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Delphinium or larkspur has antiparasitic properties

Delphinium: The Beautiful Anti-parasitic Flower

Delphinium, also known as black knight, or larkspur, is a herbaceous, low-growing, perennial flowering plant belonging to the ranunculaceae family with over 300 species. Continue reading [...]

Delphinium and Larkspur Send a Message of Heroism

The statuesque delphinium is easily recognizable for its tall spike of five-petaled flowers. One of the birth flowers for July, these flowers are named for the Latin word for dolphin and their history goes back several thousand years. Continue reading [...]

Flowers that Grow Well in Alaska

It’s often easy to find flowers that grow well in warm climates, but if you want to grown beautiful blooms where it’s cold you’re sometimes hard pressed. We were wondering which flowers thrived in Alaska, a place known for extreme cold and a locale that would certainly look lovely with some color strewn about. So, we researched and found that the following flowers do excellently in Alaska, when given the proper attention. Continue reading [...]

July Flowers

This flower guide for the month of July gives you the meaning of flowers (larkspur flowers are the birth month flowers for July. An alternative July birthday flower is the water lily). Read on to discover what message you're sending when you include these flowers in a bouquet for some who has a birthday in July. Continue reading [...]