The Right Flowers for Your Leap Year Wedding Proposal

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The leap day of the leap year, February 29th, 2012, is quickly coming upon us and many will follow the tradition of women proposing to their men on this day. The origins of this tradition has a few explanations. Some say that it goes back several hundred years to England, where it was considered that law or tradition had no status on the leap day because it was not a regular calendar day, so women were free to buck the tradition of men proposing to them. Others say that the tradition comes from Ireland in the 5th century when St. Bridget approached St. Patrick and asked that he allow women to propose to men, and that the tradition simply became associated with leap year over time.

Regardless of from where the leap year proposal tradition came, it is an old tradition that is still practiced today. Like many proposals, yours may contain flowers for your male intended, but what are the right flowers to get for proposing to your boyfriend on leap day? Let us give you a few ideas!

  1. Succulent arrangements. Succulents are an excellent option for men because they come in earthy and mute colors and shades that men typically prefer. These arrangements available through Etsy show the diversity and beauty of the succulent arrangement.
  2. Monochromatic arrangements. Unlike women, who tend to favor a vast array of different colors, men tend to favor simple and clean palettes. Consider a bouquet that contains all yellow or orange flowers. Tiger lilies with birds of paradise are a great option, or all yellow bouquets with daffodils, gerber daises and yellow roses are stunning. Tailor the color to his favorite color to personalize the bouquet to him.
  3. Favorite sports team. Does your guy have a favorite sports team? A bouquet that features flowers in colors that correspond with his favorite team are a great way to personalize the bouquet and make them relevant to him!
  4. Military. Are you proposing to a man who has dedicated his life to his country by serving in the military? Surprise him with a bouquet in reds, whites and blues to represent the flag of the country he loves. Tie it together with a yellow ribbon to show your support for the troops!

Remember, while you may not traditionally think to give your boyfriend flowers, you probably didn’t also traditionally think you would propose to him! Be a game-changer this leap year and make your leap day wedding proposal dazzle with some flowers!

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