Say “Thank You” With Flowers

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There are many ways to say thank you; merci, danke, takk, arigato, teşekkür, and спасибо are just a few. There’s also an international language to express gratitude and appreciation, and that is to show it with the gift of flowers. But which flowers?

Campanula, or little bells – also called bellflower – has large blue or white bell-shaped flowers, and signifies thankfulness when given as a gift. You could give it as a gift of friendship, or appreciation of a kindness done.

For a large kindness, consider the Japan rose, camellia japonica, of which there are over 3000 varieties, some of which grow to about 20 feet tall. The flowers produced measure up to 5 inches across with yellow centers and rounded overlapping petals, resembling a rose.

A little smaller and more manageable is the sweet pea, always a favorite, with its sweet fragrance and many vivid colors to suit the occasion, or the personality of the person to whom you’re giving them: rose, red, maroon, pink, white, yellow, purple or blue. Some varieties boast two colors, in streaks or flakes. The blooms are long-lasting when cut, to keep reminding the recipient of your gratitude.

If you can find them, cut hydrangeas carry the message “thank you for your understanding” and a bowl of cut hydrangeas, with their large, round blooms is a colorful centerpiece for many situations.

The beauty of giving flowers as a thank you gift is the huge range of variety available. You can go big and bold, or compact and pastel, and who wouldn’t appreciate your thoughtful gesture?

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