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lilac white, lilac flowers, meaning of lilac flowerThe lilac is often considered the herald of spring, with flowering lilac trees and lilac bushes foreshadowing the arrival of the season. Early lilacs mean an early spring, and vice versa. Lilacs are related to the olive, and are native to Europe and Asia, with small flowers grouped in large panicles, blooming in spring time. The genus name of the lilac is Syringa, the root of which also gives us the word syringe; it means hollow tube, or pipe, and refers to the shoots of some lilac species, from which early musicians made reeds and pipes. Pan, of Greek mythology, player of pipes made from the lilac shoots, features in the naming of the genus. He was infatuated with Syrinx, a lovely water nymph, while she – aware of his reputation as being, shall we say, a little indiscriminate with his affections (not for nothing is he so strongly connected with fertility and spring) – ran from him, twisting and ducking through the forest to avoid him. Her sisters, not wanting her to be found, changed her into a reed, from which Pan made his pipes, and was never seen without them again.

lilac purple, meaning of flowersWith this story, the lilac came to mean love. They have a sweet and enchanting fragrance, often used in cosmetics and perfumes. You’ll find lilacs blooming in white, yellow, lighter blues, lavender, lilac and purple. The purple lilac flower symbolize first, or new, love, and so you will often find purple lilac wedding flowers. White lilacs symbolize youthful innocence, and are often given to celebrate a mother’s love for a new-born baby. Our favorite online florist, FlowersFast, offers a beautiful taste of spring bouquet that includes lavender lilacs and pink tulips, and there’s no better way to welcome spring, with sights and scents.

It’s another hard-working flower. The lilac, as it’s one of the anniversary flowers (for the 8th), as well as the state flower of New Hampshire (the purple lilac) and Idaho (the Mock Orange Syringa).

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