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Lily of the valley

Lily Of The Valley, The Fragrant, Natural Heart Tonic

The lily of the valley, botanically known as convallaria majalis, or lillium convallium, is a perennial, flowering plant native to North Asia, England and North America. It has creeping rhizomes that send up shoots. The shoots featuring a pair of leaves, uncoil as they lengthen and extend upwards. Continue reading [...]
Lily of the valley flower closeup

Lily of the Valley is the Right Flower for Special May Occasions

Lilies of the valley are the traditional flower for the month of May. This tradition began in the 1560s when King Charles IX of France was given a stem of lily of the valley as a May Day gift. The flower has since been said to bring good luck. Continue reading [...]

Celebrate the Lily This May!

We have about two weeks left of May, which means there are about 14 days remaining to celebrate May flowers. Of course, we love flowers and think that any variety is perfect for enjoying anytime. But, it’s often fun to give flowers – and to keep them in our homes – during a certain month that are associated with that month. Continue reading [...]

May Flowers

This flower guide for the month of May gives you the meaning of flowers (the lily of the valley, is the birth month flower for May. An alternative May birthday flower is the hawthorn). Read on to discover what message you're sending when you include these flowers in a bouquet for some who has a birthday this month. Continue reading [...]