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The Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Thank you for joining us today as we discuss the surprising health benefits of fresh flowers. I think we would all agree that being surrounded by fresh flowers, whether it be in the garden, at the conservatory, or even just beside a simple vase of fresh-cut flowers, gives off a sweet, serene feeling. Flowers have long been appreciated for their beauty and their ability to brighten up a room, but did you know that they also have numerous health benefits? From improving mental health to boosting physical well-being, flowers have a lot to offer in terms of their medicinal properties. Continue reading [...]
The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

Here are our five favorite long-lasting fresh cut flowers. There's nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up your home and your mood! But sometimes it can be a bummer when your beautiful blooms start to wilt and wither away after just a few days. Fear not, flower lovers! There are plenty of flowers out there that can last much longer than the average bouquet. Here are our pick for the top 5 longest lasting fresh cut flowers that are sure to keep your spirits high and your home looking lovely for days on end. Continue reading [...]

How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Fresh cut flowers bring beauty and pleasure wherever they are, and keeping cut flowers fresh longer gives you longer to enjoy them. How to keep fresh cut flowers fresh as long as possible is fairly straightforward, and this article will explain the process you should go through to extend the life of your flowers, to extend your enjoyment of them. Continue reading [...]
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