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Santan flowers are good for your health and palates

Santan Flowers: Good For Your Health And Palates

Santan, also known as jungle flame, and botanically referred to as ixora coccinea, is a dense, flowering shrub in the rubiaceae family. It is native to Sri Lanka and India but is now a popular ornamental and hedge shrub in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In the US, it thrives in USDA zones 9 and above Continue reading [...]
Tulips are versatile,beautiful, medicinal and edible

Meet The Versatile Tulip Flower With Culinary And Medicinal Uses

Tulip, botanically known as tulipa, is a flowering perennial plant grown from a bulb in the liliaceae family. It flowers in spring and brings forth blossoms in a wide variety of colors, except blue. Tulip flowers have 3 petals and three sepals. Continue reading [...]

Tansy: A Bitter Flowering Herb With Beneficial Qualities

Tansy or common tansy, also known as chrysanthemum vulgare, and tanacetum vulgare, is a perennial, flowering plant native to Europe. Continue reading [...]
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