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The Right Flowers for Graduation

It’s graduation month! What flowers are you going to give the graduate in your life? Will they be fun flowers that will induce a smile? Perhaps formal blooms that will set the stage for a serious future? There are so many flowers that are perfect for giving for a graduation. Consider some of the following when you go to buy your bouquet or arrangement. Continue reading [...]

Looking Ahead to June: Graduation Party Flower Ideas

If you’re planning a graduation party and want to incorporate flowers in your décor, you likely only have two to three weeks left to finalize your arrangements. Need helping putting everything together, or want ideas on where to begin? The following are some of our favorite ways to decorate for a graduation party using beautiful flowers that you can probably get near you. If you can’t find flowers where you live, read up on what you’ll need and order them today! Continue reading [...]

Choose the Best Graduation Flowers to Acknowledge Hard Work and Happiness

Graduation is an important life event. Your graduate could be graduating from high-school, college, or even graduate school, and you want to acknowledge this important transition. Flowers are always appropriate, but what are the right flowers for graduation? Continue reading [...]
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