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Dahlia, The Edible And Medicinal National Flower Of Mexico

Dahlia is a genus of perennial, herbaceous, flowering plants native to Mexico. The plant is a member of the asteraceae family alongside zinnia, daisy, and sunflower. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and one of the popular flowers among competitive flower growers in the world. Continue reading [...]

About the Dahlia

The dahlia is a flower that we love to grow and give during summertime. Its beautiful shape reminds us of a shining sun and its colors are cheerful and bright, which is perfect when we want something to perk up our garden or our home – or flowers to bring joy to a friend or family member. Continue reading [...]

The Dignified Dahlia and its Many Messages

Dahlia flowers are dignified and elegant, but carry many messages. As well as being the flower for the 14th wedding anniversary, dahlias are a glorious flower, bold and colorful, and fit for any occasion. Read on to see what possible message you could be sending with your gift of a flower bouquet or floral arrangement including dahlias. Continue reading [...]