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Victorian era Language of Flowers

Communicating Forgiveness With Flowers

The Victorian language of flowers is a beautiful way to express forgiveness and let someone know that they are truly forgiven. Here is a guide on how to say "I forgive you" using flowers. Continue reading [...]
Victorian era Language of Flowers

Looks Can Be Deceiving: an abridged introduction to the Victorian Language of Flowers

I write to you this letter of introduction so that we may not set off on the wrong foot. You see, I've come to share my wealth of knowledge of the language of flowers. While my education has been steeped in English tradition, I assure you that this secular subject has roots in nearly every corner of the earth, so long as the climate permits. Thus there are many interpretations of what any one flower may mean. Continue reading [...]
language of flowers roses passionately in love

The Proper Flowers to Say “I Love You”

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to compose this article for you, on the fascinating topic of the language of flowers. In particular, we shall explore how the language of flowers was used to express love and affection, and how one could convey the powerful message of "I love you" through the subtle and beautiful language of blooms. Continue reading [...]
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