Valentine’s Day Flowers Drawback

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I met my girlfriend a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, and there was something really special about her. We met during college, where relationships don’t normally last very long. That’s why it was really important for me to go all out for Valentine’s Day, and I made a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants in our college town. She lived only a block from the restaurant, so we met at her apartment where I gave her a nice bouquet of flowers. We ended up bringing the flowers with us to dinner, so we could place them in the vase provided.

Everything was going very smoothly, except I noticed that she seemed to have the sniffles. She insisted that she was ok, and since it was February, thought she just had a runny nose from the unseasonably cold weather we were experiencing. When our food came out, I noticed that she was slow to eat and excused herself to go to the restroom a couple of times. After a few minutes into our meal, she turned her head away to sneeze and upon sneezing, accidentally knocked the plate over with her
elbow. In the process, her glass of wine spilt onto the floor as well, leaving for a very awkward moment as everyone was staring at us. Her face was redder than the roses, but everything was ok since none of the food or wine got on us.

As they were bringing her out a new plate of food, she confided in me that she has horrible allergies, hence the sniffles and sneezing around the flowers. Since we started dating in the winter, I never knew this about her. We are still dating to this day and instead of flowers, I stick to chocolates and small stuffed animals.

By Adam Bruk, a writer for Sunglass Warehouse.

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