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Tansy: A Bitter Flowering Herb With Beneficial Qualities

Tansy or common tansy, also known as chrysanthemum vulgare, and tanacetum vulgare, is a perennial, flowering plant native to Europe. Continue reading [...]

Magnificent, Stately And Beneficial:Magnolia Flower Medicinal Uses

Magnolia is a large tree, reaching about 80 feet in height with a diameter of 3-5 feet. Its family is known to be among the oldest trees in the world. These trees are so ancient that their blossoms do not have real sepals and petals. Instead, they have petal-like tepals. In addition, the flowers do not produce true nectar and are not pollinated by bees because magnolias predate bees, however, they attract pollinating beetles with fragrant, sugary secretions and fragrances. Continue reading [...]