Statice, Feverfew, Baby’s Breath, and More: Festive Filler Flowers that Stand on Their Own

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In bouquets and floral arrangements, flashy focal flowers like roses and lilies are often the star of the show. The smaller filler flowers are sometimes considered just a placeholder. However, these small blossoms ought to be recognized in their own right.

Filler flowers are flowers that add volume and texture to floral arrangements. They may tend to be muted in color and may not have a strong fragrance. Nevertheless, many filler flowers are beautiful enough to stand on their own or as a focal point in a floral design.

One of the most common filler flowers is baby’s breath. Also known as angel’s breath or gypsophila, these miniscule members of the carnation family are usually white or pink, but can be dyed to coordinate with your bouquet. Representing innocence, baby’s breath have dozens of tiny flowers on each stem and add a dreamy, ethereal element to arrangements.

Another frequently used filler flower is statice. These delicate flowers look as if they are made of tissue paper. Available in a variety of colors, statice has come to represent remembrance and treasured memories. The statice flower can easily be dried to use in long-lasting displays.

Stock is a popular choice to add height to arrangements. The name stock might sound basic but these flowers are beautiful on their own. Growing in a broad range of hues, stock flowers add a pop of color on long, slender stems. These flowers have a gentle clove scent and are used to convey a message of long-lasting affection.

Bells of Ireland are another great choice to add height and texture to a floral display. Each stalk is covered in bright green, hollow bell-shaped blooms. Bells of Ireland add visual interest while easily coordinating with every color in the rainbow.

Stephanotis, or Madagascar Jasmine, are small, fragrant white flowers that represent marital harmony. With their pure white petals and sweet scent, they are quite popular in bridal bouquets and wedding decor. These petite blooms are so delicate that they are often wired in place.

Feverfew is an herb with tiny flowers that resemble daisies. The yellow center of each flower adds a gentle pop of color. Feverfew stems are often added to arrangements with a less formal structure, such as wildflower bouquets.

Alstroemeria, or Peruvian lily, is a trumpet shaped flower that often displays stripes and spots on its petals. Available in a variety of warm hues, alstroemeria is an affordable way to add exotic beauty to a floral arrangement. These flowers symbolize devotion when given as a gift and are popular as a gesture of friendship.

Filler flowers may not always get the attention they deserve, but each of these background beauties should get a chance to shine on their own. Give someone an out-of-the-ordinary bouquet of unexpected blossoms to make a lasting impression on the recipient.

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