to say than “I’m sorry,” but those come more easily than the first tenuous steps towards mending a broken trust. Soften the path towards reconciliation with the simple blooms of the white chrysanthemum.

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