How to Say “I’m Passionately in Love” with Flowers

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Dear reader, in my last article, The Proper Flowers to Say “I Love You”, I explained a few options for flowers that represent the sentiment “I love you.” As you may have guessed, red roses are the pinnacle of romantic symbolism, but I included some other interesting tidbits about roses, forget-me-nots, and Lily of the Valley. I also mentioned that there are hundreds of sentiments that can be expressed in this manner. If one wishes to convey the message of “I am passionately in love,” the language of flowers provides a range of options to express such intense feelings.

As mentioned earlier, the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love, and a bouquet of a dozen or more red roses is the most classic and direct way to express one’s love. However, to convey the message of “passionate love,” one can add or create an entirely different bouquet of other flowers with complementary meanings.

For example, the carnation can be associated with intense, passionate love and the bonds of affection. However, I caution against the use of just any carnation as certain colors carry not-so-lovely meanings. Yellow, for example, means disdain. Striped demonstrates refusal, or can add an extreme exclamation to an unpleasant sentiment. Deep red carnations stand for “Alas! My poor heart!” so if you’re a hopeless romantic, it may be appropriate to include them in the bouquet to express this sentiment. Additionally, the red tulip is another option, representing a declaration of love, especially when presented in a large bouquet.

To add more depth to the message, one can also include flowers that represent the qualities of the person being loved. For instance, if the person is known for their beauty, a lily can be included, symbolizing purity and radiance. If the person is known for their charm and grace, a bouquet with pink roses and lilacs can express admiration and enchantment. Ultimately, the key to expressing “passionate love” through the language of flowers is to choose flowers that symbolize intense emotions and complement each other in meaning. A combination of red roses, carnations, and red tulips, with a touch of lilies and lilacs, would create a beautiful and meaningful bouquet that conveys the message of “I am passionately in love.”

The language of flowers is a wonderful way to express the intensity of one’s emotions, especially when it comes to conveying “passionate love.” By choosing the right combination of flowers and their meanings, one can create a bouquet that truly speaks from the heart. I hope that you found this article intriguing! If you missed my introduction you can find it here: Looks Can Be Deceiving: an abridged introduction to the Victorian Language of Flowers

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