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Rue is the forgotten cooking herb of Roman times

Rue: The Forgotten Roman Cooking Herb

Rue, botanically known as ruta graveolens, is an evergreen, flowering herb featuring green-bluish leaves. It is native to the Western part of Asia and the Mediterranean region and thrives in partial or full sun. The plant is a hardy plant and can thrive in dry conditions as long as it is established. In addition, rue is perfectly happy in poor soil. Continue reading [...]

Flowers to Say “I Love You” to Yourself

Have you ever had a day, or week or longer, where things got tough and you got down on yourself? Maybe you’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude, but the people around you are coming at you negatively. It can be challenging to keep love in our hearts for ourselves when we feel like we’re getting rocks thrown at us. This is when “I Love You” flowers sent to ourselves are in order. If you’re ever going through times that make you question your worth, send some of the following flowers to yourself. They’re perfect for treating yourself to a big dose of self-love. They’re beautiful, worthy, and special. Continue reading [...]
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